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Phichit might be the biggest Victuuri shipper, but there’s no way he’s going to let Victor whisk his best friend off to Russia before a few rounds of merciless teasing.

Phichit: And then he started crying! I can’t believe he felt threatened over that. It’s like he forgot he’s the one you’re choosing to marry!

Yuuri: Ha ha…Victor can be a bit extra sometimes.

Phichit: Yes, he is. You two are made for each other.

Yuuri: ?

I like to imagine that whenever the press ask Otabek & Yurio what their relationship is 5y down the road, Otabek just gives them a Thumbs Up

Mila and Yuri’s friendship appreciation post

Ok the fandom has all agreed that Mila is Yuri’s big sister, but can we just take a moment to appreciate just how DEEP the bond is? 

Ok. So first of all, we have Mila initiating physical contact with one of the coldest characters in YOI. She is extremely familiar with Yuri and from her relaxed air, we can assume that this definitely isn’t her first time hugging Yuri. It’s also interesting to note that Yuri only tells her to let go when Mila starts to tease Yuri. Yuri didn’t initially object to Mila’s hug!  

Here we have Yuri being a brat. But a very well-informed brat. Mila’s, cough, sexual frustrations would’ve been the result of a very recent breakup. The fact that Yuri knew about this shows us that he is up-to-date about what is happening in Mila’s life. Mila probably overshares the intimate details about her relationships to Yuri. 

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“cos katsudamn” 

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The Game
The Game

Contains: Laughter, teasing, Yuri being shit at keeping a poker face, silly revenge, an overall insane time at the Altin-Plisetsky residence

Otabek isn’t one for pranks, and absolutely hates April Fools Day, but Yuri, being an actual little shit, had something very special planned since they wake up. Little did Yuri know what Otabek knew he had a shitstorm coming, so he prepared to return the favour. 

A/N: This was probably the funniest and most fun audio I’ve done. From the script to recording I was giggling non-stop thank you Lily for giving me this idea to work with. xD Anyways! Thank you guys so much for listening, and I hope you enjoy it!


Otayuri High School AU (because of reasons)

-Yuri is the freshman sports prodigy on the track team (because most schools probably dont have a figure skating team)

-Otabek is the senior captain of the debate club (trust me ok? just hear me out)

-Yuri gets dragged to a debate by Viktor who wants to watch his “sweet adorable Yuuri win!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

-People recognize Yuri and find it weird that the angry track team freshman is watching a debate with school heartthrob Viktor Nikiforov

- Otabek sits at the end of the table in the captain’s position with Yuuri on his left and isnt Otabek that guy that Mila keeps talking about ???

-Yuri tries to focus of the debate (not like he wanted to watch people argue anyway) but he cant ???????? because Otabek keeps doing this thing with his jaw and its really attractive distracting OF NO SIGNIFICANCE WHAT SO EVER

-Yuri thinks it’s weird that Otabek hasnt said a word throughout the whole match because he’s the captain so ???? shouldnt he be ????? you know ???? doing something ?????

-Viktor suddenly gets really excited when the opposing school calls out Otabek on his silence

-Yuri is really confused because the whole room is silent and even Viktor finally shut up so what is he missing ????????

-the opposing school looks really smug (Yuri is not happy bc he has that school spirit) when Otabek clears his throat and stands

-he has no notes ??????

-everyone else had notes ??????? so where are Otabek’s notes ??????

-there’s a beat of silence and Otabek barely says twenty words but even Yuri knows that the debate is over and holy shit his voice-IMEANWHAT

-he has to know more about this Word Magician because who cares about running when this boy just shut up a table of annoying teenagers ???

-Viktor and Mila tease him senselessly about his “little crush” WHICH IT IS NOT

-he just happens to find him… admirable

-turns out, when they do meet, that otabek had been the one admiring him ever since he joined the track team

-bc otabek just loves the grace and speed that Yuri seems to so naturally possess ????

-but Yuri, who has never been good with words or conversation, cant get over how easily Otabek is able to get out of conversations or keep them going without really saying/doing much ????

-they become besties quickly after they meet and are pretty much inseparable

-you really cant have one without the other involved in some way (they’re texting each other or talking on the phone or they’re both present)

-otabek picks Yuri up from track and cheers him on at races

-yuri goes to all of otabek’s debates and is honestly the most excited person there

-they call each other Beka and Yura obviously mila teases Yuri about it to no end

-eventually, they both realize they have it bad for each other and no amount of teasing is going to make it any easier im looking at you mila


otayuri headcanon dump

-Yuri thinks that Otabek is without fault until Otabek unironically wears crocs and buys those little shoe-badges. 

-Otabek sometimes teases Yuri about the time when they first met and likes to playfully guilt-trip Yuri. “Well I wouldn’t know, I’m just an asshole, right?”

-Otabek lets himself get dragged out in the middle of a thunderstorm just so Yuri can live out his fantasy of dancing in the rain. 

-All versions of Yuri are beautiful to Otabek. But when Yuri smiles, Otabek and the angels from on high all weep a little. 


In which Yuuri is Terrible and Naughty. ~800 words

we have a situation

Viktor knows that from his many years of practice that he doesn’t react outwardly to the worrying text Yuuri just sent him. But his mind is reeling in the middle of the rink, fresh sweat blooming across the back of his neck and heart pumping harder than it had from the exertion of skating.

Yuuri had left just under an hour ago, what could have gone wrong.

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On Yuri’s disliking of JJ

Or why the events order in the show is tricky.

It occurred to me recently that the reason Yuri dislikes JJ so much is not because of his personality or teasing.
It is, however, what we are lead to think when we watch the episodes in order.

The first time Yuri and JJ are shown interacting is at the end of Yuri’s SP at Rostelecum Cup, with the infamous “Ladies First” of JJ. Yuri mentions that he’s “even more annoying than those two [Viktor and Yuuri]”, and considering this sentence follows JJ’s teasing, it makes it look like Yuri hates JJ because of this teasing, and overall, his personality.

But it’s not the case.

Yuri hates JJ because he’s a sore loser.

Now let’s focus on Yuri. He’s young and talented. He’s talented enough to manage to nail a quadruple salchow at what I will assume was age 13-14, and respecting his part of Viktor’s deal, he manages to win the GPF junior without any quads. 

He’s used to win.

It’s even clearer if you look back at episode 2:

Even Yuuri is surprised by how confident Yuri is :

Yuri is confident because he’s used to win.

But then, Onsen on Ice happens, and he looses. We see in ep 4 the RAGE he puts into getting better. In his mind, it’s just because he lacked experience. It was just a one-time loss because he didn’t have enough time to train, to refine the program, and because he didn’t have as much experience as Yuuri (he mentions his lack of experience later in the series). It’s obvious to him that if he just trains harder it’ll fix that little inconvenience, and that loss will just be a bad memory. 

Then Skate Canada happens. We see it in Yuri’s flashback during his FS at Rostelecum Cup. We see Yuri radiating.

At this moment, he just feels like he was right. Like he just needed that little more time to refine his programs and gain experience. He’s at the top, in first place, and he doesn’t see what could go wrong. He’s relieved and exulting, at the place he’s used to be. Things are finally right, he’s winning. The gold is just here.

But then JJ happens.

The way the flashback scene showed it is really good, because it expresses Yuri’s confusion perfectly. He didn’t see it coming. He was already seeing himself with the GPF’s gold around his neck, and can’t believe someone just beat him.

That is why Yuri dislikes JJ so much. Remember what JJ says to Yuri at this point : 

If the “Yuri-chan” can sounds condescending (but Kubo pointed out he wasn’t ill-intended), this sentence is a way to acknowledge Yuri’s talent. “Let’s climb the podium again” implies that he believes that Yuri -despite his young age- is talented and hard-working enough to get on the podium again. That it wasn’t just out of luck. [Note that he doesn’t precise he wants them to be in the same places, meaning that he’s just wishing for both of them to be on the podium, not especially for Yuri to be under him in any way.]

This acknowledgement of his skills should be something Yuri appreciates, since he hates being belittled. But he doesn’t take it that way. To him, it just looks like taunting.

Because JJ beat him, and because he’s a sore loser. And what do sore losers do toward the people who beat them ? They get angry and make them look like bad people.

So the teasing comes pretty uncalled-for, but as Kubo mentioned in an interview, JJ thought that Yuri “would relax”. As we see from his reaction to winning bronze in last year’s GPF and this year, JJ seems to have a pretty good sportsmanship, and probably expected Yuri to be the same. Excepted that it’s not the case and Yuri ends up taking the teasing and his personality as excuses to hate him.

But we see how his hate is actually fragile and based on no tangible basis. Especially in this Hotel scene in episode 10, when he runs into JJ and Isabella and ends up calling JJ “scum” for the way he wears his sunglasses. 

Sounds petty right ? It’s just because Yuri had literally nothing else to insult. Not only JJ didn’t say anything mean or teasing in this scene (he actually looked like he was trying to avoid things to escalate between Yuri and Isabella), but he even lowkey complimented Yuri by saying his fanbase -and indirectly, Yuri; just like Isabella’s comment on Yuri’s fangirls indirectly attacked Yuri- was famous.

Yuri didn’t find anything to reproach to JJ. But accepting he didn’t have anything to insult in JJ would also be accepting that he was hating him without any solid justification other than his own inability to accept his loss. Which he wasn’t ready for yet.

So he insulted the sunglasses. Anything is good to prove that he has tangible reasons to hate JJ.

Since the anime shows us their interaction at Rostelecum Cup before Skate Canada, it leads us to think Yuri dislike JJ because of his teasing, or even that JJ is teasing Yuri on purpose to annoy him. 

But putting the events in chronological order, with the added informations of the later episodes (for example episode 10, that showed us that JJ was actually pretty socially awkward and didn’t realize when his joking was uncalled for) and some interviews, it becomes clearer.

tl;dr : Yuri isn’t hating JJ because of his personality or his teasing. Those are excuses for Yuri to justify his disliking of JJ. Yuri dislikes JJ because he’s a sore loser and is used to win.

Mila and Yuri HC’s (platonic)

Despite it all, Mila is definitely Yuri’s family during the times where he cannot go home to his grandpa. 

She’s the one who drops in on him with takeout on the days she knows he’s too tired from practice to eat. 

She’s the one who ices his wounds and buys him aspirin

She’s the one who buys him cool souvenirs when she travels places for photoshoots/interviews or competitions

Although Yuri finds Mila’s teasing annoying, he misses it when she is away and tries to hide how excited he is when she comes back

Mila is one of the few people Yuri feels comfortable talking about his personal issues with because she has been a constant in his life and he trusts her.

They know everything about each other and each go to the other for advice. They’re also painfully honest with one another and they’ll speak the truth to one another even if it is hard. 

Mila was the first person who encouraged Yuri to grow out his hair because she thought it would look beautiful.

Mila tries to go to all of Yuri’s competitions. When she really can’t make it, she’ll open a beer, sit where the wifi signal is the strongest, open her laptop and cheer embarrassingly loud for Yuri.

Yuri trashes Mila a lot but will fight anyone who speaks badly of Mila. She’s his older sister only HE can complain about. 

Yuri is skeptical of all of Mila’s love interests because he’s scared that they’ll break her heart. 

Mila always calls Yuri first when a relationship doesn’t work out. Although Yuri will complain to no end, he’ll show up at her place with comfort food and ears ready to listen without fail. 

pasdechat  asked:

YouRiko - breeze

Uchiura gets some serious breezes, being a city by the sea. You’s lived her whole life in Numazu, so she’s pretty used to it! Riko though–not so much. 

“You alright there, Riko?” she asks, watching Riko struggle to keep her bags in hand. They’re full of magazines and music stuff, things from Tokyo that Riko can’t find in their little stores. The wind picks up, and You rests a hand against the top of her cap, eyeing the way Riko’s hair ripples in the wind. Red hair’s pretty cool, even if it is blowing into Riko’s mouth and eyes. 

“Ptthp–I’m perfectly fine,” Riko says, spitting out strands of her own hair. She opens her mouth to say more, but a stiff breeze cuts her off. It rips a bag from her hand, glossy magazines spilling out and scattering across the ground. You bends down to gather them up.

“Oh. Woah.” Woah is the right word for it, You thinks, because these? Riko buries her face in her hands, a low, embarrassed groan gurgling from her throat. Definitely not the kind of stuff you can buy in Uchiura.

Sex Advice With Christophe Giacometti
Sex Advice With Christophe Giacometti

Contains: Christophe, teasing and Yuri getting defensive about it, really NSFW due to what the two talk about, but nothing between them, the whole script was supposed to be funny and failed

During a meeting at the Grand Prix Final, Christophe gets a chance to talk to Yuri…then immediately switches to talk about his relationship with Otabek. Well, it’s more like he teases him about the relationship.  

A/N: This is a collab between me and the lovely @iceisnottheonlythingillcumon, who voiced Chris with talent, as always. You guys really should check him out!! I’d also like to point out that just hit 1,000 followers, which blows my mind!! I’ve never had anything grow and blossom into something so beautiful with such an incredible community to back it up so fast and I forever appreciate you guys with all my heart. I love each and every single one of you and I would gladly tell you guys that again and again. Anyways, this was SO MUCH FUN to do and I really would love to do more collabs in the future, not just with him but with other voice actors as well. Thank you guys so much for listening!!