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Meet all the boys from Sanrio Danshi~
Do you love Hello Kitty or Cinnamoroll? What about Pompompurin or The little Twin stars? Good luck trying to choose a bias from this group! ♡

do u ever think about how mika is probably terrified of becoming a demon but at the same time at least he wouldn’t have to hurt anymore?

My Favorite Anime Pairings (Prolly)

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Hori Masayuki x Kashima Yuu (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun)

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Chisaki Hiradaira x Tsumugu Kihara (Nagi no Asukara)

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Yona x Hak (Akatsuki no Yona)

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Soushi Miketsukami x Ririchiyo Shirakiin (Inu x Boku SS)

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Atsuko Kagari x Diana Cavendish (Little Witch Academia)

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Nishimia Shouko x Ishida Shouya (A Silent Voice)


I was looking through some OnS figures (praying to find something cheap TvT) and i found this:

Did you see it? The boots.

They are fake boots.

They are like ‘’socks’’ that we put over regular shoes  (is very used in cosplay)

Im not saying you should stop your ‘’thigh high boot kink’’, but Mika also is guilty 

Well, they are probably more suited to fighting so i dont blame them LOL

I think the manga was somewhat like it, but i’ve been so used to seeing fanarts of it that i FORGOT THAT FACT LOL

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Top 5: Top 5 HQ characters you would like to teach you volleyball?

Let’s start with saying I can’t play volleyball to save my life so…

1. Ukai Ikkei. He’s a very strict and brutal teacher, exactly the one I would need. We saw his methods paid off both in the past, when he led Karasuno to the Nationals, and in the present, when he helped Hinata and Kageyama improve tremendously. He has a great heart and he’s very good with children too. I think he would be the best teacher of them all. 

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2. Sugawara. He was the very first in charge of Hinata’s training and he’s in charge of the B team as well. He’s gentle, patient but very firm at the same time. He’s the kind of person you want to improve for and I can actually see him becoming a coach in the future!

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3. Bokuto. He’s the life coach we all need and the one I would like to have as a mentor if my skills were already sharp enough. He’s the most inspiring character of the series to me, one that always goes out of his way to help other people improve. Being his disciple would be nothing but an honor :’)

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4. Iwaizumi. I think that he, as a coach, would be a hybrid between Suga and Bokuto. The only challenge would be to not be constantly distracted by his arms during the training tbh. Another very strong candidate to be a coach in the future! 

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5. Oikawa. One might say he hasn’t the best historical record when it comes to teaching other people, but if I have to learn, might as well learn from the very best. 

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- bonus: Nishinoya. Because which of us has not dreamed of learning how to do the rolling thunder???? 

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Yokai AU.

As some of you may already know, I have a liiiittle obsession with supernatural creatures, winged ones especially. This is the result of a late night without sleep: Yuichiro reimagined as a tengu, a mythical creature of the Japanese folklore.

I really need to finish this one day, since I have so many beautiful ideas for the colouring! 


One of Nobu’s favourite scene (which Hosoya practiced inside the recording room)

And he remember it enough to make Hosoya laugh

I love how they laugh together

And may you have someone, who always want to make you laugh like Nobu makes Hosoya laugh

~ Merry Christmas~

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Top 5 Nishinoya moments, please?

i just found your blog and its AMAZING. how did i not find this before?? i love your work!! can you do a top 5 nishinoya moments?

Thank you for the kind words, anon bean. And for the both of you, I’m more than pleased to do this, let’s go with the world’s favorite libero \(★ω★)/ (btw I love literally everything he does this is the hardest top 5 I’ve ever made damn)

1. The foot save. When I think about Noya, I always thik about this specific moment. The first time I saw it I legit fell down of the chair screaming, it was so EPIC and still makes my jaw drop just by looking at the gif. Like…my son…HE DID THAT!!!!!! A true Haikyuu classic. A+

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2. “Alright! There’s nothing to be scared of! You guys just keep looking straight ahead. I’ll guard your backs with my life if I have to!” aka the guardian deity always being the guardian deity. Noya is just…the most important person. He’s so tiny but if he crumbles, sure as hell the whole team will go down with him. You can see it in the very beginning, things started to get well the day he was officially back. He’s so devoted to them that sometimes my heart aches just by looking at him. When they start doubting themselves, he’s always the first to pick them up. His indomitable spirit is what keeps Karasuno alive, he’s the light of hope, the pillar that holds them together, the one that always saves them, sometimes with his hands, sometimes with his words, sometimes with his presence alone. 

3. "Well, hello left”. Oh, how much I loved this moment (like all s3 Noya, an overall gift from the gods). As it only to be expected, the first person touching a ball during the Karasuno vs. Shiratorizawa match was Noya himself. Who received but failed to redirect the ball Ushijima just spiked. And what did he do after 0,0003 seconds of bafflement? He smiled. He was genuinely pleased to have such a strong player on the opposite side of the net, because he knew he could have A LOT of fun testing his own abilities as a libero. This shows how truly badass and fearless to the point of being reckless he is. Not to mention that he, the super libero, was the key of the total defense that eventually lead them to a very much deserved victory :’) and he never doubted or lost his spirit, not even once, not even when he was on the verge of collapsing. I’m so, so, so proud of him. 

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4. Another classic and blessed moment in Haikyuu history aka Noya with his hair down

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5. “My hand’s thickness is about 2 cm. Perhaps my hands are a lot smaller than those of other boys my age… But that 2 cm gap between the ball and the floor is the ace’s lifeline!” aka a compilation of other epic saves

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- Bonus: one of my all time fave Noya moment is his entrance, but I didn’t put it here because I already talked about it in the Top 5 characters entrance

p.s. This was intentionally Asanoya free since you could find the Top 5 Asanoya moments here :D (and a top 5 brotp moments with Tanaka is on the way!)

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