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Pretty Perfect

Word Count: 1065

Genre: Fluff


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You sat with your friends around the table of the restaurant. You agreed to meeting up this weekend to get caught up with each other. Being full time college students, all of you were pretty busy to hang out, but still remained the best of friends.

You were having casual banter like how was your day, how is college, how is your love life. One of your friends had now gone on a tangent about how horrible their recent relationship was. The rest of them nodding along and patting her while you sat quietly.

Suddenly the topic shifted when they noticed your silence. Your friend noticing your lock screen, a picture of you and your high school sweetheart and boyfriend of 6 years.

“Y/N, how have you stuck with him that long?” she asked.

“Yeah, doesn’t he ever annoy you? I gave up on guys, they all suck,” another laughed.

“Of course, but relationships are about being able to tolerate each other’s flaws. Sticking with them through thick and thin. Just never giving up.” They all nodded in agreement.

They continued that lunch asking questions, which you gladly answered. You felt proud that you could give relationship advice. You felt that yours couldn’t be better and loved to help others have that kind of love too.

Even through all the years, you and your boyfriend were still helplessly in love. You had those moments where he drove you insane, when he made you upset, and most importantly when he made you the happiest person on earth. You knew he felt the same because of his continuous words of encouragement and love. Things weren’t dull with the two of you either. Even the quiet silence was comfortable as long as it was with him.

It was in the evening and you were both home after a long day. He had decided to cook for you, while you were sitting on the counter so you could spend more time with him.

“So how was your day, babe? Did you have a good lunch with your friends?” he said while still focusing on the lettuce he was chopping.

“Yeah! It was nice. We talked about you actually.” you said with a light laugh. He looked up from the cutting board at you across the middle island of your kitchen.

“What?” he laughed too, “What do you mean?”

“Y/F/N just had a bad break up with the guy she was seeing,” you answered, he was back to his chopping, but he nodded to let you know he was listening.

“So I was talking to them about how to have a good relationship, which involved you in the conversation,” you continued as you made your way around to him, “I can’t believe we’ve been together for so long and I still just love you so so much, Adachi Yuto.”

He put down the knife, turned in your arms that were wrapped around his waist now. He grabbed your face in his hands, smiling at you happily before placing a kiss on your forehead.

“I love you too Adachi Y/N,” You burst into a chuckle at this.

“Pff yeah right, we aren’t married YET!” you loosened yourself out of his grip crossing back to your previous place across from him. You could feel your cheeks were warmer than usual so instead you now had your back to him. Grabbing your phone trying to distract you while you waited for him to finish cooking.

Dinner was finally finished and you set the table while he fixed the plates. Soon enough you both had eaten and started to clean up the table. After washing the dishes since he had cooked the dinner you found him sitting on the couch waiting for you.

“Let’s watch something,” he says when you come sit with him. “Ok, what do you wanna watch? I’ll let you pick.” He stands up going over to the DVD player, you don’t pay much attention as he gets it set up.

Suddenly you hear a familiar voice playing. Your own. You look up to see an old video of you playing. It was the day Yuto had asked you out, a friend had filmed it all.

You had thought that day he was just being a really great friend. He had given you flowers and your favorite snacks and multiple gifts throughout the day. At the end of the day he had met you at your car, there was a crowd of your friends. This is what the video was from. You could see yourself tearing up on screen as the camera then panned to Yuto holding the sign that said ‘will you be my girlfriend?’

From that video it went on through a compilation of pictures of you both throughout the years. At prom, selfies, at events with friends, everything. Multiple videos played too, showing more memories. The off-guard ones you took of each other, the one of him after the haunted house you took him to one halloween, the one your friends took with the captions ‘goals’ when it was just you and him play fighting.

You didn’t notice yourself crying until your vision started to blur from all the tears. As the videos became more and more recent you realized it would be at the end soon. A final video played before the screen started flickering, you stood to go fix the broken TV, but stopped in your tracks when words played across the screen.

‘Will you marry me, Y/N?’

Your hands fly up to cover your gaping mouth, that’s when you notice your boyfriend kneeling beside you. A ring shining in his hand.

“I’ve been keeping this ring for awhile now, but I was scared to ask you for the longest time. Today though when I said your name with my last name, it hit me. I want to be with you forever, Y/N. You mean so much to me, there’s no one else like you.”

The tears were only stronger now as he stood up getting closer to you. He took one hand away from your face and held it in his, “So, will you marry me?”

You nod aggressively and wrap your arms around his neck pulling him into a tight hug. He hugs you back and you can feel his beating heart in time with your own.


A/N: I wasn’t really sure how taking names would go if you married foreigners with last name first, so I just kept it?? sorry if that sounded silly ? but still I hope you liked it!! I really loved writing this, I love yutoda!! :)))