yuri plistestky

Otabek losing his shit when someone try to touch the kitten x3


Hi, so… here it is. I’m not very proud of it, bc well… I’m not generally good at doing stuffs (especially drawing with the mouse… I need a tablet T-T) I really hope you like it either way :3

I love both au’s (Mafia and Loverboy) of this amazing artist and I’m kinda insane about a mix of them and Gangsta anime. What about JJ and Otabek rising up in the streets and when they grow up, manage a hitman office (Just like Worrick and Nicolas)
They both meet Yuri in the streets and they let him live with them since one of their job was killing the pimp of Yuri, leaving the lil kitten homeless (like Alex) Now the young russian is the secretary of them and well… ot3, drugs, sex, kill, protect, twisted love… it gets dirtier in my mind xB

Sorry the crappy english.


High school AU where school vice president Yuri shows new student Otabek around~ [more AU info under the cut]

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