Hello everyone! Admin Ji here for a quick announcement! I will be going to Zenkaikon for all three days this year and if you see me you should come and chat (about Yuri on ice pls it’s good). Costumes and days:
Friday: casual Lolita with a blonde wig and unicorn skirt.
Saturday: God Madoka. (pmmm)
Sunday: probably the same as Friday.
Come and meet me!
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A Happy Valentine’s Day to my wonderful @yuri-on-ice-valentine-exchange partner: @dicksoutforerwinsmith! <3 I hope you enjoy my attempt at your requested otayuri roommate AU - essentially Yuri and Otabek bickering over household chores (and a sprinkle of russian and kazakh thrown in w the help of our lord and saviour google translate).

We always think that Victor and Yuuri embarrass Yuri in front of Otabek but Kubo said that Otabek has a bunch of mischevious friends. So I’ve been thinking…what if his friends tease Otabek in front of Yuri?
Like, what if Otabek has a crush on Yuri and he tells them about it. And they all joke around, follow Yuri on all social media, everytime Yuri is mentioned on tv they all just become the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) face. And one time, Yuri is visiting Almaty and Otabek invites him to a party where he is going to be DJing. And ofc Yuri is all like yes??? Otabek has a bike AND is a dj???? He is so cool!!! And they come to the party, Otabek does his thing and he comes down in the crowd to meet up with Yuri and Yuri finally meets Otabeks friends. They all immediately start smirking, nudging them towards eachother, always sending just the two of them to get drinks. Some of them even start hitting on Yuri for Otabek. Yuri is slightly confused, but Otabek wants the ground to swallow him whole. He is a red, stuttering mess and he is so thankful that the lights in the club are dim. Now in every friend group theres The Mom Friend™ and they are ready to start some shit. They would probably pull Yuri aside and be like “What are your intentions with my friend?” and Yuri would realise what was happening and he would kinda open up to The Mom Friend™ and tell them that he likes Otabek too. And The Mom Friend™ would all be proud and smiley, but just before they reach the group, they would whisper in Yuri’s ear: “If you hurt him I will hunt you down and hurt you five times more.”

rainywithachanceofstars  asked:

You drew Megane Eros Yuuri BLEPPING and I cannot figure out whether I feel awed, turned on, or dying from the cute.

all three is good, blepping yuuri is beautiful

anonymous asked:

I know that you don't take requests. But can you draw our beloved Yuri in Welcome to the madness costume?

i actually do (kinda) take requests! But only the ones that piqued my interest ;o; And this was a good warm up! I’ve been playing the Welcome to the Madness song on loop all morning to get in the mood pfpfffpfpft

All my Welcome to Night Vale feels are back thanks to @aurigaearts WtNV AU! ♥ Radio host!Viktor and Scientist!Yuuri!!

(For the curious ones: WtNV is a podcast about the surreal town of Night Vale ♥ But if you’re looking for more cute, canon and married relationships, please, PLEASE, come to this hell and scream about Cecil and Carlos!)