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Kuroko+Kise+Hinata+Noya+Makoto+Haruka visiting their s/o's house for the first time only to find out that they have a pet otter pup that tries to get them to play with it in its little kiddie pool? Please and thank you~!

T H I S   I S   S O   C U T E

Nanase Haruka: He’d dive into the small pool even before he saw the little critter. He’d only notice it when it swam up to his chest and began nuzzling Haru’s neck.

Makoto Tachibana: Makoto has a soft spot for animals but he’s contented by just petting it on the head. But later on, his s/o will find him wet all over due to the baby otter splashing at him.

Hinata Shouyou: His eyes grew wide and he’d be nervous to approach the animal. His s/o had to reassure him and guide his hand to the small animal. But when he felt the wet, furry head of the baby otter on his palm, he would look like some overexcited elementary student who’s trying to contain their excitement. But the next thing they both know, Hinata was in the small pool with the otter, playing with each other.

Nishinoya Yuu and Kise Ryouta: Their loudness first scared the baby otter at first, trying to get as close to his s/o and as far away from them as possible. But it slowly warmed up to them, who would repeatedly try to approach the animal. Then he’d get too excited that they fell into the pool but that and their s/o’s laughter didn’t seem to faze them but later on they’d pull their s/o into the small pool with them for revenge.

Kuroko Tetsuya: He’s the calmest (if not Haru) of this set and the baby otter easily trusted him. He’d slowly smile sweetly at the baby otter and at his s/o. Then out of nowhere he’d blurt out something like;

“could it be that (otter’s name) see’s us as (his/her) parents?”