yuuko sama

“We can’t do this here Kuro-sama..”


“Yuuko-san has cameras all over-”

“Let that witch watch.”

This photo was inspired at a italian fanfiction whose name is “Scent” that I LOVE IN A VIOLENT MODE (?), thank you so so so much for this fantastic fic, I have you on tumblr but I’m TOO SHY to tag you <///3 

ChiakiMori (me) : as Fay D. Flourite

@parfumedusoleil as Kurogane

Photo by Tommaso edit by Kuro-sama <3

my instagram: chiaki_fay


i’m rewatching (and watching some new) xxxHolic, so here’s one of the most beautifyl women in the Universe <3 all my girls with kiseru look kinda… similar ;_; okay whatever.

Yuuko-sama! I wanted to render it with vintage and kinda eerie feeling (at least first pic) cause i don’t think that Yuuko is beautiful in usual way - she is, but she has unique charisma (and style, and this “you are sh*t” look all the time).
Second pic was the first actually.