yuusuke onodera

my favorite kamen rider tradition: young cute men who hang out at home base as bridge bunnies and are basically useless from a practical aspect. tokubros often get frustrated with them and understandably so since they aren’t allowed powers, abilities, or arcs that actually affect the course of the plot. GEE WHAT A TERRIBLE THING TO HAVE TO PUT UP WITH IN THIS, YOUR FAVORITE TELEVISION SHOW

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Sorry. I am not very knowledgeable. What, exactly, defines a "tokubro"?

The bronies and gamergaters of the toku fandom, basically. The guys who want to have serious discussions over which rider would win in a fight, the guys who insist that Super Sentai is objectively better than Power Rangers because it’s not as cheesy, the guys who insist that Kamen Rider is objectively better than Super Sentai because it’s not for kids (newsflash: it totally is for kids). The guys who say Gaim was sooooo much better than those other shows because it was DARK and GRITTY.

Frequently seen complaining about people who want more female riders. Also seen complaining about any male character who isn’t a stoic action hero. Male characters who have emotions are weak and crybabies. Yuusuke Onodera is “Yuuseless” because he spends all his time doing damage control for Tsukasa Saying Anything instead of kicking ass as Kuuga, because a male character’s value is directly proportional to how many things he punches. Akiko is a screaming harpy because UGH all she does is complain for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Minato is a Strong Female Character because she’s… well, she’s strong. And she’s female. That’s what that means, right? Anyway, checkmate, feminists.

Kabuto was also great because it was DARK and GRITTY.

I mean obviously they’re not a giant hivemind of Shitty Things Straight Boys Do, and not everyone who likes Kabuto or dislikes Akiko is a terrible person. And like all things, individual tokubros might be mostly okay until they start talking about their pet irritation and that “oh noooo” lightbulb goes off. But that’s the gist of the group in general.