So is ‘smol blond with blue eyes and angry dark-haired smol with green eyes bond over reading about the outside world’ a trope yet or….

haikyuu!! mundane superpowers: Karasuno edition

Hinata: Hinata glows. It makes him impossible to ignore on the court, adding to his effectiveness as a decoy. The brightness and intensity depends on his level of focus. If he’s asleep, it’s practically nonexistent, and when he’s playing, he’s like a beacon. 

Kageyama: Kageyama has prophetic dreams, which can show him things from a day to two weeks in advance. The gift of prophecy honestly isn’t very useful to high schooler. He can’t choose what he sees, so it’s mostly just, “Hinata will forget his lunch today and I need to bring extra” or “There will be a surprise sale at the store next week, gotta tell mom,” stuff like that. He hasn’t had a vision about volleyball since middle school.

Tsukishima: Tsukishima is an empath. It’s a useful skill when sizing up opponents during matches, but dealing with people whose emotions always run high (i.e. “hotblooded”) gives him frequent migraines. He can also get feelings from things like clothing.

Yamaguchi: At first, Yamaguchi thought he could turn invisible. It’s really an ability to lightly manipulate the perception of those around him and simply trick their brains into thinking he’s not there. He often slips into it accidentally when he’s feeling self conscious. 

Tanaka: Has a hyper-developed sense of smell. If he needed to, he could track you across town based on your shampoo and what you had for breakfast this morning.

Nishinoya: Is supernaturally lucky. Not enough to make things unfair in a match, but he always wins rock-paper-scissors, always finds money on the ground, his shoelaces never break, and he’s always on time no matter how late he leaves. 

Ennoshita:  Any food he makes stays perfectly fresh until it has been eaten. His tea never gets cold, the ice in his drinks never melt, the fruits and vegetables he cooks with never spoil.

Daichi: Dogs are inexplicably attracted to him. There is a large but friendly pack of stray dogs that regularly walk him to and from school, and whenever he travels to a new place, all the local dogs will usually come out to meet him.

Suga: Suga gives people the little things they need. Before he leaves his house, he will pick up three paperclips,a napkin, a pen, and a pair of socks. He gives the paper clips to a woman he passed on the street, who, unbeknownst to both of them, will have her dress rip and will use the paperclips to repair it. The socks go to a man who will step in a puddle during his lunch break and ruin the socks he’s wearing. The pen and the napkin go to a man who will end up using both to repair his coffee maker when it breaks in about an hour. Suga knows none of this; he knows only that the items are needed and that these are the people who need them.

Asahi: Asahi can talk to spiders. Which is both incredibly useful, as there are an awful lot of spiders and they know a great deal, as well as incredibly stressful, because Asahi doesn’t like spiders. At all.

What your favorite year says about you
  • Third years:You really love IwaOi. Like really love it. You ship all the main pairings. Angst and college AUs are your best friend. Your favorite character is either Oikawa or Kuroo. You probably have a thing for the captains. Kink af.
  • Second years:Rarepair hell. You're just a small meme trying to get. Second gen Captains are probably your thing. You don't understand why everyone doesn't love the second years as much as you. Ur right everyone should love them more.
  • First years:You're very sweet and kind. Your otp is most likely KageHina and your favorite team is probably Karasuno. You're just very gentle and probably really cute too. You will be blessed in life later on. Can be in rarepair hell although never suffering as much as the people above.

In the spirit of Halloween, here’s a creep Hinata 😄👻

Also, I was listening to creepypastas while drawing this and managed to scar myself when I dropped my eraser… 🙃


The wolf, he howls.
The lion does roar.
The wolf lets him in…
The lion runs in through the door…
The real fun begins.
As they both thrash upon you and…
Rip open your flesh.
The lion eats his fill and then…
The wolf cleans up the mess.

{ Pictures edited by me! }

So anyway Kanda Yuu has beautiful brown eyes and there’s nothing you can say to change my mind. They change with the light. Sometimes they’re pools of chocolate and coffee, occasionally the fresh clean earth after the rains, and at times the endless black behind the stars.