So, I’ve got this image in my head that the roleplays I’m doing with kadota-chin and erikararara take place in the same universe. I can just picture that silly thing with Fiona and Erika happening after Kadota drops Fiona off at her new place. Then, a few days later, she runs into Erika and Kadota on the street and she’s all “International Detective Yusui, you know Kadota?!” And then Kyohei is all like “wut” and Erika’s like “Shh. This is the boss I was telling you about.” Then Fiona’s all like, in a whisper, “Oh, I see. I’ve got to keep it super secret, then.” Meanwhile Kadota’s all like, “… Not this again…” Then smiles at Erika and Fiona that smile he gets when he watches Erika and Walker geek out over something.