I’m VERY Satisfied with this ep’s Reimiko Moments.

Inside Reina’s Mind “I just wanted to be alone with you.”

ouw c’mon just say what you wanted to say Reina.

Ooh, looks like someone’s jelly~

Inside Kumiko’s Mind “The one I like isn’t Shuuichi.. it’s you.”

These two seriously needs to confess to each other already. And as for Shuuichi… you have no chance bruh. Kumiko is gay AF for Reina. 

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hi everyone! the year has finally come to an end and I’ve decided to do my first follow forever to celebrate the beginning of the new year!

all those in bold are my fave blogs and senpais~ there is something i admire about each and everyone of you >.< so thank you for making my dash entertaining with each and every post. you’re all amazing!

as for my followers, i wish i could list every single one of you but regardless, i want you guys to know that you’re all the best! thank you for following my blogs, especially those who have been there for a long time. thank you for reblogging and liking my stuff, especially on momoneki (prev. oncextwice/ doraemomo), since I only make edits/gifs on there even though they’re bad. I’ll hopefully be able to improve this year though!

i love you all and hope you have a wonderful new year filled with love and happiness! hope you all achieve great things in 2016!

without further ado, below are the list of my fave blogs

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