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This is....exciting
  • <p> <b>Joseph:</b> I love pastel!<p/><b>2p England:</b> *gasp* I love pastel too!<p/><b>Joseph:</b> *gasp* A-And Baking?!<p/><b>2p England:</b> Yes! Yes! Baking!!<p/><b>Joseph:</b> Omg!! Yes!! Twins!!<p/><b>2p England:</b> No...sadly.<p/><b>Joseph:</b> What? Why no?<p/><b>2p England:</b> Well, in addition to being a pro baker and a pastel lover, I also happen to kill people in my free time.<p/><b>Joseph:</b> Omg, dude, I'm a cult leader and I kill people, too!! *<*<p/><b>
  • 2p England: </b> ommmmmggg America would be so freaked out if he saw us!!<p/><b>Joseph:</b> What's he like?<p/><b>2p England:</b> Brooding and has too many leather jackets.<p/><b>Joseph:</b> Omg! Yes! There's a brooding, dark, leather jacket wearing man in my life too!! His name is Robert and he's a butt.<p/><b>2p England:</b> ooommmmmmmgggggg *>*<p/><b>Joseph:</b> oooooooommmmmmgggg *<*<p/><b>Both:</b> oooooooommmmmmmggggg<p/><b>Narrator:</b> They became best baking buddies and their fandoms completely ignored this coincidence for the rest of eternity.<p/></p>

ugh I have a big test tomorrow and it’s really throwing off my whole eating plan. It’s at a really weird time and I don’t know how long I’ll be there and my mom will probably want to take me out to dinner to celebrate after.

normally if I know we’re going out for dinner I’ll fast all day but I feel like I can’t do that bc I need energy to take my test and I don’t know how much I should eat. maybe I’ll just have a protein bar right before?? Anyway I literally fantasize what it’s like to not have to worry about how much you eat.

“You know- there might just be something good out of being here.” Jean perked up at the sight of the rows of books, all seemingly brand new. “I can’t even recall seeing all of them new-” she spoke, looking over the shelves, trying to find her first target to forget about the upcoming hell. “-I bet most of the pages aren’t even ripped out.”

I am just one of many who feel personally attacked by this character and his design :I;;;;  enjoyed adorable Dream Daddy, and I have always been incredibly awed & inspired by Shanen/epsee’s artwork, so this is that put together ^-^

I want to message you, but I know you won’t message me back.
—  What have we become?//kayla