Clear jumped slightly when the liquid was poured into his navel. It was cold and he hadn’t been expecting it to be. He took a deep breath and caught Noiz’s gaze for a moment. The determination there caused butterflies in his stomach to flare up, though he wasn’t sure why. Perhaps it was just the sheer intensity of the gaze. He wasn’t given much time to focus on it before Noiz moved.
The android gasped when Noiz’s warm lips met his skin and huffed out a small laugh.
“N-Noiz-san, that tickles” He murmured softly. All too soon it was over and Noiz was moving back.
Clear propped himself up on his elbows with a smile and tilted his head softly, curious.
“Do you have a dare for me, Noiz-san?”

Tickles? All he was doing was drinking from his navel? Well whatever; another thing he simply wouldn’t understand. It was rare for the strawberry-blonde to drink, and if he was honest with himself, he hadn’t quite eaten much that day –the hunger never struck him, it was pointless to eat when you weren’t hungry, right?

Either way, the strong alcohol made the room a little fuzzy. Noiz instantly disliked the disorientating haze that had washed over him. No more of that, then. But ah, yes, he was in company, and he had been playing this stupid little game with Clear. 

“One for you?” He questioned. “I’m meant to do that?” Well… why? What was the point- Oh never mind. He wouldn’t understand this either, and he resigned himself to that fact.

The blonde shrugged his shoulders, laying down casually to mirror Clear, wrapping fracture-crooked fingers around the neck of the sake bottle. “Do the same thing as I just did.” He wasn’t creative enough to think of anything new, nor could he be bothered to. At least he wouldn’t have to do much, though his navel piercing might make it a little difficult for Clear.

Ah well, not his problem.

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28. My muse will groom yours (Brushing hair, doing make up etc. for them)

“Really Clear, how did you even get your hair into this state?” The question was more rhetorical than anything as Aoba carefully continued to brush the strands of tangled white hair. Normally, the gas mask wearing individual didn’t seem to have much of an issue with the snow white tresses, but somehow the previously soft strands had become a mess, entangled with leaves and sticks as clumps stuck up in odd directions. 

This was going to take careful time and attention: Aoba didn’t want to hurt Clear unnecessarily. So with a fine comb, he continued to brush through the ends of the white locks as he gradually worked his way through sorting the mess. 


“Noiz-san, you’re so mean! Why are you doing this?” Clear had walked into his own home and then suddenly been manhandled into a chair by Noiz. Ordinarily, he would have been able to escape, but he had been so surprised and confused, the tech genius had already bound his torso to the chair. He didn’t understand what Noiz wanted or what he had done to deserve being tied up like that.

“Shut up.” Came a dull command. The constant complaining was beginning to get annoying, and Noiz’s brow furrowed slightly. The blonde had given the albino in the chair a wide berth, standing at a distance with hands in his pockets and an impassive expression. “If you don’t want to be there then get out.” He spurred again.