yuri ntr

my feminist anime recs list!!!
  • obligatory sailor moon and utena 
  • Puella Mango Madoka Meduka. Gen Urobuchi, woke feminist icon and writer of hit series like fate/whatever and that one guro hentai vn, shows us that wanting things is bad and girls who do that deserve to die if you time travel enough times, your girlfriend might become a goddess uwu.
  • keijo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Body diversity galore! these girls are sexy and they own their body! If you’ve ever wanted a sports anime for girls look no further! Your ass and tits are strong and powerful in this feminist masterpiece. 
  • that one NTR yuri. This recent anime shows us that women own their sexuality and dont need men to be happy! This work is feminist and progressive because it shows us that even gay girls can NTR. you can watch it simulcasted on crumchmunch every week
  • dragon maid  a slice of life yuri anime of which we have never seen before, breaking down barriers with its romance between a dragon maid and a human office worker as they raise a gremlin together. also shows more sexy sexy ladies owning their bodies and not being shamed of it, the way their titties jiggle im pretty sure none of them wear bras so they probably burned them im so proud.

The preview for  Netsuzou TRap is out now! It looks really promising.

But I’m still nervous on the direction they will take with this series. What do you guys think?