Crossing Paths

Prompt: AU where the reader passes the same cute guy every morning on her run. A little too enthusiastic, she trips and falls, and guess who comes to her aid?

Character: Sam x Reader
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 2.5k
Warnings: Language, smut, rough/dirty talking Sam (this guy is nuts, I love it), mentions of blood.

A/N: Yupppp, another Sam one. I just felt like he was a better fit ;) Don’t forget to leave me some feedback, I’d love to hear from you guys!!

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(since it’s his birthday) MARK APPRECIATION POST

Mark Tuan aka the guy who never talks too long, he’s the quiet one. I’m really glad that he talks alot now and he shows his affection to his dongsaengs (yupppp SKINSHIP, HE DOES MORE SKINSHIP NOW)  He’s a reliable hyung, he may look like he doesn’t give a damn about being the hyung of the group but he actually cares more than anyone. He sometimes act really childish but he’s the sweetest most of the time. You may also thought that he’s the kind of guy who isn’t close with his family, but it’s the total opposite.  He is a caring son brother and friend (ohh i also love his family , they are really adorable especially papa tuan haha). He’s really playful when it comes to ahgases. He does aegyo (cringe-worthy aegyos) but most of time he makes us fall for him more. He expresses his self more now and that’s a good thing. He’s a hardworking boy who dreams big despite being away with his family. He improves every time. Mark you’re almost there, never give up and keep that passion alive! FIGHTING!


anonymous asked:

That's what I don't understand though? this was someone Aaron was paranoid over, he's in prison cause of his paranoia wtf is wrong with ED and their level of cruelty? for fucks sake, it's not even upsetting, it's boring. There could have been so many different ways to go but bloody IM and his 'Robron can come back from anything. I just don't understand the point of the storyline? All the speeches about trust? It's just rubbish.


yupppp 100% agree with you, it’s just unnecessarily cruel and doesn’t show any sort of lesson learnt from what has happened. aaron punched kasim because he was jealous of robert and rebecca and had major paranoia issues, how to fix that? let robert sleep with her whilst he serves time. there’s just no progression whatsoever.

saying ‘robron can survive anything’ is cute on the surface but fgs is it everyday prove that by chucking more and more angst on top of them for no good reason ???


taphappy52  asked:

3, 20, 23, 26, 29

3: do you have any unusual kinks or fetishes? Not really, im into a fair amount of stuff but nothing tooooo weird. I dont wanna list all my kinks tho, that’ll be too long lmao

20: if you could have sex with anyone right now, who would it be? My girlfriend

23: have you ever sent someone a dirty text or picture? Yupppp.

26 & 29: already answered in my previous post!