Petals fall
With every motion
Taking all
Of my emotion

Carried away
By the breeze
Maybe someday
I’ll be at ease

Finally finished my glass flute painting. I’m in the midst of busy moving so there won’t be much for a while. After the move I’m excited to start on Fisheye Placebo and Knite again, as well as continuing the glass instrument series (I think I will do drums next).

I also aim to get a laser cutter and 3D printer to explore art in different mediums. I love digital, but it’s nice to work with something tangible as well :)

Tokyo Nights painting, untimed work but it wasn’t short. Original Work.

Used Yuumei’s Cloud Painting Technique heavily for this as well as stuff I learned from Makoto Shinkai’s coloring and lighting from his films, and finally integrated some stuff I learned from Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Games and Animation’s classes for Matte Painting and Lighting.

“あぁ このまま僕たちの声が 世界の端っこまで消えることなく
そしたらねぇ 二人で どんな言葉を放とう
消えることない約束を 二人で「せーの」で 言おう ”

I rarely draw fanart, and even more rare for shows that I don’t watch. But I’ve seen a lot of cool fanart for the Houseki no Kuni series, and was really inspired by the interesting character designs. The characters are gems and they shatter and refract light through their crystal hair.
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