yuri nyah

Had to break some mutuals so I don’t feel like shit recently, a lot has gone on over the past two weeks. But I hope everyone stays strong and doesn’t let tumblr get them down.

I just really want to thank harern, umarudon, ryukomizuneru, gomenasikepepperonii-chan daijovbu1sidro, mikaami, meliongshadowjen, misterstealyowaifuslimey-girlashitari, nugundam, xgustygalaxy, lcagura, shitnarou, hearteatencucklemorebased-kratos, blood-diner, vlc-exe, kanyecolle, weter296nutruto, hohentai, angewomom, czeslaw-meyer. miss-handoverthebirds, aupu, yuri-nyahokotomi, fyeahteentitans, vodni, cocturne, love-nectar-vevo

Special mentions to my new mutuals galepunch and notthatrelevant for giving me good advice/cheering me up too. kikiseiiran always makes me feel pretty darn good too. Honestly I can’t list EVERYONE, but yeah I really appreciate all of you…Even if I have a problem with replying back sometimes lmao. Some of you probably don’t appreciate me the same, but it doesn’t matter. You should check out all their blogs and give em a follow also.

I know I don’t talk to some of you ALL the time, but you still mean a lot to me. You are some of the few people I can actually trust now on here and don’t make me feel awful 99% of the time. I don’t think I’ll ever make a follow forever even more now since tumblr gets worse and worse (but it was mostly because of Summertime), but this will do. I honestly don’t ever care if people break friendships with me now anyways, because I learned it’s better to break them off than feel like shit. Especially if it feels like they are going to do more harm than good to you.

At least y’all treat me well and I know you still like me at least a bit. Y’all could unfollow/delete me tomorrow and I wouldn’t even mind though. You really can’t follow EVERYONE and try to impress everyone, that’s half of some people’s problem on here…You will just get really sad and not feel like yourself. I don’t have any beef with anyone honestly so it’s no hard feelings when people do break mutuals. At least I don’t think I have beef with anyone lmao. We all lose some friends during our life though, that’s just the way things work. Eventually you might not click with some people anymore and that’s ok.

I appreciate all the people that still follow me that are iffy about anime blogs now too, even if I don’t reblog any weird stuff really lol.