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  • me on the phone: hi, hello, atlus??? yeah it's me. great work on persona 5, lovin it so far, but um i cant seem to find the gay option???? i think it might be a bug
  • me: i mean u clearly meant for there to be one
  • me: answer me atlus
  • me: where is my gay option
  • me: where is it
  • Mitsuru: Well, I'm a girl with very high standards.
  • Minato: I am intelligent and lead S.E.E.S. with success.
  • Mitsuru: Oh no! You're meeting all my standards!

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(Mun: Yuukie is my MC. Is it okay for her to interact with granny?) "...." Yuukie sighed. "Grandmother, I need to ask you something."

“I am not your grandmother.” Even though she says it with a bite, Yoshihime sighs and obliges Yukkie. 

“Out with it. So long as it’s not something related to your father, I’ll see what I can do.”

@rose-of-yonezawa (yes completely fine are there any rules/info I should know relating to Yukkie?)

Headcanon: Akira is a Tsundere for Mishima

My headcanon is that Akira is a total tsundere for  Mishima. Which is why a lot of the protagonist’s response choices aren’t very friendly. Heck, even some of his canon responses sound like he’s mildly annoyed at the poor boy. Akira’s just in tsuntsun mode XD

Akira is actually secretly smitten with him and thinks Mishima is the cutest. He’s just absolute crap at expressing his real feelings.

[ I got your back]

“There is criminals ,enemies and dangerous thing out there in your way. There is much be a lot difficult, suffering in your work. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Anything could happen but please never give up and come home safely. There is always a place for you to return. I will always be there for you, Hideki.
You’re not alone! “

Kiiyan's 40th birthday party

So much to tell, but limited brain cells and battery power, so just a teaser….

Guests: Joy Max Poko (MC), Ono Yuuki, Ono.Kensho, Kentaro Utsumi (KenPro shachou), Hayashi Yu (Screen Mode), another KenPro manager, Namikawa Daisuke, Takahashi Chiaki (and her amazing breasts), Kuribayashi Minami and the other three members of Granrodeo.

There were pre-recorded messages from Iwata Mitsuo, Yonaga Tsubasa, Anri Katsu and Shimono Hiro.

The Attack on Titan managaka did a huge sketch of Kiiyan, Jean and Mikasa for him.

He seemed genuinely taken aback at being brought blindfolded into the room and greeted by over 400 of us saying “Kiiyan, tanjoubi omedetou!”

He wasn’t dressed for an event (shorts again, showing off those lovely legs), as he pointed out. At the halfway point, they whisked him away and he came back in 10 minutes in a white tux. /swoons

He later got rid of the bowtie and jacket … and teased us by stripping the shirt off … only to put it back on. He did toss it to the audience in the end.

He … was more than a bit tipsy by the end of things, which was cute, until he launched into his final comments … which seemed very serious (like about how men are expected to be married by 40….). There were some lewd hip thrusts somewhere in that talk too…

Joy being moved to tears when Minami was singing to Kiiyan (Kiiyan was loving every second of that song) … Kiiyan coming close during a Yamaguchi-TV produced video featuring pics of young Kiiyan, and comments from his mom, dad and grandmum.

NamiDai made Joy and Kiiyan cut the cake together, and Chiaking, Takita and Val were all in front of the stage snapping pics. And then NamiDai congratulated them on their marriage or something like that and Kiiyan was all “wait, that wasn’t a marriage ceremony!!!” NamiDai assured him it was just a birthday cake.

The guests all came in through the crowd. My table, though it had a good view, was poorly situated to catch the attention of any. But while we were eating, and Kiiyan changing, Joy took Ono Kensho on a walk around the room. They stopped right in front of me. Joy was looking the other way, but I had Kensho’s full attention, so I waggled my fingers at him and he nodded to me.

Joy made Kiiyan distribute bags of special event cookies to each table. (Again, wrong side of the table, so didn’t get his attention, alas). He was a trooper about it.

e-zuka, dork supreme, was really dressed down … and stole food off someone’s plate on his way to the stage.

Val kissed Kiiyan after they hugged. I believe Kiiyan was trying to assure us it was on the cheek, but sure didn’t seem that way. Heh.

e-zuka led us in singing happy birthday to Kiiyan. No cake diving this time, but he still managed to get some on the tux, so Joy had to clean it off.

I delivered the letters before the show, and recorded a message from foreign fans … entirely in Japanese, since they had a video camera set up for just that.

They had a special event bromide, but you had to buy one of the djcds, and I already own all of them. We did get free event tshirts, to go with the cookies.

Kiiyan hadn’t seen Chiaking in a very long time, so was really gobsmacked to see her. He was also quite amazed by her breasts, which seemed perilously close to a wardrobe malfunction (pretty sure he commented on that).

Ono Yuuki abuse continues. The moment when Joy went to get a pic of the Onos with Kiiyan, and Kiiyan put his arm around Kensho, and left Yuuki looking at the two of them like an eager puppy…. he did finally call Yuuki by name at some point, at least.

More in the full writeup….

Morning Musume ‘15 Fall Concert tour ~PRISM~ Opening Day setlist

via JPLOP/Hello! Online

Morning Musume. ‘15 Fall Concert Tour ~PRISM~ 9/19 Opening Day at Harmony Hall in Zama City, Kanagawa

Opening - one by one, each member does a solo dance
1.Oh My wish!
2.Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai
3.What is LOVE?
members introduction VTR (a VTR with a relaxing feeling, members introduced one by one)
4.Sukkato My Heart
5.The Matenrou Show
6.Watashi no Nan ni mo Wakacchanai 私のなんにもわかっちゃない (unreleased song)
7. Ai no Gundan
8. Kanashiki Koi no Melody
9.Waraenai Hanashi
10. Aisaresugiru Koto wa Nai no yo
11. Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii jan
MC - Riho & Ayumi
Rotational solo corner:
12.Asu wo Tsukuru no wa Kimi / Oda (day)
12. AS FOR ONE DAY / Mizuki (night)
13.Hajimete no Rock Concert / 12th gen (Haachin says the dialogue)
14.Medley : Wolf Boy ~ TIKI BUN ~ acrobatic dance performance ~ Moonlight Night~Tsukiyo no Ban da yo~ (Eripon and Duu dance part) ~ Dokkan Capriccio
16.Wakuteka Take a Chance
17.Seishun Kozo ga Naiteiru
18.Wagamama Ki no mama Ai no Joke
19.One Two Three
20.Ima Sugu Tobikomu Yuuki
21.Koko ni Iruzee!