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Progression timeline. 

I did draw the series in ‘09 and ‘11, but they were 5Ds or Zexal doodles mostly.

As you can see, I’ve loved Yu-Gi-Oh! for a very long time; but it’s the kind of interest that wanes and waxes. This year my feelings are overflowing, so I’ve been re-reading and re-watching the first series in its entirety; plus DSoD like a billion times.

Throughout the years, my feelings towards the first series also changed along side my art. Yami had always been my favourite, but I was never particularly good or interested in drawing guys, which resulted in drawing Yugi more, since he was easier. I’m not sure if I particularly preferred Yugi, but I probably liked him a lot more when I was younger. Currently my favourite is Kaiba.

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...why do I like Izuru with the double belt thing tHAT SHOULDN'T BE HOT FUCK ME IZURU LOOKS GOOD IN ANYTHING IT'S NOT FAIR

he’s wearing the clothes of a boy who plays card games


Counterparts + MBTI Personality Types

He’s not in many scenes, but I like Shan Yu from Mulan as a villain.

Mainly because he has literally 0 issues with Mulan being a woman. His issue is that she defeated his army and stole his victory, and he wants to kill her dead in vengeance. Even when he thinks he has her cornered, he doesn’t insult her femininity. He boasts that he out-brawned her cleverness.

And he was wrong.

Themed-day: The Fun Has Only Just...Ended

Today marks the 148th and final episode of ARC-V and, as such, it’s only fitting that today feature three cards from the series.

If you want to look through to see all (well, most of, as I’m sure there’s some pre-ARC-V cards that made appearances that I’ve yet to retroactively tag) the cards that made appearances in ARC-V, they can be found here.

VRAINS, here we come….

(So long, Odd-Eyes)

  • Nayoung: Yeonjung, please keep an eye on Sohye today. She might say something and get herself punched.
  • Yeonjung: Sure, I'd love to see Sohye get punched.
  • Nayoung: Try again.
  • Yeonjung: I will stop Sohye from getting punched.
So... yu gi oh arc v just ends like this??

Really? I think this is a really bad ending… everything happened in just one episode, the girls and the boys remain inside of their main counterparts… i wish they could all come back, after the girls disappeared, they were vanished for the rest of the anime, completely, i wish i could have seen more of them, but there were a lot of plot twists until the end, i mean, it could have been much better and much easier to digest everything if they didn’t put so much plot on just one episode (around 126 till the end), but still, it was a great anime no doubt, one of the best. And i do hope Vrains is a good one… After i saw that Yoshida is back again, i got a bit afraid, but let’s see what happens. Still hyped for what is about to come!