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Hiii sorry if this is bothersome, but I just want to say that you inspire me as a beginning artist and how amazing your artwork is! Your drawings (along with Kozaki Yusuke himself) are what I aspire to be someday. Even your 'ugly/derpy' drawings are great afshajdksol ( ཀ 益 ཀ ) Since I'm a beginner, I'd love to know what helped you grow and develop as an artist! I really.. really struggle with hair and anatomy. :,D

OMG Thank you so much anon~~!! I’m not even that good, and I look up to a lot of artists. ;//A//;)/ 

Honestly, I grew up watching and reading lots of shojo (girl’s) manga! I still do even now, but of course I’ve broaden my horizons to many other genres and styles~

As for drawings, it’s all about practice and will power to keep drawing! I literally drew every day of my life even when it looked like a pile of poopers. Lol And I know lots of people say you shouldn’t do this, but I compare my drawings to a lot of artists. By doing this, I notice what I need to improve on and what I have an understanding of.  And omg, hair and anatomy are my enemies~ Along with backgrounds ohoho. I honestly sometimes just wish I could give everyone afros because it’s so easy to draw~ ;w; 

I don’t have any tips on drawing hair besides keeping it VERY simple and then going back to add details later. *sweats*

My style went from shojo to manry drawings throughout the years~ Lol But I’ve still been able to retain my shojo style. And all of my original stories are cute romantic love stories~ xDD; Shocked, right? Coming from an angst artists now.

I hope this helps even a little anon! I’m so sorry. I’m not a teacher and I don’t claim to be one, but sharing what little knowledge I have is the best I can do! ;__;)/




  • Osomatsu = Takasaki Shota
  • Karamatsu = Kashiwagi Yusuke
  • Choromatsu = Ueda Keisuke
  • Ichimatsu = Kitamura Ryo
  • Jushimatsu = Ozawa Ren
  • Todomatsu = Akazawa Ryotaro
  • Osomatsu (F6) = Izawa Yuki
  • Karamatsu (F6) = Wada Masanari
  • Choromatsu (F6) = Ono Kento 
  • Ichimatsu (F6) = Asato Yuya 
  • Jushimatsu (F6) = Wago Shinichi 
  • Todomatsu (F6) = Nakayama Yuki 


  • Umeda Arts Theater Osaka
  • Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi Tokyo


  • 2016.09.29 - 2016.10.03 (7 performances)
  • 2016.10.13 - 2016.10.23 (15 performances)


*Performance date and time are subject to change

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Smh at some people disliking Anne being the Lovers. She and her Persona perfectly fit the Lovers! It would have been gross and unfitting for her and Carmen to be the Magician!!

Ehhhh…..nnnggg….sigh… You do realize I’m one of the pro-Anne as Magician right? This feels kinda like a kick in the balls….. Again, people shouldn’t be upset/hate Anne/Lovers for Anne being Lovers…. I mean we did all see it coming but we thought it was a fake out….and that there would be a twist. Like a lot of us were hoping Ryu wouldn’t be Magician and when we saw he was Chariot we all breathed in relief, same goes for finding out that Yusuke isn’t Moon or Fortune (baby has a chance now ;w;) I mean their designs kinda match the other character’s (Ryu seems to have a Magician type role, and Yusuke looks like past Fortune arcanas and tbh he looks like he could also be Moon….which may or may not be because he looks like Tsukiyama from Tokyo Ghoul and fyi Tsuki means moon so yeah that’s where people got it from)…. And then we have Makoto who looks like an Empress Character (she still very well could be), but she has all these Priestess symbolism going on that she’s all but confirmed Priestess, and c’mon she looks and acts NOTHING like the past Priestess characters. So I think it’s fair to say, a lot of use were thinking/hoping it would be the same with Anne. I mean, again, it’s not like we pulled the Magician theory out of our asses. Like there’s a lot of parallels, and heck maybe they’ll bring back secondary arcana in P5 and Magician will be Anne’s (tbh if they do bring back secondary and it’s not Magician I’m rioting :’D Can’t you at least give me this Atlus? XD ok jk jk). I mean if that happens, Anne will almost be like a reversed Yuka (Yuka being Magician and Lovers being her secondary, and Anne being Lovers with Magician being her secondary). Also it should be known that everyone has a part of a different Tarot card in them it just depends on where they are in their own journey that the Tarot card reflect their current situation (Anne’s current situation happens to mostly reflect the Lovers arcana), which is why there were secondary arcana in the first place in P1/2 (cause no person fell under just solely one arcana). (also sorry if that wording is really weird, it’s 5 am and I’m paraphrasing from memory ;w;) So yeah don’t say “Magician is gross and unfitting for Anne.” Considering a part of her is obviously reflected as Magician (either cause she already went through that stage in life, or because it’s a secondary arcana). But yeah….Sorry if I sounded a little upset, again, I felt the ask was a bit of a kick to the balls for me…. :/