siempre  amare  todas las  versiones  de  rolling girl  que  hacen  con animes  que me gustan ,  adoro  esa  canción 

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  • Who is the most affectionate? In their own sadistic way they both are. But for love in general.
  • Big spoon/Little spoon? Somehow I see Yusra and Michael both being a big spoon. Then again Yusra shows her little spoon side. Aka our au thread. B))
  • Most common argument? How to murder someone. That and who’s mount is cuter.
  • Favorite non-sexual activity? Somehow.. Not murdering people. :D They would enjoy a nice ride in the plains.
  • Who is most likely to carry the other? Michael. BC Hands down.
  • Nicknames? From Michael? Yusie, Little griffon, and cutie at times. From Yusra? Grizzly bear.
  • Who worries the most? Hmm.. Michael. Since he is the immortal of the two. But either then that… Yusra worries for when she knows blessed silver wielding assholes are around.
  • Who tops? Both. C8
  • Who initiates kisses? Michael. Sometimes Yusie.
  • Who wakes up first? Yusra. :o Vampires are kind of an asshole to wake up.
  • Who says I love you first? Michael. B33333333333

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Hi there! I saw your post regarding Indonesian literature and I was wondering if you would share some of your favourites? I'm from Australia and have always found Indonesia a fascinating country :) thanks!

hi there! i have only currently dived down in indonesian literature so i’m sorry if this is quite limited. as always, i will recommend ‘misa arwah’ by dea anugrah. i currently have a copy of goenawan mohamad’s ‘debu, duka, dsb.’ (dust, grief, and others) and his alr translated work in ‘the blindfolded queen.’, also with yusi avianto pareanom’s ‘rumah kopi singa tertawa’ (the laughing lion’s coffee shop) that i haven’t read but im excited to read about!

if ur looking for already translated works, lontar foundation has a heck lot of them! for indonesian writers writing in english, check out the murmur house’s literary journals :) i hope this helps!

Thank you for your birthday presents, love you girls (≧▽≦) with Hilary, Maria Stasia, Desty, Diaz, and Yusi at Cibinong City Mall – View on Path.

Assalamualaikum, masih edisi lebaran nih. (kurang cicut) with Fenia, Dina, hamidah, Mia, Nuraini, Risna, Ummu, Yusi, and Inna – View on Path.

The Beginning of Everything

I forgot to mention, This is the beginning of everything. You don’t know me, I don’t know you. So let’s start with introductions. 😉
I’m April Joy Yusi Galang with nicknames such as: Maxeem- from my high school days. The history? Soon xx
Joyjoy- my nickname at home. To my family. Ape- the nickname my crazy friends adopted for me 😪 I love it though it sounds animalish. 😹😂 last but not the least is Maxe- shorten the Maxeem but pronounce it as ‘Meiks’ and yes, I gave it to myself. 😁💁
I’m 19 years of age and I will turn 20 next year, April 15 2016. I feel old. Being born in 1996 and seeing the housemates in PBB makes me feel old uggh! Wait, why are we talking about pbb? Hehehe✌️I have 2 sisters. I’m the middle one actually. The eldest is Pamela Galang turning 24 this coming Sunday😂😹 we’re close. She’s the controlling type, I’m not.. Obviously. The youngest is Fatima Gayle Galang, 18. Yes, she’s just a year behind me. That’s how fast mama and papa was. Hahaha kidd. We are all close. Your cliche sisters. Hahaha. Kidd again. We share everything. YEZ EVERYTHING. Underwears, clothes, shoes but not boyfriends EW. So yeah, basically everything. 😁 I have parents (ofc) Jones Galang, the daddy. I love him to death but sometimes I want to punch him. Hahahaha jke. But yes. Swear 😶 next is my mother, Melody Galang. I miss her everyday. About my parents or should I say about my mother should be discuss later on. That’s everything about me. Hahaha I basically laugh all day or keep quiet, there’s no in between boy. I’m your typical Asian girl. I’m proud to be Asian! And yez, I have this chinita eyes and My eldest sister too. 
P.s. Read one every day. 😘