How would Kamenashi Kazuya use a chair? part 2

Yamada: a normal person would use it like this…but Kamenashi-kun will be on this side

HSJ: not from the back?



Yamada: I really hope Kamenashi-kun doesn’t see this.


Last year’s How would Kamenashi Kazuya use a chair? part 1

If the Yuu-boys were siblings, I think birth order (or precieved birth order) would influence them greatly.


Eldest: The fun big brother that is literally holding the entire family together, especially if Yusho still pulls a disappearing act (basically Dick Grayson)

Second: Good cop to Yuri or Yuto’s bad cop if they were the older one. Basically letting the younger brothers get away with anything. A partner in crime if Yugo’s older

Third: Constantly pranking everyone except the youngest. Where I would think he would be his least serious

Youngest: Precious baby that everyone spoils rotten and tries to protect. Would also think that his entire family is perfect and flawless and would try to justify all of their actions.

Extra: Will always have Yusho on a pedestal and ‘laugh instead of cry’ for a good part of his life. 


Eldest: Cool aloof big brother that you can always rely on for good advice though would appear strict and somewhat distant at times. A secondary peacemaker.

Second: Would feel as if he’s living in the shadow of big brother and thinks he’s not living up to his full potential. Where he would be his most rebellious.

Third: Middle child syndrome. Would be the quietest and generally fading into the background while doing his own thing. Would try to be a ‘proper’ big brother to the youngest.

Youngest: Constantly tried of all his big brothers’ antics with a deep hatred for embarrassing pet names. Would be the only sane man of the household.

Extra: Always complains about sibling antics with Shun 


Eldest: Super overprotective while loving to tease his younger brothers. Probably would never let any of them on a D-Wheel because he thinks Turbo dueling is too dangerous for them. Maybe part of a gang.

Second: Extremely competitive with whoever’s older and will try to outdo them in whatever he can. Basically melts at the whims of his younger brother and ends up taking a lot of blame.

Third: Thinks that everyone is ignoring him and mostly goes off to do his own thing. Where he would be his most reckless. Generally would ignore baby bro but will be the first to jump to their defence.

Youngest: Would be Yoko’s precious little baby and idolize all of his older brothers while trying to surpass them.

Extra: Regardless of order, will always hate but be the closest with Yuri.


Eldest: Tough love for all the little brothers and constantly wishing he was an only child. Hates the responsibility of being the eldest but deep down cares for his family. Will he giving Yusho a brutal beat down if he shows up after disappearing.

Second: The devil disguised as an angel. Has dirt on just about everyone and tries to appear as a better version of big brother. Where he would be his most sinister. (Nabiki Tendo basically)

Third: Acts so much like an only child that people are surprised that he has three other siblings. Anyone who knows his other brothers doesn’t even know he exists until he randomly appears antagonizing one of his siblings or being mistaken for one of them.

Youngest: Where he would be his most ‘sweetest’. Big brothers will always have an eye on him so he never develops any of his more sadistic tendencies but would also be the stereotypical annoying little brother. A ‘little bit’ of a spoilt brat. 

Extra: Will always go through a ‘you’re not my parents’ phase that will result in Yoko giving the lot of them the Talk at a very young age using home videos as examples.

Hey! Say! Jump | Over The Top PV 

 In true Hey! Say! Jump style, with amazing choreography! and their very own “Formation Change” choreography style. I really enjoyed this song! its an opening for an anime, and I really felt its something anyone can enjoy! It has that very addictive beat! and it just makes you want to dance! I can’t wait to see it live! I know it will be explosive!

Happy 10th anniversary Hey! Say! Jump 🎉 this single is a really an apt 1st single for their 10th year! 

I see that most people are disappointed with Arc V’s ending.

I’m not going to try to tell you that you’re wrong for feeling the way that you do, but I’m going to propose that you look at it from another angle.

Arc V was a story of consequence.

DM, GX, 5Ds and Zexal all had more than one antagonist. Sometimes their goals would overlap, and the actions of the lesser antagonists often inadvertently helped the Big Bad. But for the most part, all of the antags had their own goals. The end result of this was that often, the carnage caused by the lesser antags would often be reset in some way, done away with immediately so that the main characters could take on the next antag without any major baggage. 

Arc V only had two antagonists, Leo and Zarc. One of Leo’s main goals was to stop Zarc’s revival, which he viewed as inevitable. We can infer that if he had any sentience within the boys, Zarc hated Leo in turn for seeking to revive Ray. Their goals were antithetical to each other.

However, Zarc only became a truly destructive factor at the very end, for what, an hour or two in-universe time? On the other hand, Leo’s been at it for at least 10 years (we know that because of Jean Michel). And what did he do during that time?

He turned Academia into a military school churning out child soldiers. Through Jean Michel, he exacerbated the class divide in The City. He utterly destroyed Heartland. He ripped the bracelet girls away from their families, away from the people who loved and cared for them. He put the Yu boys through the wringer, enabling Zarc to influence his fragments towards each other. 

Realistically, none of the above can be easily undone. If ever.

We can assume that Academia is no longer a military school, but we can also assume that the brainwashing the students went through is still in effect; that sort of conditioning takes years to overcome. Not every student there is like Sora, or Asuka, or Serena; not all of them had the capacity to break out of the ‘soldier’ mindset on their own. 

The City was explicitly said to have gotten better after Jean Michel’s demise. But better doesn’t mean perfect, and I’m sure the divide between the classes still exists—at best, security is now more reasonable, and the class gap is now a bit smaller. 

We know that Heartland is still in ruins, and that it’s citizens are still traumatized. That sort of destruction takes generations to amend, but the legacy of the genocide will always exist. That sort of thing just never goes away.

Save for the problems of the City being a bit too easily overcome, for the most part i think that the fandom was fine with the above three. Now, for the more controversial consequences?

Serena, Rin, and Ruri are now a permanent part of Yuzu; Yuri, Yugo and Yuto are now a part of Yuya, forever. They will presumably go on to exist, and we can say that Yuya and Yuzu will both be able to communicate with their counterparts at will. But six of the eight counterparts are now without bodies.

That’s heartbreaking, when you really think about it. 

Ruri and Yuto had an entire group of friends that will never be able to see them again; Shun has lost his hometown, his sister, and his best friend, permanently. 

Yugo and Rin’s dream of rising out of Commons through their own skill, side by side, will never truly be realized. 

Serena spent her entire life confined behind Academia’s walls, and now she will live out her existence confined in Yuzu’s consciousness. And we never truly got to know Yuri, and what his aspirations were outside of ~having fun~; but him never getting a proper redemption arc is something to be mourned in and of itself. 

And that is a consequence of the war, one that cannot be undone. The counterparts merging permanently is a painful reminder that the effects of war sometimes never go away. You can interpret Serena, Ruri, Rin, Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri as casualties in the interdimensional war. And just like in the real world, people don’t just come back from the dead because you love and miss them and wish they could come back. 

I take solace in the fact that Yuya is now stronger for the presence of his counterparts. We can presume that Yuzu is as well. The six other counterparts aren’t gone, they simply… took a different form. Just as you can say the people you love never really leave you. 

Consequence. I’d count this bittersweet ending as the most profound we’ve ever gotten out of a YGO spinoff. 

Hey! Say! Jump | Funky Time PV

I love the song and music video, it just makes you feel so happy and my smile just never ceased the whole time. It’s so genuine! the boys just having fun and playing! Everything just feels so natural. 

Happy 10th Anniversary Hey! Say! Jump 🎉 thank you for existing!


Another set of scans from HSJ Calendar!

My friend shared her scans with me, she said I can do whatever I want with them, so to survive the boredom, I edited them a little, it helped me explore my editing apps too. Then, I thought it would be nice to share these with you guys. Even though HSJ Calendar is old news. But I don’t care anyway *laughing hysterically*

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