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Have you already seen this yoi official calendar? I mean that page with otapliroy :3 ALL THREE OF THEM NEXT TO EACH OTHER OH MY GAWD IT GIVES ME LIFE! Otabek's hand around Yuri's neck and his other hand obviously around JJ's waist (OR on his butt~ ) Beka and JJ both dressed in black! Yura and JJ both wearing crosses! OT3 is so CANON I can't anymore--

Beka touch the butt, its canon

My soul was saved with that calendar art and jj looks so good like wtf pls jj let me live a peaceful life wow

HC of the day:

When Yura and Beka are in their mid to end twenties they make it a tradition to go and watch all kinds of musicals, operas and ballets.
Yura would rant about the bad form of the dancers and Beka would just sit there and listen to the music.
He would have introduced him to rock and metal operas early on in their friendship and take him to all kinds of concerts while Yura takes him to different dance classes while they are together.

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omg your audios keep getting better and better!! this one is definitely my new favorite. i love how comfortable beka and yura seemed with each other in this last one, yuri just casually talking about stuff in the middle of making out and laughing and just little real things like that!! it was super sweet and super hot at the same time, you're amazing :')

Yuri talking about Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die” music video reblog if you agree

But seriously aaahhhh thank you so so much!!!

"Under the Blanket" - Lee Hye-ri

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“Oh! My! Gosh!” Sojin yelled from across the dorm living room, “can you two just get a room already?!” A flying pillow brought you and Hyeri out of your tickle-fighting session and back to the dorms where all members and a few of your close friends were sitting, watching the two of you giggling, whining and clearly having too much fun to notice all pairs of eyes were on you two. “Yah, Unnie, leave them to have their fun.” Your best friend wriggled her eyebrows suggestively towards you. You threw the pillow at them, which they blocked and threw a smirk back in your direction. It was silent for a moment until Yura spoke up, “Why don’t you guys just confess your undying love for each other so you can stop hiding your feelings, WHICH ARE VERY CLEAR AT THE MOMENT.” The room burst into fits of giggles, including you and Hyeri, who were now curled up on the sofa together. However, Yura had a point, you did have a crush on Ms Lee Hye-ri and you have for a while. Ever since your best friend introduced the two of you, as cliche as it sounds, it was love at first sight, you’d become inseparable, but you’d always thought she only likes you in a ‘friendly’ way.  "The cute ones are never gay,“ is what your friends said once you told them about your crush. You really liked Hyeri, a lot, you just also had trouble with expressing your feelings which didn’t help the situation, at all. The chat began to flow in the room and the attention of Hyeri and you soon faded. Which you two didn’t mind as you were too busy snuggling under the blanket while watching the others laugh and joke. “Hey guys, who wants a game of truth or dare?” Minah suggested grinning, while the others groaned, “are we in 3rd grade?” asked another one of your friends. “Wait it’s a good idea, we don’t play games like this anymore!” Hyeri childishly exclaimed, sitting up properly, much to your demise and comfort, you were now forced to sit up too yet you two still sat closely together. The group began playing, you and Hyeri commenting on some answers and laughing at the ‘awkward’ questions. “Hyeri, truth or dare?” Sojin asked the maknae. “Truth.” She replied, with a hint of uncertainty. Without hesitation, Sojin asked, “Do you have a crush on Y/N?” The room went silent prior to it’s earlier of shouting “GET IT” and other sexual ‘slurs’ you didn’t dare repeat. But now the group and yourself were focused on the once short haired girl. You glanced to your right where she was sitting, she wore a burning red face and she pulled the blanket up further to cover up her face. “Yah! Unnie why’d you ask that?” Hyeri now fully under the blanket, whining at Sojin for asking such a question. You looked at the other girls with a ‘wtf’ face. Your best friend motioned for you to go under the blanket (it was weird). You dipped your head under the blanket to see Hyeri covering her face with her face, “You okay?” You asked quietly, even though there was no point, the entire room was quiet, waiting for Hyeri’s answer. “I’m just embarrassed that’s all.” “Why?” You asked, somewhat fearful of her answer in case the answer was negative and broke your heart. “Well I don’t want you to be, I don’t know, weirded out with what I was gonna say,” she trailed off, “what were you gonna–” “I like you Y/N.” She turned her head to see you properly, your faces millimetres apart. “You wh–” “I really like you Y/N.” “Hyeri I get-” “Y/N?” “Yes Hye-” “I really like you.” “I get it-” “WE ALL GET IT!” Presumably, Sojin exclaimed followed by many telling her to “shut up.” You sat in the silence for a moment, taking it into account that your crush liked you back like really liked you back. “I-um-you really like me back?” “WERE YOU NOT LIS-” “SOJIN SHUT UP!” The fighting ceased and Hyeri nodded her head and you breathed a sign of relief. “If you don’t like me back that’s fi-” You cut her off. Specifically with a kiss. A soft one, your lips molded perfectly together, it was perfect. Suddenly your ‘blanket shield’ was torn down by, of course, Sojin. The light of the room blinded you as your lips parted and, yet again, all eyes were on you pair. “Well, it TOOK you long enough!”  Your best friend called out following everyone in the room to nod their heads. Hyeri looked at you. You looked at her. You both smiled at each other, knowing this would be the start of your ever-blossoming relationship. - Admin Magic