Yuugiroku 2: sub character routes

Thought I’d share my findings so far on how to get these, since the proper walkthroughs haven’t started coming out yet.

Nagakura Shinpachi: Pretty easy – get Harada ready to go to the festival, then instead of going with him, go talk to Shinpachi instead.  His first event should pop up.  I haven’t gone further than this yet.

Sannan Keisuke: Get all five main guys ready to go to the festival, but don’t go with any of them yet (when doing Okita make sure you don’t go to give him the letter and the other item, since his route proceeds automatically from there).  Talk to Sannan and his first event should start.  After that:

  1. Talk to him again for his second event.
  2. Talk to Gen-san to hear about an item related to Sannan.
  3. Find Saitou in the yard and turn him down to go to the festival.  He should move inside the HQ.
  4. Talk to him again for Sannan’s next event.
  5. Talk to Sannan again to continue.

Yamazaki Susumu: I haven’t found the entrance to his route yet but looks like it branches off from Okita’s – you’ll probably be able to see the possible branch points during your playthrough C:

The sub character routes have CGs, so they’re very worth finding!


Aaaaaak Kazamaaaa~~ <3 Seme sugiruuu~~ XDD

This is from Matsuribayashi features, this time I choose “suki desu” to talk with Kazama~

Chizuru: I like you
Kazama: Not enough…
(me: !!! <3)
Kazama: Words like that aren’t enough for my love. You better do it with louder voice, no matter how many times, tell me that you LOVE me. 



This is from Matsuri Bayashi, even though the other guys usually happy being told that they are cool, Hijikata not.

Chizuru: You’re cool.
Hijikata: Yeah, I’m often told that.
(me: *bursting with laugh* What are you hijikata!? narcist!?XDD)
Hijikata: It’s not like I’m proud of myself. Because it’s fact that I’m often told that by others. 
(me: lololol you answer meeeeeeeee XDD)

Hakuouki Yuugiroku 2 scan from the newest Dengeki Girl’s Style.

Release date: September 2012

Price:  ¥6,090 (Regular edition), ¥ 10,290 (Limited edition)

Source link has some information about the game, though it seems to be talking about a specific mechanic and list of dialogue options that Chizuru has in a particular scene with Sano, and subsequently, his response if you choose that option.

There are also apparently images of some of the game’s CGs in the article as well, though I haven’t yet come across, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for either scans or someone else posting the scans here and reblog them. ♥

The official website for Hakuouki Yuugiroku 2 can be found HERE.

Fanmade AmaSen scene: Fireworks

This is a long scene(well, not so long) so I put it into ‘keep reading’.

Aaaaahhhh I’m so disappointed that they didn’t add Sen in Yuugiroku 2. I’d really want to see some interactions between Sen and Amagiri in Summer Festival so badly >w<

And so, here it is another Fanmade AmaSen scene by me :DD One of my headcanon in which, Kazama wants Amagiri go and find a yukata for Chizuru, which is, it’s canon in Kazama’s route. Though my translation may be wrong.

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Some Hakuouki Yuugiroku 2 information:

Release: 9/20/2012

Price: \6,090 (Regular edition), \10,290 (Limited Edition), \9,240 (Twin Pack)

The limited edition will contain in addition to the game:

  • Metal Charm
  • Pouch
  • 2 Drama CDs
  • Benefits booklet

I guess the contents explain why the LE is so much more expensive, which I’d been curious about. I like that they’re doing a twin pack, though — that’s kind of cool and definitely the best deal out of the three if you don’t own the first Yuugiroku game.

Throwing some personal thoughts/feelings under a cut for those who really don’t care and are only interested in the core info.

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Heeeeeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeee

Errr so here I am playing Hakuouki Yuugiroku Ni Matsuribayashi to Taishitachi but I can’t get into Saito’s route straight until the end ugh, I had went to the matsuri with saitou and I played all the game and talk to all the people there, I keep trying all option but I only get as far as the seventh story…QAQ

Someone please help me what should I do? where should I go after we met kaoru? Saito said he saw the doll kaoru wants somewhere but exactly where is it? and what should I do to help Kondo? and how to get that sweets for shimada-san? 

I’m often getting lost in real life but I can’t believe I’m also can get lost in a game==a