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I see, there are a lot quest about kojima haruna so i see at her grad stage that aki-p write her letter,if u don't mind can u translate that?and there is vtr show some member comment for her like from paruru,izurina and the other can u translate that too

From the VTR: 

Yokoyama Yui’s excerpt from something she said to Kojima on her seitansai last year; 
“By the makeup-artists and the staff, we would always get told, “whenever you borrow and then give back something where there’s written “Kojiharu” on it, be sure to properly express gratitude to her”. Now, as a person, that’s just good manners, it’s obvious we’d do that, but I also realized that it is something maybe we don’t really always get the chance to do. But then,  by following those instructions for the past 10 years, and by seeing you doing just the same, I realized what an amazing person you also are not only on the outside, by showing off this cool attitude and beautiful looks, but also on the inside.”

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Miyawaki Sakura Karaoke SHOWROOM / May 1, 2017

Setlist (credit to the uploader)

2:45 Get you! (AKB48)
5:25 Hakusen no Uchigawa de(HKT48 4th Gen)
8:25 Dare no Koto wo Ichiban Aishiteru (SakamichiAKB)
12:05 HA! (NMB48)
16:45 Scrap & Build (AKB48)
20:15 Itoshiki Natasha (AKB48)
22:45 Ima、Happy (Baragumi / AKB48)
24:25 Erai Hito ni Naritakunai (AKB48)
28:15 Kagami no Naka no Jean D’Arc (AKB48)
30:00 Kisu Shite Son Shichatta (AKB48)
31:35 Kiseki wa Ma ni Awanai (AKB48)
33:10 Kimi to Niji to Taiyou to (AKB48)
34:40 Coolgirl (AKB48)
38:20 Seifuku Resistance (AKB48)
40:35 Darui Kanji (AKB48)
42:15 Tsundere!(AKB48)
44:00 Two years later (AKB48)
52:00 Kimi ni Tsuite (MINT / AKB48)
55:30 Kimi wa Boku da (Maeda Atsuko)
59:20 Switch (AKB48)
1:02:05 109(Marukyuu) (AKB48)
1:05:30 Hirahira (Not yet)
1:07:45 Mushi no Ballad (AKB48)
1:10:45 Bucket (AKB48)
1:14:30 Seifuku no Hane (Team8 / AKB48)
1:18:05 Soramimi Lock(HKT48)
1:21:00 Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka?(AKB48)

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have you read any fan reports on kojiyuu during the olympic stadium concert day 1?

I only checked Twitter and from what I was able to understand, almost all the Kojiyuu fan reports were about the same moment. Kojiharu started to cry when she looked over at Yuko during Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka. But Yuko embraced her with a smile and then the two of them walked side by side together (off the stage?).

There was one tweet which said Kojiharu stood at the side crying while watching Yuko perform Nakinagara Hohoende. I didn’t see any other tweets saying something similar, so I don’t know if it’s true. But maybe the fan was standing at a spot where they could see part of the backstage area.

Also, a few fans mentioned they’re worried about Kojiharu because she already cried today, the tears might be even worse tomorrow night :(

…If the fan reports made you a bit sad, here’s a cute Kojiyuu picture to cheer you up anon. 


Yuuhi wo miteiru ka? - Piano version

This is pretty gorgeous.

Kojima Haruna Voice Sample
Kojima Haruna Voice Sample

Skirt, Hirari ♦ Boku no Taiyou ♦ Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka? ♦ Oogoe Diamond ♦ 109 ♦ Relax! ♦ Heart no Ondo ♦ Tane ♦ Girls’ talk ♦ Kiss no Ryuusei ♦ Bus stop ♦ Lie ♦ 3seconds ♦ Kimi Shika ♦ Seishun no Komorebi ♦ Cloudy sky ♦ Asatte, Jamaica ♦ Madoromi ♦ Answer ♦ Monozuki Ichigou ♦ Hoshi no Mukougawa ♦ Gyakuten Oujisama ♦ Kuchibiru Furezu… ♦ Sakkaku ♦ Pedicure day ♦ Hasute to Wasute ♦ Yume no Kawa ♦ Jessica wa Door wo Knock Shinai ♦ MY SHINING STARS ♦ Heart Ereki ♦ Kirigirisu Jin ♦ Iin ja ne? ♦ Futari wa Dekiteru


This entry will be longer and personal, since it concerns a member I love.

Where are they now?

Nakanishi Rina!

Oh, Rinatin. My ever and eternal kami-oshi.

I remember the exact moment I fell in love with Rina. It’s weird, for the other girls I like, I know what parts of them attracts me to them, but I don’t remember the exact moment I oshi’d them. But with Rina, I remember well.
I’d watched A1, and enjoyed it, but there were no members who particularly stood out for me. Then I watched A2. The first song of A2 is ’Nageki no Figure’, performed by Acchan, Takamina, Tomochin and Rinatin. I heard the kindest and gentlest voice sing the line ‘koko de matte iru no’ and thought 'an angel has come down to earth and joined AKB’. She had my heart entirely.

Rina was a 1st gen AKB48 member, and was 17 whe she joined AKB48. She was an immediate frontgirl in Team A, and in fact stands centre for the first song of A1, ’Party ga Hajimaru yo’. She always received great unit positions on stages, and was a regular senbatsu member for AKB’s first 7 singles, including being one of the Sukahira 7. In June 2007 she debuted as centre of AKB’s first subgroup, ballad group Chocolove, alongside Sayaka and Sae. I think a lot of people haven’t heard Chocolove, but they are seriously great, with Rinatin’s angelic voice, Sayaka’s powerful and clear vocals, and Sae, well, she’s there too. (and their MVs are all subbed on h!o so go dl them!)
However towards the end of 2007 Rina’s health took a turn for the worse, and between injuries and hospitilisation, Rina was unable to appear in senbatsu for 'Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka?’, 'Romance Irane’ or 'Sakura no Hanabiratachi 2008’. This also meant she didn’t take part in any H2 performances, despite being a 1st Unit member for H1. She was able to return to senbatsu for 'Baby! Baby! Baby!’ but announced graduation a few months later with Hana, Risa, O-Yay and Hiipink, citing her poor health as the reason.

Recommended Songs:

Kikyou [Rinatin (center), Mariko, Yukarin]

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I was at AKB48’s Solo concert in Kokuritsu (3/29) earlier.

It was a concert filled with loads of happy moments and though Yuko was the size of an ant from where I was sitting, I am glad that I could be there to experience the whole atmosphere. Did I mention how beautiful the venue is.

Honestly, I was a little surprised by the lack of MCs/units but as someone had mentioned, this is AKB48’s last concert in their current teams so it makes sense to have more performances as a group. With that said, all of these team performances were great.

The theme of the concert where the members are kinda ‘toys’ to a caucasian girl called 'Mary’ is rather interesting too.

As a Yuko-oshi, I was exhilarated to see the units and special acts dedicated to her such as her backflips in 'Juuryoku Sympathy’, her flying swordsman-like act in 'UZA’, her kakkoii perfomance in 'Confession’, saying Sayaka’s line in 'Seishun Girls’ in her Ship Captain (?) costume, being able to sing Acchan’s lines in her favourite AKB song (Senaka Kara Dakishimete), centering 'Flying Get’, actually having a special seat on the stage to watch the senbatsu members perform the 36th single and being absolutely stunning during Nakinagara just to name some moments.

However, the highlight for me was definitely, 'Aitakatta(shii) feat. Takasshii (Okamura Takashi in a FuNyanshi costume)’ where he came out and totally snatched away Yuko’s spot in the song while the other members blocked her from going back. Yuko was lost and just being a total dork ^^;; That face of hers was so much gold though she did get her revenge later, LOL.

There were of course several sad moments like when Kojiharu got teary during 'Yuuhi wo Miteiru Ka’ & when the chibies were holding back their tears during 'Sakura no Hanabiratachi’. However, no concert based on Yuko could end on a sad note. Hebirote with fireworks was simply the best thing ever.

The only thing that did drive me to the point of tears was when Yuko stood alone on the stage at the end of the concert and asked the audience - “Everyone’s penlights are so beautiful. Were we shining today as well?”, where everyone hollered 'YES!’ and 'YUKO!’. Yes Yuko, you were definitely shining. It’s not even your official graduation ceremony yet but you once again showed us all why you’re called the ever-changing entertainer. You were brilliant.

All the other girls did great too of course. Unless you were at the venue, you have no idea how cold it is there. I was shivering in my leather coat and I had no idea how the girls could keep on dancing with so much energy in that temperature. Kudos to them all.

In a few hours’ time, it will be Yuko’s graduation ceremony in Kokuritsu and I have no doubt it will be a performance this world has yet seen. 

As I stayed behind after the concert to look at the empty stage of the stadium and imagine her making her rounds there the next day, something was stirring in my heart. 30th arrived before we knew it huh.

I’m excited yet reluctant for it to take place. However, as my oshimen looks towards her graduation with no regrets, so will I. I’m going to be shouting my heart out. Onwards to graduation. The gateway to the New World lies here.