I was watching a clip from last year’s Gintama Matsuri.  They had Yuuki Ono read a few parts as his character, Shigeshige (the shogun).  Of course they had him read some lines from the time of his death.  

I had tears in my eyes not because of the death itself since I already got that out of my system when it happened.  No, what had me teary eyed was the fact that Yuuki had to wipe away his own tears a few times while he was reading.  That killed me.  


黒子のバスケ LAST GAME greetings



Kuroko no Basuke: LAST GAME.

Since you don’t get to see seiyuus doing sit-ups on stage everyday…and Muscle Takuya,,,XD

…and on the other hand, Boss…=w=“


PS. One of the few times that made me grateful Wing is on OnoU’s team rather than becoming full Trignal team…I mean, looking at Wing holding Takuchan’s legs while he’s doing sit-ups…♡♡♡

Download - Osomatsu-san on Stage ~SIX MEN’S SHOW TIME~

-Takasaki Shota as Matsuno Osomatsu
-Kashiwagi Yuusuke as Matsuno Karamatsu
-Ueda Keisuke as Matsuno Choromatsu
-Kitamura Ryo as Matsuno Ichimatsu
-Ozawa Ren as Matsuno Jyushimatsu
-Akazawa Ryotaro as Matsuno Todomatsu
-Izawa Yuki as F6 Osomatsu
-Wada Masanari as F6 Karamatsu
-Ono Kento as F6 Choromatsu
-Asato Yuya as F6 Ichimatsu
-Wago Shinichi as F6 Jyushimatsu
-Nakayama Yuki as F6 Todomatsu

How to get the download link:
1. Make sure to read the F.A.Q page first
2. ask me through PM or you can also message me

- I rip my own DVD, in other words, it’s the RAW file for sure.
- I upload them by myself so if you ask me “Do you still have the dl link?” I should asking back “Why on earth I might not have it anymore?”
- I only share the honpen / mainstage.

- DO NOT REUPLOAD, especially to streaming sites like Youtube or Dailymotion
- If anyone asking for the file then please refering them to this post
- Please support the actors by purchasing their releases as well!
- Screenshot / gifs / edits is ok as long it’s not too much

Last Game Seiyuu Greetings Report

As mentioned in my summary post there was a short talk show at the end featuring all the seiyuus (Kuroko, Kagami, GoM, Nash and Silver) so here are some highlights about that. They said it’ll most likely be in the DVD/Blu-Ray as well so don’t worry we’ll be able to eventually see it. For this I really couldn’t remember everything but I’ll try to remember what I can. 

Will be under the cut becuase they reference some spoilers

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So I was listening and watching a video where it was about the Diamond is Unbreakable characters and displaying songs their seiyuus sang.  I want to make an MMD video out of this, but I was also inspired to draw this piece.

In the video, the song Trust Myself for Wen Yang from Dynasty Warriors came on when it was Josuke’s turn (since Yuuki Ono voices both Josuke and Wen Yang).  Essentially, I just wanted to draw Josuke in Wen Yang’s armour.  At first, I was going to colour the armour the same as Wen Yang’s, but then I noticed that in this picture at the bottom left corner, there’s a picture of Wen Yang with his armour coloured a lot like Crazy Diamond.

This was the result.  >w> 

It wasn’t supposed to be such a quick drabble but since I have no time to perfect it, here you go…

well then, ekhem- KUROBAS CUP 2015 MAKES ME LOOK LIKE A MESS.

Every time I see -tch- every time I RECALL crying Kenshou and Yuuki comforting him, my eyes go wet immediately. I know they became good friends after all this time and all but… that scene… I just cannot handle it without emotions simmering inside me ;W;

I shipped KagaKuro but not as a great fan or sth - I believe it’s going to change after everything that I watched… *w*

I didn’t even understand anything except few words and phrases… And still… I think I didn’t really need to understand…

Excuse me, I need to sob in the corner for a while. /crieees/


Male Seiyuu Ranking 2016 TOP 20 ~