Brief overall story of my summer.

Okay so, my summer was actually pretty good. This summer is one of those summers i know I won’t forget. Pretty much got to hang out with close friends, not all the time but day by day I got to see a few of them. Spent quality time with family. Gained back some trusts and lost a few, but sure hoping to gain them back. Met a few new people. Got to know a bit more about some people. Things I never even knew! Had my ups and downs, got my breakdowns and got some low-downs. Had a near death experience. Swimming almost every day and just had like the best time this summer. 
Towards the end, it did get a little boring. But I had my fun and now it’s time to settle down and focus on school. :) 

anonymous asked:

Are you in college? Your selfie looks like you are in a dorm room and I was just wondering. Love your blog and congrats

Yuup, I’m a sophomore. I actually have an apartment now!! which i am SO pumped about. I’ll be posting an apartment tour vid on my youtube on monday. thank you <33