Voltron / The Little Mermaid crossover

Help me, y'all. Any time my kids watch a movie, I recast characters to fit Voltron. I need help.

Princess Ariel - Allura
Prince Eric - Takashi Shirogane
Ursula - Zarkon
Vanessa - Witch Haggar
King Triton - King Alfor
Sebastian - Keith Kogane
Flounder - Lance McClain
Scuttle - Pidge / Katie Holt
Flotsam - Sendak
Jetsam - Prorak
Grimsby - Hunk Garrett
Max - Rover
Chef Louis - Coran
Carlotta - Shay

So, the Heroes of Sandpoint followed the murderer Tsuto into the hidden tunnels beneath Sandpoint and discovered a strange citadel that seemed to have been lost to time.

Kiirn, the bard, was estatic at discovering what could be ruins dating back to the time of Ancient Thassilon and set to exploring and taking coal rubbings of the various runic etchings.

The encounter with Elyrium beneath Sandpoint was a hard fought battle but eventually the quasit was banished to the realm from whence it came.

Masterlist of Quotes I and Nippleburgler Find Funny From 80s Voltron

Episodes 1-5

  • “Kitty is pleased.” – Lord Zarkon, Destroyer of the Universe
  • “Nyeahh” – Pidge, Gremlin form
  • “We’re Space Explorers and we need space!” – Lance
  • “Let’s kiss Zarkon goodbye!” – Hunk
  • “Alright birdbrain, you’re grounded!” – Lance
  • “Besides, they wouldn’t hit somebody with glasses, would they?” – Pidge
  • “Got a cheese sandwich?” – Pidge
  • “Find out later—Zarkon’s attack squad is here” – Sven
  • “Hello (but with a bad Norwegian accent)” – Sven
  • “I’m so happy I don’t know whether to laugh or cry” – Pidge
  • “If they like rocks maybe they ate the key” *proceeds to touch under chin/neck area – Sven
  • “Those lions again? I thought robeast destroyed those big cats! They must have nine lives!” – Yurak (Sendak)
  • “Voltron!” – Shouted by all but not quite in sync
Yurak Unt.

So my D&D group were playing our second storyline, run by one of us who had never played before. Well we get the story started, killing off a bunch of zombies here and there in the middle of a circus. when I, a Goliath fighter by the name of Yurak Unt (often mistaken as me saying you’re a c*nt) climbs to the top of the ferris wheel where i see tents just toppling over and 2 large monsters stampeding towards us. i climb down, warn the others.

DM: You see two zombie ogres burst through all the tents.

Me: What are they wearing? (trying to determine what i can loot)

DM: all they’re wearing are overalls and wielding morning stars

Me:You mean they’re wearing ogre-alls *shit eating grin spreads on my face

DM:…..Fucking meteor crashes into you all. you’re all dead.

A second part to this campaign was a bit further down, we came across 5 pedestals, DM going through everyone
Dm: this one has your name, that one has your name. *points to me when i interrupt*

Me:Mine just says “you’re a c*nt”

anonymous asked:

I'm doubtful of Half Galran Keith because of Lotor. Lotor was Zarkon's Half Drule(Galran), Half Arusian(Altean) son from the original, who appears in all other continuities? I don't see the series having two unrelated Half Galrans, unless Keith is Lotor's brother, or IS the series versions of Lotor. Lotor is a major character who appears in all versions of the series in a major role, he's like the shredder of Voltron, you can't have Voltron without Lotor. He's confirmed for VLD.

A plot element in Golion was Daibazaal(Zarkon equivalent) enslaved a woman from Altea as his concubine, having Sincline(equivalent to Lotor) with her, when she pleaded for him to pardon some women & kid slaves, Daibazaal killed her. Sincline had no memory of his mother aside from vague dreams, but it was implied his attraction to Fala(JP Allura) was somehow rooted in her resemblance to his mom. This was cut in Voltron due to cultural differences between US & Japan on acceptable entertainment.

Though fandom often compare Galrans to cats, this isn’t the case in Golion, DOTU, or VLD. While Sendak has fur, & pointed ears, this doesn’t apply to many other Galrans who display features like Horns, scales, ridges, & such, even in VLD. Sendak/Sadak’s character model also compares his ears to a bat. It seems Galrans have traits based off of animals, people consider creepy, or are culturally associated with"Evil.“

Golion’s artists probably just thought, Daibazaal(Zarkon) needs to look powerful & resilient, so we’ll give him reptilian traits. Sendak is savage, & alert, so lets give him fur, & batlike ears. Many other galrans have different features as well. Speaking of Sendak, his name was spelled Sadak in the Golion subs, & the Voltron dub called him Yurak. He looks almost exactly the same in VLD as his original version, only differing in his robotic arm being bigger, & more prominent in VLD.

This is very informative, and there’s a lot to unpack here, so I guess I’ll just go in order. (I’m assuming these were meant to go together, even with the lack of numbering in the asks.)

This gets kinda long, but read more on mobile is busted, so I had to take it out. (Spoilers Ahead)

1. Regarding Keith as sibling of or as VLD’s Lotor.

While there’s been no official confirmation (that I’ve seen, link it to me if you’ve got a source) of Lotor as an independent character in VLD, he is likely to appear in some form or fashion. I’ve briefly touched on that here, but I’m up for going a bit deeper. 

Keith very well could be this series’ incarnation of Lotor. 

Visually, they’re somewhat similar, but that’s not much of a basis for theory. It mostly just says they’re both pretty, in very similar ways. However, they both share the characteristic anger and the tendencies to go into rage. Keith is also the only Paladin to fight with a sword, a favored weapon of the Galra, and Lotor in particular in the original series. They’re also both prodigies, Lotor militarily, and Keith as a pilot. 

Keith’s parentage is very open, his bio only stating he’s an orphan, and even then not detailing anything else about the missing/late parents. It wouldn’t take much manipulation at all to make it fit within the bounds set by the past Lotor’s parentage. 

I would also like to see what the writers could do with Keith as Lotor’s brother (half, adopted, full, whatever the case may be).

Family has been a huge theme in VLD, and Keith’s hasn’t even been touched on. Separating the team gives the writers a lot of room to work with. I’ve said before that Lotor could be invaluable with ‘helping’ Keith with his possible Galran identity, and could use this to later undermine his ties with the team or betray them. 

There’s just so much potential, that, speaking from a writer’s perspective, I don’t see why Lotor’s existence would diminish the possibility for Galra Keith. Even if they’re not directly related, who’s to say that Lotor wouldn’t use their similarities to his advantage. 

Another thing to consider is that not everything perfectly mirrors past shows, this is a reboot and the writers can twist and combine and remake characters as they please. They’ve already made significant changes, such as with Pidge, as well as the Black Lion and its Paladin(s). 

2. Comparing Galra to cats.

I agree that the fandom does fixate on this, which, while cute, does disappoint me slightly. My initial idea of what Galra Keith would look like was very close to Lotor (though I didn’t know who he was at the time) just with dark purple fur colored hair. The cat idea sprung up likely because it’s cute, and it’s similar to the appearance of who could be Keith’s potential father, Thace: 

For variety’s sake, here are some other Galra commanders, including Sendak, Prorok, the ‘weakness’ commander, and the squad that Zarkon calls on in the final confrontation. 

From the side, Sendak looks like a particularly fluffy mouse or chinchilla (which aren’t too different from bats), while the other commanders look like owls, apes, cats, and some sort of fish people. Zarkon in particular, is indeed very reptilian. 

I give props to the design team for making them diverse within their own species, and it raises a whole horde of questions about how the Galran race works. 

Design-wise, they are meant to look ‘evil’, hence the dark coloring, creepy glowing eyes, etc., but that doesn’t mean all of the Galra are inherently evil. Writers tend to explore the grey areas of dark societies, which I have little doubt VLD will at one point address, or has already begun to address with Thace’s actions in the final episode. Writing off characters as villainous just because of where they come from is boring and old-school. Relating to the ‘evil’ characters, like this dude:

opens up more room to world-build and explore redemption possibilities. Particularly, if Keith does end up being part Galra, the door flies wide open to look more closely at this.