Counterparts + MBTI Personality Types

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¡Hola! ¡Me enamorada completamente de tu blog! Me preguntaba si podrías hacer una reacción de Pentagon, sobre que eres muy patosa y no dejas de tropezar con cualquier cosa. Siento si no me explico bien.


Hui las primeras veces se preocuparía mucho e intentaría vigilar para que no te tropezaras tanto, pero llegaría un punto que se rendiría y solo lo vería como una cosa normal en ti, sabiendo que después de tropezarte tantas veces tu cuerpo estaba a prueba de todo.


“¿Como puedes tropezarte con el aire? Eres de lo que no hay…”


“Oh, mira, ahí viene ______… ouch, eso debió doler…” 

E'Dawn realmente no se preocuparía mucho, cuando viera que te tropezabas te preguntaría si te encontraras bien y si no era nada grabe haría como si no hubiera visto nada.


A Hongseok le preocuparía mucho, no querría que terminaras herida así que siempre que estuvieras a su alrededor estaría muy atento para cogerte si te tropezaras y apartaría las cosas que estuvieran en medio y con las que pudieras hacerte daño.


“Adiós _____… ¡Ten cuidado, no te caigas!”

 Shinwon solo estaría preocupado cuando te quedaras solas y el no pudiera estar ahí para ayudarte a levantarte o comprobar que no te hubieras hecho daño.

Yeo One

“¿Estás bien? ¿Te has hecho daño? No te preocupes, ya ha llegado tu príncipe azul a rescatarte.”


Yanan también se preocuparía, aunque no lo mostraría tanto como los otros. Te miraría desde lejos con el corazón encogido cada vez que te estuvieras acercando a él, rezando para que no te tropezaras a medio camino.


Tendríais un montón de esas típicas escenas de dramas/anime en las que la chica se tropieza y cae en los brazos del chico, ya que Yuto siempre estaría pendiente de ti para evitar que te tropezaras y te abrieras la cabeza.


Kino se sorprendería tanto cada vez que te cayeras que ni siquiera recordaría que debía ayudarte. No lo haría con mala intención, simplemente le parecería increíble que siguieras viva.


Wooseok sería como Hui, las primeras veces se preocuparía mucho pero al darse cuenta de que era pan de cada día para ti, simplemente apartaría la mirada cada vez que te tropezaras con nada.

Boyfriend Nakajima Yuto
  • Tall sunshine
  • Very talkative around you, Yuto is usually talkative but even more when he’s with you
  • Looks at you with a big grin all the time
  • Would want to be the one to approach you rather than the other way round
  • But he’d be quite hesitant to confess, though he would eventually if you don’t
  • Kind of clingy when your relationship first starts, mainly because he’s excited that you guys are actually dating
  • He cools down eventually but still probably a little bit clingier than most
  • Likes to go to new places with you, especially if it’s somewhere you like
  • Takes a lot of pictures and videos of you, he’s your personal cameraman
  • Watches the videos he’s taken of you a lot if he can’t see you for awhile
  • Very playful
  • Back hugs!!
  • Would love when you initiate skinship
  • Just give him a hug or a kiss out of nowhere every now and then it would make him happy
  • Would like going to the beach with you! He could probably spend all day there
  • You’d become his line practice partner whenever he gets a new role
  • But if there was something mean in the lines he’d hesitate a lot when trying to say it
  • He’d probably apologise afterwards even if you say it’s fine
  • Would want your attention to be focused on him
  • Would call and text you a decent amount but would really prefer meeting in person when possible
  • His texts are mainly photos of nice things he sees and thinks you would like
  • A bit of a show off around you though it’s not really intentional, he just wants you to be proud to have him as your boyfriend
  • Relies on you and would hope you do the same
  • Yuto overall would just be a playful but also kind of chill boyfriend

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You know what? I'm just gonna get this off my chest

Thank you, Yuuya: for being my favorite protag in a long time and being a great role model to me.

Thank you, Yuuto: for convincing my friend to like the show and for showing me that anger comes with consequences and those consequences can still be forgiven.

Thank you, Yuugo: For being the fandom’s fav Yu-boy and for showing me that being naive doesn’t make you any less likable.

Thank you, Yuuri: for being part of my OTP and showing me that keeping a cool head even in dire circumstances will help you out in the long run.

Thank you, Zarc: for being the object that breaks the fandom for merely being on screen and for showing me that changing for toxic people will only hurt you and your loved ones.

And thank you, Arc-V: for being my first Yugioh that I’ve finished and for keeping me going, for I waited till the end of each week to watch the next.

Thank you all


The episode was, fine. But the ending, was ass.

What happened to Ruri, Rin and Selena?? What happened to Yuto, Yugo and Yuri??

Are the still in Yuya and Yuzu, did they just, poof?? What happened?

You teased a group shot in the ED, so why not give us one? They deserve the bodies damnnit.

I’m so, upset. Because I was enjoying the ep up till that point.

I can’t even gush right now b/c that just, took the wind out of my sails so to speak.

For a split second, when Yuya walked forward, I thought he was going to vanish into the light WITH Yuzu and ALL the counterparts would be gone(which I might have preferred over this b/c then at least it’s fair, they’re all gone).

Also, Rera’s still a baby. :/ Kiss all that character development goodbye.

Also I couldn’t tell, did the dimensions get, mushed into one or something?