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Guys!! We’re just a couple hundred dollars away from our first stretch goal, and with just 24 hours left in our Kickstarter, now’s the time to dig deep!

Our first stretch goal–$15,000–will be an additional workbook with practice problems along with the download of A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese volume 2. These problems would be designed to accompany the second volume while still building off of the material covered in the first. More specifically, it’ll include some conversations/dialogue between Alexis and Shou, and more written practices based on grammar covered in the textbook.

This workbook will be sold individually or as part of a set with the workbook–but donors who pledge $100 or more will receive theirs for free [language has been edited to comply with Kickstarter regulations]! So toss a few more dollars our way and you can get a little extra tutoring time!

We’ve also got more ambitious goals at $16,000 (a supplemental conversation CD! Mmm…BL drama…) and $21,000 (limited edition print-run of the book!), so if anyone’s feeling particularly charitable…it’s a good cause!


We’ve been hard at work over at Otome’s Way preparing our next big project…and we’re ready to go live! We’re opening up a Kickstarter to help raise funds for A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese, volume 2!!

We’ve got the will–and the plan, along with 180+ pages of brand new BL-laced content to help along our faithful little fujoshi and fudanshi students–now we just need the way!

That’s where KICKSTARTER comes in!

Our own Akeba-sensei and Yusura-sensei were thrilled to see that our readers loved the first primer volume of A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese, so it’s time to move on to Volume 2 to learn more in our fun BL environment. But first–well, nothing in life is free, unfortunately! (except for swimming anime, but that’s another story)

In order to get this project off the ground, we need to raise some funds! Making a textbook ain’t easy, and it ain’t cheap either! So we’ve come to you guys, hat in hand, to ask for a little boost in helping bring this great resource to a screen near you!

The next volume is set to include nearly 200 pages of text and illustrations, created brand-new for this volume, as well as listening sections with recordings by professional voice actors, downloadable content (tailored for a number of platforms) so you can keep learning on the go, and educational content covering demonstrative forms, adjectives, possessives, and more verbs and vocabulary–including practical examples of the different levels of formal and informal speech. And don’t forget your trusty kanji lessons!

We’re really stoked to bring this to you guys and are already well into preparations, so we just need a little boost from your end! No cash? A signal boost is the next best thing!

Intrigued? Then head on over to our official Fujoshi’s Guide 2 Kickstarter page to check out the full deets!


It’s getting closer…! By the end of the month, you’ll be able to plop down some funds for the next volume in our great textbook series, A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese.

If you’re not familiar with the series, this textbook teaches you Japanese–starting from the basics and increasing in difficulty as the volumes go on–using real-world examples from native speakers, all beautifully illustrated with, well, things that appeal to fujoshi.

Look for a release date at the end of May, and get ready for some more adventures in the world of Shou and Alexis!

We’ll be back with a full run-down of the contents as our release date approaches, so you can determine if this is an appropriate level textbook for you!

Our tumblr’s finally hit 300 followers, and Ai-sensei’s just as stoked about that goal as we are, so HERE! Have a little risu-mimi (you’ve heard of kitty ears/neko-mimi, surely? Well these are squirrel ears!)

We’re heading into the home stretch of our Kickstarter venture–just a little over a week left!! But we’ve still got a ways to go, so please please please dig deep, tell your wife/husband/kids/next-door-neighbor/college roommate/guy sitting next to you at the bus stop/80-year-old grandmother to pitch in!

Remember we have some great prizes–and for a $55 pledge, you’re guaranteed a copy of A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese Volume 2 as soon as it’s ready!


Thanks SO much for your support this far, and let’s bring this home! Even a TEENY TINY bit helps–just a buck!–so the more people who donate, the closer we get to making this into a reality!

Otome's Way Begins Kickstarter for BL-themed Textbook Sequel, Fujoshi's Guide to Japanese Volume 2

Otome’s Way Begins Crowd Funding Project on Kickstarter for BL-themed Textbook Sequel, Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese Volume 2 Tokyo, Japan – November 11,…

Otome’s Way has an official press release on animenewsnetwork.com!

Hey guys! Have you had a chance to participate in our cosplay guessing contest? If not, there’s still time to reblog with your guess as to the identities of the characters portrayed to win…this pic!

All right, all right, this is just a rough draft–you’ll get the original full-color version when we’ve tallied the votes at the end of the month! Hit up the links below to make your guesses!

Set 1
Set 2
Set 3

These pics are part of photo galleries, so press the little arrows (▲) beside the images to see the rest of the photos and make your guess!

Correct guesses will win the above original image drawn by Yusura Ai-sensei. As for a clue about who the person in the picture is, here’s a hint: 擬人化! That’s all we’ll say for now ;)

This 擬人化 will be a clue about a huge new project we’ll be launching come January, so please look forward to it after the new year starts!