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(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGbCUf_yWIU)

Because I haven’t seen this on Tumblr yet, which is surprising to me, here’s a routine to Yuuri’s free skate music from the 2017 Japan Pole Sports Championship. How cool is that?! Kazuya Naka is the performer, I believe. 


fandom-wide day of fanwork appreciation survey results!!!

last week i asked you guys to take a survey about whether or not +yoi should host a fandom-wide day of fanwork appreciation, and i promised that i would go over the results after the closing of the survey, so here we are!

even though some of you thought that having a fanworks appreciation day would be redundant, all of you said you would participate in it! this means one thing: ITS ON!

this was pretty dang close, but august won fair and square! since july was a close second im planning to have it very early in august, like within the first week (actual date tba).

the majority want to send their appreciation asks in through +yoi rather than their fave creators. i plan to make the appreciation day the sole focus of +yoi for this one day, and will be available for those who want to send their asks through me here. someone brought up a good point abt this though, which i will go over next.

1. im not sure where this came from but pls do not worry, no fanworks will be shared on this blog and especially without consent.
2. the fanworks i listed were just an ‘including but not limited to’ list, so ofc other types are welcome.
3. this is a good point. i am still considering the logistics of this but i know that i will not require anyone to send through +yoi. these are your compliments for your faves, you will be able to send them however you like. my thought here comes from doing this in previous fandoms. i would run out of asks several times and have to wait a long time in between. going through +yoi will allow ppl to submit a bunch of creators at once and save asks.
4. i have no plans to add admins at this time, but if i decide to i will make an announcement.

tl;dr: fanworks appreciation day is a go, date tba!

ill start working on the logistics soon, so pls keep an eye on the blog for an official fanworks appreciation day post!

if you have any questions or concerns pls lmk!