confession: I don’t know whether to HATE Yusuke or LOVE him. Yuskue is a interesting and charming character but the fact that he keeps on pressuring Ann to paint her nude, even though she says no, countless times and then tries to move into her house, without even ASKING HER. So creepy. I want to hug him, but I also want to punch him too. I want him in my party, but sometimes I want him no way near my party and far away from Ann

anonymous asked:

Why was Yuskue so gangster?? Like how many bodies did he catch off that spirit gun alone?

Rando,Toguro,Sensui, some of the triad, bunch of nameless demons. He actually just beats the shit outta people with his fists

Here is a hand drawn scene of Kuwabara and Eikichi in matching sweaters. Sorry if you can’t see it. I hope you like it. I’m pretty proud of it. amistillamistletoe please enjoy it. I hope it makes you smile and brings you joy. yyhsecretsanta