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Hellooo :) So because it’s a new year and I want to start it off with something positive before school eats me alive, I decided to do my first follow forever. Spending my time on here, I have already gotten to appreciate so many lovely blogs.

I’d just like to say thank you to my followers for being able to make me happy with your likes & reblogs and putting up with my obsession with yoona and yuri :( and thank you to the people I’m following for decorating my dashboard with pretty posts! You’re all so kind and wonderful and just purely amazing, It’s impossible for me to express how happy I am through this small message.

I hope 2016 brings you all warm memories! Thank you ((again)) and Happy New Year! ♥

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Hi guys! aphrodi-tae here,used to be GOR-JESSICAT, for my 3rd follow forever!! Weeeeee!! I know I haven’t been too active here lately, all thanks to COLLEGE wow reality sucks tbh. But now, it’s almost summer (in our country) and I finally found some time to be active & edit again like before. Although I am not promising you guys such wonderful edits, well being on hiatus did get my editing a bit rusty and I wasn’t really good at editing even before. But I promise you guys, I’d work hard to improve and show wonderful edits for all my beautiful followers. I know I’ve lost quite a few during my hiatus, and I’m so thankful for those who stayed & patiently waited for my return LOL

My follow forever is dedicated to all these lovely blogs I follow that make my dashboard full of life. Thank youuu for always making my dashboard awesome as you guys are!

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P- pinklightstick;

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