yusuke harada

HTR: Third Inning

Warning: Mentions of Rape (Not Explicit)

Top of Third Inning

Nothing is more depressing than coming here. While looking up at the high class apartment of the thirty-five floor building standing tall beside the Fukuoka Tower, Reiko let out a magnificent sigh.

Getting out of the taxi in front of the entrance decorated in highly colored ornaments, she passes through the automatic locking entrance. There are four elevators in the hall. She gets on the one for the upper floor and heads to the room on the top floor.

Once she gets off the elevator, the door appears right in front of her. This is that man’s room. She is borrowing a duplicate key from Munakata. She opens the door without hitting the intercom. Above the shoe box in the entrance, there is a signed ball of a baseball player. It seems he received it from a player that lived on the same floor. While taking off her shoes, she calls out with a “I’m coming in.” There is no response.

She heads right for the living room. There is one man there. His hair is a two-tone color of black and brown. He is wearing baggy grey sweatpants, and on various places they are soiled in blood.

This man is mayor Harada’s only son, Yusuke Harada.

Yusuke was sitting on the expensive looking black leather sofa, watching television with a snack in one hand. It was a stupidly huge television like that of a movie theater screen. He probably bought it with his father’s money. It was not just the television. Everything here was thanks to his father’s money and influence. Even for this dumb, ill-mannered man to attend a rich national university within the best percentile in Fukuoka. Even for him to live in this high class apartment where professional baseball players would live in and be able to live here on his own without a part-time job as well. Even for him to be able to spend his time leisurely no matter how many people he kills and without any question to his crimes. Life is unfair, she considers deeply.

“Where is the girl?”

When she asked, Yusuke while still looking at the television answered. “On top of the bed.”

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