The Snow Melting Sky

Hi guys I finally did something productive. I translated one of the short stories from the Lamento White Notes which is Yukige no Sora. The story takes place after Asato’s good ending and is told from Asato’s point of view. Big thank you to Mushyaaaan for proofreading and helping with the flowery language for the 18+ portion. Let me tell you, sex scenes are harder to translate than you think (this was my first time translating a sex scene). Also thank you to Rochi for providing the computer text transcript of the story in Japanese and helping to look things over.

Warning: Death by AsaKono feels imminent


Translation and Proofreading: Ayuuria
Proofreading: mushyaaaan
Word Document transcript of original Japanese text: barudo
Image: Unused CG sketch from Lamento White Notes

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