yuuhi oozora


Recently, I had an odd moment when I suddenly thought Yuuhi was really hot. What? Prior to that, I’d sort of ignored her; she just wasn’t on my radar. But then *whoosh*–that inexplicable moment. I just realized that she’s stunning in a strange but understated alien-esque way. 

So I decided to watch Trafalgar (Cosmos 2010). Some very nice moments. The first meeting between Nelson and Emma, in particular, is such a witty, classic moment:

*Nelson is talking politics with Emma’s husband*
Emma: Captain! Won’t you dance with me?
Nelson: Lady Hamilton–
Emma: Darling, let me borrow Nelson for a bit~ *Pulls Nelson to dance* Perhaps you’re not very good at dancing on land?
Nelson: It will be easier than dancing on the waters.  
Emma: My, you’re a fine dancer! I was almost deceived by your stiffness.
Nelson: How audacious of you, in front of your husband.
Emma: Oh, he doesn’t mind.
Nelson: Interesting. It’s like you’re flaunting us to him.
Emma: It doesn’t matter; everyone says we’re a perfect couple.
Nelson: Of course. Because you are the perfect couple.
Emma: Does it really look like that?
Nelson: Yes.    
Emma: You may be a genius in the art of war, but you’re quite awful at reading people, aren’t you?
*Dance ends with Emma smiling, Nelson quizzical*