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Brave Police Fans, Please Help?

Hey old Brave Police J-Decker fans, young and old. I’m a newcomer to the series and I desperately need your help. I’m trying to download the series, but unfortunately, I can’t seem to get any seeders. I’ve been waiting for nearly a week now and nothing has happened.

Would you be so kind as to help me with my problem? Thank you.


I haven’t downloaded Brave Police due to an uncooperating BitLord, so I’m watching the episodes on Youtube. And damn, Deckerd is one gorgeous hottie! And that’s probably just the start of it!

I’ve finished episode 2, so I suspect things are going to get a little dicey the further I go into this series. Yes, I need a lot of Deckerd feels now! YAYS

Feels from J-Decker Number 2.0

Well… episode 10 and 11 of J-Decker were… FULL OF FEELS! Poor Kagero and Shadowmaru! Eeeeee!

I was cheered up at the end of episode 11 when Dumpson (or was it Power Joe?) suggested about building Shadowmaru a doghouse. Haha! Hilarious moment with Shadowmaru. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a robot pull a seatdrop before (other than Transformers… yeah). Haha!