rainywithachanceofstars  asked:

You drew Megane Eros Yuuri BLEPPING and I cannot figure out whether I feel awed, turned on, or dying from the cute.

all three is good, blepping yuuri is beautiful

anonymous asked:

I know that you don't take requests. But can you draw our beloved Yuri in Welcome to the madness costume?

i actually do (kinda) take requests! But only the ones that piqued my interest ;o; And this was a good warm up! I’ve been playing the Welcome to the Madness song on loop all morning to get in the mood pfpfffpfpft

A “Victor keeps his long hair and Yuri suffers on a regular basis because of it” appreciation sketchboard

Feat. Yuri “pls let me braid your hair” Katsuki

I like to think he’d sleepily say something really dumb like “Your hair looks like spiderwebs” and then immediately DIE because he meant “LIKE SILK, WAIT NO- VICTOR STOP LAUGHING”

Bonus: Yurio with different hairstyles