「バトルラヴァーズの日常」 (Daily Life of Battle Lovers) to be released Apr.9th!

a fanbook featuring the bouei bu seiyuus from binan koukou :D if you pre-order by Mar.31st, you can receive a signed bromide of a seiyuu of your choice on top of another bromide with all five seiyuus!

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Yusuke Asai Paints Sprawling Earth Art Murals From Texan Soil

at Rice Gallery

Japanese artist Yusuke Asai just unveiled his latest immersive mud art masterpiece right in the heart of Texas. Like Asai’s other artworks, his new sprawling Yamatane installation in Houston’s Rice Gallery is made from locally-sourced soil mixed in with other natural materials. His versatility with the medium is astounding—although Asai started with just ten pigments, he managed to create no less than 27 different shades in his mural.

Kozaki Yusuke art for the new Smash Bros. fighters! ⊟

Even though I’m disappointed that Nintendo went for the predictable characters versus the more interesting (Sully and/or Donnel) to fill Smash Bros.' roster, I ain't even mad because we get new art from Kozaki Yusuke to celebrate today's reveal. Yusuke, if you're not familiar with the name from our past posts, is the incredibly talented character artist who worked on the No More Heroes series, Liberation Maiden, and Fire Emblem: Awakening.

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