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OK so apparently lots of people are questioning about what’s happening here so let me explain. This is the scene where Kiyoko prepared something for the team. But since Kiyoko’s cast doesn’t exist in the production, she ‘stayed’ behind the stage and told Ennoshita she doesn’t wanna go out. So Noya went back stage to pull her out but got slapped instead. A moment after that, Kiyoko put the ‘FLY’ banner that she found at the storage, then whispered *ga-n-ba-re* to the boys. That’s why the boys put their ears on the banner (Kiyoko is standing behind the banner). And that one word from her was enough to make them go insane, or worse, got a heart attack (Tanaka)
Only the first years plus Ennoshita stayed sane XD

Yup, it’s this scene

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If you have a chance to purchase the DVD, please purchase it to support both the production and the actors!!! ;D

Y’all better not tag this as “cosplay”


I just had to do it okay lmao don’t judge #KosukeAndTatsun4life

Also bonus


Nice use of those provocation skills you picked up from Kuroo, Tsukki. :P

Live reading with Karasuno and Fukurodani from Haikyuu!! Matsuri (Evening).


Cast Introduction for, “Documentary of Itadaki No Keshiki

Karasuno Highschool

Musical Dance with Devils (2016): Opening song 

  • Kaminaga Keisuke as Kaginuki Rem
  • Hiramaki Jin as Tachibana Lindo 
  • Sakiyama Tsubasa as Sogami Urie
  • Yoshioka Yuu as Nanashiro Mage
  • Yasukawa Junpei as  Natsumezaka Shiki
  • Naito Taiki as Loewen
  • Ise Daiki as Jek
  • Norizuki Kouhei as Noel (original stage character)
  • Kimura Subaru as Holland (original stage character)
  • Miura Hiroki as the dancer acting as Tachibana Ritsuka 

me trying to reach the cookie jar on the top shelf

when you see a beautiful man

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In real life, Okamoto Nobuhiko (Nishinoya Yuu’s VA), is a really good friend of

Fukurodani! Bokuto Koutarou’s VA (Kimura Ryouhei)

Both of them are close friends of Hosoya Yoshimasa (Azumane Asahi’s seiyuu)

yet he still so awkward around them XDXD 

Nobu and Ryouhei LOVE that side of him, though <3


A/N: Kimura Ryouhei also received the email! And they laughed together after that. This one is the prequel of [the Moon & the Owl] story about this two:


“PINK brand KOKOkim : SHIBUYA 109 shop launch event! - KAWAII♥PATEEN Brands #07" 

Official site for Haikyuu stage play revealed actors in volleyball outfit. And while actors tweet about news, I’m happy together with them. I love stage plays and I’m looking forward to this one. Check update on cast and their profiles in the source.

[CLOSED. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!] Haikyuu Stage Play Exclusive Merchandise Service!

Hello there guys!

Probably you already knew that I won a ticket to watch upcoming Engeki Haikyuu in Tokyo on May 8th!
In every stage play, they made lots of exclusive merchandises which can’t be bought unless you have the ticket to watch the show.
Yes, only those who have the ticket to watch the show can buy the exclusive merchandises.

And I’m here to help you guys to buy those exclusive merchandises!! 
If you think the DVD is too expensive for you, let’s support our beloved actors by buying their merchandises! ♡ ♡ ♡

IF you’re interested, please keep reading the post and reblogs is highly appreciated!  (´∀`)♡

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March 2016【Dance With Devils Stage Musical】Video | Visual Revealed

The video previews the song “Mademoiselle” (ED theme of the anime) as sung by the stage play’s cast