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LGBT Representation in Anime

Is gay representation in anime good or bad? “Usually it’s great,” said the panelists of “That’s Gay! LGBT Representation in Anime,” a wife and wife team. “However, it can be pretty mixed.”

There is, and has always been, a lot more LGBT content in anime than there is in American media, but this isn’t as progressive as it sounds, explained panelist Judith Fisch. However, a lot of these LGBT anime characters fall into some tiresome tropes. Gay men can be portrayed as feminine and predatory. Gay women are considered to be going through “a phase.” And don’t get started on trans characters, who are often added purely for comedy.

Furthermore, gay representation is subtler than it would be in America. For examples, Japanese viewers of Yuri!!! On Ice perceived “Please be my coach forever,” as a marriage proposal. Meanwhile, American viewers didn’t see this as overtly as its creators intended. Blink and you’ll miss it!

The panel discussed problematic LGBT representations in anime before settling on some progressive modern recommendations. Here are a few to check out:

  • What Did You Eat Yesterday? A slice of life manga about a gay couple’s daily routine with a focus on what they cook and eat. Shiro and Kenji experience daily microaggressions and navigate life in modern Tokyo as gay men.
  • Yuri!!! on Ice. The panelists noted that this show aired in the middle of the night because it was perceived as almost too progressive.
  • Yuri Kuma Arashi. By the creator of Revolutionary Girl Utena, this artistic show plays with the stereotypes of “predatory” and “pure” lesbians—with literal bears and lilies.
  • Sasameki Koto. The straightforward story of a lesbian in high school who is closeted and another who is out. It’s a love story with a happy ending.
  • Wandering Son. A sympathetic story about a trans boy and a trans girl who become friends as they begin to come of age. 

(Screenshot via Yuri!!! On Ice.)

—Lauren, AB Staff Blogger


this is the reason this blog was made (that and @daddybek and @yuratchka-speaks and @beka-speaks )

-Everyone talks about how amazING skater’s butts are. This is true.
-but have you considered
-their thighs
-SPECIFICALLY YURA’S i mean look ballet already gives you strong ass thighs, adding ice skating in the mix?
-yes that is me screeching in the distance
-Yuri worked so hard to get his “teardrop” (the muscle in your thigh that becomes hella prominent if you constantly work at it) and i bet my entire ass that he wears tight jeans/tights/leggings to show off just how great his thighs are.
-oh, and otabek drools over them.
-he already loves everything about yuri (his hair, his abs, his neck-) but those thighs.
-he has ranted to his friends about how aMAZING THEY ARE and his friends tease him about it constantly
-oh boy oh boy, when yuri wears skirts/dresses? he nearly falls to his knees in defeat. he looks too good.
(small disclaimer^- clothes aren’t gendered and i’m a guy and love wearing dresses and skirts so :))
-yuri’s thighs are great


The last of the Anime Boston con vlogs is here, we means we shall be back to our regularly scheduled random but cosplay-related programming for a bit before my next con!

My Cosplay Lineup for Sunday
Yona (Yona of the Dawn)
Adult!Ice Fantasy AU Yuri Plisetsky (Yuri!!! On Ice AU by Istehlurvz)

Also a huge shout out to @istehlurvz for designing such cool AU versions of Yurio and Otabek! I had a lot of fun making Yurio come to life and I hope I did him justice. There will be more photos to come of these two of course, but for now I hope you all can enjoy the little bit of them that you can see in this vlog.

rosesnfeathers  asked:

Otabek, #7 please :)

7. Their tickle spots

Otabek isn’t ticklish. 

That’s what Yuri comes to believe and it frustrates him to no end. When Yuri first tried to tickle him the guy just eyed him dryly and asked: “What are you doing, Yura?” in that low voice of his. Yuri was pissed. How dare that stoic bastard not react? Yuri sulked and ignored him for the rest of the evening and Otabek wondered what the hell he did wrong. 

So Yuri thought he couldn’t get to Otabek that way until one time when they were making out, shirtless. Yuri was kissing his chest, letting his mouth travel down over Otabek’s abdomen and further. He had his hair loose and had to constantly push it back behind his ears. Just then a golden strand escaped, dragged lightly across Otabek’s stomach and Yuri noticed how Otabek’s abs contracted and the man let out a strangled sound. Yuri’s eyes shot up and saw Otabek pressing his lips together tightly, looking at the blond like he had been caught. 

So Yuri found out then to his delight that no, Otabek wasn’t ticklish, except for when Yuri’s hair swept across his abs. He started using this information against Otabek repeatedly and maliciously.

Thank you for asking! :)

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A look into Killing Stalking

The comic is an exageration of my first reaction to KS, it’s a bit how I felt when I read those posts saying YoI fandom is running to KS lol
I did read the story, I think it’s quite interesting and I look forward for the next chapters! But I think 1. It’s not comparable to YoI, in any aspect, and 2. This could never replace YoI for me. Specially when there’s people romanticizing the toxic relationship in KS. The only connection between them for me is how Killing Stalking took a bit of the spotlight after YoI ended, people looking for new stories and fandoms. Wich is great! But I can’t compare them.