yusuke kaneda


This is a thing I made


My character Yusuke Kaneda from the tabletop game Cardians Pacific has a mother and father, Kokone and Tatsuya Kaneda.

Tatsuya is a busy businessman who’s very good with logical and srs matters but terrible with socializing as he gives off an intimidating aura often.

Kokone is the complete opposite in personality, a very mellow, sweet, gentle woman who is very passionate about fashion, working as a famous fashion designer.

Yusuke loves his parents very much, but they are quite busy and unfortunately never spent enough time with him. Due to this, there’s miscommunication where Yusuke believes his parents, especially his father, sees him as a disappointment and didn’t believe they love him much.

Thankfully, through some help from others and actually sitting down to talk about their feelings, the family is now doing much better in regards to relation. They all love each other very much. The parents are also lovely dovely couple lmao.