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Your overlords is great, I love it, it's so angsty and heartbreaking :'( Poor Thor, he suddenly has what he always wanted but for years thought he would never have, but in the worst possible way :'(

Thank you so much <3

And yupppp Thor is hurting way beyond what Loki’s POV showed us.

How Ryden Probably Broke Up #23

Brendon: Hey Ryan give me a hand with this bottle, I can’t open it.

Ryan: Hah you’re so weak.

Brendon: lol true

Brendon: Ryan I can’t figure out this math riddle thing help me.

Ryan: It’s 28 Brendon you’re so dumb.

Brendon: yupppp

Brendon: Ryan can you kill that spider please.

Ryan: Wow you’re so unmanly.


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This just shows they take pap pics of who they want. Bebe Rexha was there and there is no indication of that on the pap pics. I'm pretty sure they didnt want her to be photographed so it's a surprise his single is ft her. Meanwhile the beard brought her stunt dog with her, wore her jacket to promote the brand, cause she knew she was getting papped

yup yupppp

remember when i said i made more overwatch dance vids???? yupppp here’s one of them i really liked. the others im redoing entirely or fixing some things. XD 

i also tried to make this a bit shippy by putting some characters next to each other in some parts. i’ll tag them just for some clarity. this is also a bit old since i got most event skins since i finished this :T 

enjoy  ( ゚ヮ゚)

"MOVIE NIGHT" Nct Dream Imagine

Nct Dream x reader

Group; nct, NCT dream of course

Genre; fluff, tiny bit of angst if you squint

Words; 1418


Notes; thanks for request my dude. Hope you enjoy! I changed it so it was all of NCT dream, and not just Haechan. Also, I didn’t use an actual movie, I just made one up.


Summary; watching a movie with the dreamies? What could go wrong! Except for the fact they chose a horror movie, unbeknownst to you.


At first, the night started out calm. The sun was a half circle now, setting below the horizon, and the breeze swept a nice autumn scent around your figure. As the fading sun continued to set, you huddled your jacket closer to your body, as you took noticed to the excited shouts coming from inside the house, and knocked on the brown front-door. It was your weekly movie night with the boys, and you were excited like always.

“SHE’S HERE!!!” You could hear the padding of running feet, pretty sure the sound of Renjun pushing Jisung into the wall. Then finally, the lock clicked, and the door flung open and a grin broke out onto your face as multiple people hurdled towards you to throw their arms around you. You laughed as you walked in after being let go, and greeted the excited boys one by one. Settling yourself on the couch, you turned to Haechan who was siting next to you, and asked the question on your mind.

“So what are we watching?” You asked.

“You’ll see.” He looked at you from the corner of his eye, grinning as he licked his lips, suddenly seeming mischievous, but you brushed it off as him just trying to get you riled up.

You continued to chat with Donghyuck, as you could hear the other dreamies bickering from the kitchen, trying to make popcorn as Renjun fought with them, complaining about their behaviors. Mark was trying to take control over making the popcorn but Jisung kept taking the bag from his hands, Chenle was trying to find the butter, Jeno was searching through the freezer for ice cream, and Haechan moved to sitting on the floor trying to find the movie. You tried to peer over his shoulder, but you couldn’t see the DVD.

Finally, the other boys strutted out from the kitchen with bowls full of popcorn and ice cream. Of course, Jeno was hogging the ice cream, and the two youngest were keeping the popcorn to themselves, but nonetheless, Haechan started the movie, turned off the lights, and plopped back down beside you, unto the gray couch.

“So what is this movie about?” You asked

“Shhhh. You’ll see.” Renjun replied.

“So I don’t get to know what movie I’m watching?” You faced him.

“Shut up!” Jisung said, reaching over and slapping your arm as you giggled, slapping him back and quieting down.

The beginning movie sent a gleam around the room as the eerie music reached your ears. The screen was black until a girl suddenly popped into view and you jumped slightly, punching Haechan softly as he began to laugh at your freight. You groaned as the opening screen only got creepier. All you could see was red on the TV, and your body only grew more tense and more tense.

“Ummm, guys what movie is this?” You asked shakily and unsure, arching your back as the girl on the TV continued to scream. The boys around you only chuckled and gave you mocking looks, tauntingly asking if you were scared as they ignored your request for the movie title.

“Guys, seriously.” And yet again, your statement went unacknowledged, and instead they told you to be quiet again. Not wanting to be embarrassed anymore, you sunk further into the couch, and weakly watched the tv, your expression contorted in uncomfortableness and you scowled, grabbing a pillow to hide your face in.

It got to the point where you were lamely holding onto both Jeno and Haechan sleeves tightly, as they only snickered. You could see the movie was also getting to the younger dreamies, but they were still handling this situation better than you. You continued to bicker about the movie and ask questions, but it only made the boys more annoyed.

It was toward the middle of the movie when you really had a problem. The movie had already proved to be a gory one, and the screen that was playing out before your eyes was probably the worst one. Your stomach churned, your eyes began to burn, your chest tightened, and your mouth parted in a small gasp full of fear. The blood on the TV screen was everywhere and overwhelming. The scene was extremely gory and you felt sick, the kinda sick where something catches you off guard in an upsetting way, leaving you distraught as you try to get away.

You lunged your face into your pillow as you screamed, “Turn it off! Turn the TV off now!” You covered your head with your arms, hearing as the movie was paused and the boys voices raised. The sound of the boys getting up and walking to you could be heard as you continued to wheeze into the pillow, embarrassed by how pathetic you felt.

Jeno and Haechan scooted closer to you as Haechan placed his hand onto the small of your back and rubbed gently. Jeno grabbed your hands, and multiple people sat on the floor next to you, placing their hands onto your knees. Someone came behind you and placed their hands onto your shoulders, playing with your hair. All of them were asking if you were okay.

“If I was okay, would I have my face buried in a pillow?” Your quiet and soft voice came out, muffled by the pillow, and Jisung tried to pull it away. The other boys cooed at you, as Haechan and Jeno cuddled into you, calling you a baby.

You threw your pillow across the room at the name calling, stood up; stepping over the confused boys asking you questions as you padded to the bathroom, immediately turning on the tap as you sighed and washed your face.

Haechan suddenly bolted into the room and tackled you in a hug, almost knocking you over in the process. Jisung was next to come into the room and throw his arms around Haechan’s shoulders, and your neck. Then Mark come in, grinning wildly as he back hugged you. Renjun came and hugged your other side and Jeno hugged you over him. Jaemin was basically hanging over everyone to get to you and Chenle was hugging you from your front. You were basically suffocating in affection.

“Guys. My face is still wet.”

“Shut up, you’re a baby and you need comforting.”

You groaned, rolling your eyes as you complained. You couldn’t even move your arms they were squeezing you too hard. You were still kinda embarrassed by the fact you got freaked out by a movie, but nonetheless, you appreciated the lovely attention.

“I’m sorry! I should have told you the movie, and asked if you were okay with it! I’m so sorry!!”

“You’re so cute sometimes. I can’t believe you got so scared.”

“Y/N you scared ME for a second! I thought you were having a heart attack!”

“You’re a baby Y/N. Just accept it.”

“We will get you ice cream, and coffee, and tea, and pizza, and candy, and ramen and anything you like! We’re sorry!”

“The scene really wasn’t that bad….”

“We should have stuck to our Disney marathon.”

After all the drama that happen, they eventually let you go and started to treat you as if you’d break, waiting on you hand and foot and if you were honest, it was getting a little annoyed. They wouldn’t leave you alone. The movie was now turned off, and you all settled for just some quality time.

Your scare was their fault in the first place, but they were slowly but surely making it up to you. That night you all agreed; no more horror movies.

You smiled, laying in the comfort of the warmth of your best friends, eating ice cream and slipping drinks, absolutely loving your life. Your conversations lasted until 1:00 AM, and as everyone nearly fell asleep on the floor, you kissed their foreheads as goodbyes, telling them to go to their beds. Seeing as they sluggishly made their way up the stairs, you walked out the door, saying goodbye one more time as they mumbled at you, and you safety walked home. Shortly after you called a taxi, seeing as your legs fell asleep before you, and got home faster. You fell asleep with a smile on your face, thinking of your amazing friends, who also scared you senseless, but you loved them anyways.

NT Moments - ENTJ Secrets (part 2)
  • (part 1: http://eilamona.com/post/157335326342)
  • INTP: With ENTJs, you play the fact that they have horrible memory.
  • mr-entj: Why do you have to tell everyone our deep dark secret!? I have introduced myself 3-4 times to the same person. I'll recall a situation completely incorrectly but be so convinced it was correct.
  • INTP: Yupppp happens ALL the time with The ENTJ.
  • mr-entj: I can't date a Ti-dom, memory is too good. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
  • INTP: I got him some ginkgo supplements, and he wanted a refund because it’s obviously not working.
  • mr-entj: LOL I agree.
  • INTP: The other day, he got so excited to tell me a theory he came up with. And I told him, this is the 3rd time you "came up" with this, and you got excited every time.
  • mr-entj: Hey.
  • mr-entj: Hey.
  • mr-entj: Leave us alone.
  • mr-entj: I've told the same fantastic joke 5 times.
  • mr-entj: It's still fantastic the 5th time.
  • mr-entj: It will be fantastic the 6th time.
  • mr-entj: And the 7th.
  • mr-entj: And the 8th.
  • INTP: HAHAHAHA Good for you!

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axca is a pretty interesting character to me especially because we don't really know all that much about her except her and keith have been shown as parallels multiple times now. I have this like wild theory that axca might be half human and her and keith might be related

yupppp i think she’s his sister

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I'm definitely think Archie really likes Veronica, but the way he's reacting to Bughead this episode wasn't just him 'wanting to be that' for Ronnie. I don't think he has ill intentions, but this, including the whole think with Fred, will surely cause a rift between archieronnie. & there's a lot of ways the writers can use this to develop Barchie next season + with how ambiguous things are left with Bughead, I think this could lead to some serious development in the Jughead/Veronica friendship.

Yupppp. The whole “wanting to be that (soulmate)” stuff Archie spewed was a load of crap (whether conscious or not). The show is definitely going to explore Barchie in some degree at least for season 2. I’ve always pretty much believed they would, and the season finale set the stage and got the wheels turning for that to eventually happen