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SNSD Reaction to: You Giving Them Your Jacket When It’s Cold

Taeyeon: giggles like an immature child. “what is this? do you think we’re in a drama or something?”

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Jessica: the wind is blowing her hair, as she tries vehemently to tame it while saying, “oh, for me? thank you” and feels so humbled and awed by your kindness

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Sunny: slips your coat on. “ta-dah! how does it look on me?”

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Tiffany: “are you trying to impress me?” she teases. “because it’s working”

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Hyoyeon: acts nonchalant but grateful. and don’t expect to ever get that jacket back. it’s warm & smells like you, so it’s hers forever. poor sica has to listen to her brag though

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Yuri: acts grateful and sweet and like the cutest little bean, overjoyed that her plan worked. you don’t know this, but she whispered her plan to the other girls earlier that day: “I’m going to pretend to be cold on our date and see if (y/n) gives me their jacket. that’s how I’ll know it’s meant to be”

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Sooyoung: “whoa ~ your jacket looks so good on me! I’m so pretty!”

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Yoona: dances around, splashing in puddles and acting adorable. “wow, it’s so comfy! are you sure you don’t me wearing it?” she loves how protected she feels in it. it makes her nerves tingle, making her want to dance even more

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Seohyun: strikes a pose. “I look good, right?”

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