yuu hates me

I watched Owari no Seraph recently and please send help I can’t stop crying over these boys

Inspired by this amazing edit


Making Tsukki suffer via extended family is pretty much The Reason to ship Akiteru and Saeko (also let’s face it, Noya is basically an honorary Tanaka-sibling). And hey won’t you just look at that, all my favorite garbage in one picture. Amazing.


° . ☆ Hyakuya Yuichirou | Happy Birthday!  . °

Right so I just remembered that when Allen and Kanda were sparring right after the Level 4 arc, Chaoji was fanboying over Kanda during the fight, and at first I was kinda confused by his enthusiasm?

but then I remembered that nick-of-time dramatic entrance where Kanda saved Chaoji from Tyki back in Edo

and then Kanda saved Chaoji again when he was about to get pancaked by a chandelier during the assault on HQ

and I have concluded that Chaoji developed a little crush on Kanda after that, because honestly, who wouldn’t.

P I E C E S. ᶜᵒˡˡᵃᵇ


AU where Yuu loves to get Mika drunk on occasions because it’s one of the rare moments when he can see his boyfriend hiccup and giggle with a goofy smile and a cute pink blush on his face and because Mika confesses everything when he’s drunk.
Like “I loose at Mario Kart just to let Yuu-chan win”, “I purposely failed my English class so Yuu-chan could give me repetitions”, “I cried when I saw Yuu-chan kiss Shinoa when we were 10”, “I cried harder when Yuu-chan said he loved me”, “I felt bad when I hurt Yuu-chan on the swing, I’ll never do it again”,“I want to be married to Yuu-chan, he can be the husband if he wants to” “I want to be with Yuu-chan always”, “I dont want Yuu-chan to hate me”, “I love Yuu-chan" “Iove him very much”


I imagined irresponsible drunk Asahi college au and me and friend thought of scenarios of him being desperately clingy and cheesy and emotional, something like:
-(in public) Asahi would often ask out loud “Where’s NishinoyaAAA”
N: “Asahi-san I’m right here”

and then on their way home he attempted to fight a pole (train)
A: “Why is that pole staring at you?”
N: “what?”
N: “Asahi-san please don- please sit dOWN”

so he ends up hugging noya tightly the whole trip cuz he’s convinced that someone would take him away and Noya was thankful there wasn’t many people in o)-< then when they got home, after he cleaned up his bf Asahi snuggled to him closely and confessed just how much he loved Noya and went full emo cheesehead and started apologizing to Noya for not allowing him to buy too many candy smth like “I just don’t want him to get cavities but seeing him so sad whenever he returns the pack of jellies hurts me so much he probably hates me NISHINOYA PLEASE DON’T HATE ME Yuu I love u so much plz just stay with me I’ll be better (ToT)” *sobbing*  and Noya dies for the nth time. 

(I sometimes think Asahi is also a bit intimidated by Noya) 

He’d probably never get Asahi drunk again wahaha

-the end-


I’m a  f a i l u r e  as a human and a vampire

I seriously tried to be patient and understanding with this but I had enough.

I don’t care if you hate Alma, but when you say things among the lines of “people shouldn’t try to make Yulma a straight ship”, then I do get mad, either it’s about Present or Past!Alma.

If you consider Yulma a gay ship go ahead but don’t take it from others to identify Present!Alma as a trans girl, or a non-binary etc., the focus in Mystery of Kanda arc wasn’t on that, but the fact that Kanda loves Alma no matter what, that he’s willing to let go of his hatred if it meant being with the one he loved the most.

Also, if you hate Past!Alma that’s your business, but don’t incriminate people for shipping Present!Kanda with Past!Alma. Don’t cancel the possibility that Kanda likes both the present and past  incarnation of Alma. Don’t tell others which one Kanda should like. Don’t decide what others should ship.