Owari no Seraph || Chapter 36: Yuu & Mika [x]
↳ Welcome home, Mika  .・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・

「ハイキュー!!」万年スコアボードジオラマカレンダーのご紹介! キャラマスコットがなんと13体!13体も入った豪華仕様です! 好きにレイアウトも変えられるんですよ。 まずはメイン画像とまだシルエットのあの人を。

Watching Diamond no Ace
  • Me:*sees Sawamura, has burning desire to put him in a headlock and ruffle his hair like the precious, dumb, cinnamon roll of a baby bro that he is*
  • Me:*sees H. Kominato, wants to pick him up and pinch his adorable cheeks like an annoying aunt at a family reunion, then carry him around all day like a small puppy*
  • Me:*sees Furuya, wants to bear hug him, pick him up off the ground, and spin him around*
  • Me:*sees Chris, wants to hug him, hang out with him, and learn about baseball from him*
  • Me:*sees Miyuki, has less than pure thoughts*