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Another thing to dwell on: So we know that Satan's punishment is to re-live his time with Akira (and his subsequent death) over and over again. But its obvious that Satan's empathy and ability to feel emotions develops as he continues to experience these loops. Each time line, Satan understands emotions a little bit better and he becomes a little more human. What does that mean? It means, with each time line, Akira's death gradually becomes more painful to experience. And THAT is true suffering.

(thanks, I’m crying jghdk) Yeah, exactly! It really is the perfect punishment… I absolutely agree - I think the prequel/timeloop theory perfectly explains how Ryo/Satan becomes more and more emotional (and human) over time. He is the coldest in Crybaby, in the manga he seems to struggle with sudden bursts of emotion, and in devilman saga (I believe?) he straight up cries when he meets Yuuki (that world’s Akira). This is a FAR cry from Crybaby’s Ryo and it shows just how much he’s changed since then.


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Another c&d bc I love Persona way too much ! I added Mishima since he is a member of the PT as well and  i’ll fight you with my bare hands if you disagree