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This just shows they take pap pics of who they want. Bebe Rexha was there and there is no indication of that on the pap pics. I'm pretty sure they didnt want her to be photographed so it's a surprise his single is ft her. Meanwhile the beard brought her stunt dog with her, wore her jacket to promote the brand, cause she knew she was getting papped

yup yupppp

How Ryden Probably Broke Up #23

Brendon: Hey Ryan give me a hand with this bottle, I can’t open it.

Ryan: Hah you’re so weak.

Brendon: lol true

Brendon: Ryan I can’t figure out this math riddle thing help me.

Ryan: It’s 28 Brendon you’re so dumb.

Brendon: yupppp

Brendon: Ryan can you kill that spider please.

Ryan: Wow you’re so unmanly.


NT Moments - ENTJ Secrets (part 2)
  • (part 1: http://eilamona.com/post/157335326342)
  • INTP: With ENTJs, you play the fact that they have horrible memory.
  • mr-entj: Why do you have to tell everyone our deep dark secret!? I have introduced myself 3-4 times to the same person. I'll recall a situation completely incorrectly but be so convinced it was correct.
  • INTP: Yupppp happens ALL the time with The ENTJ.
  • mr-entj: I can't date a Ti-dom, memory is too good. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
  • INTP: I got him some ginkgo supplements, and he wanted a refund because it’s obviously not working.
  • mr-entj: LOL I agree.
  • INTP: The other day, he got so excited to tell me a theory he came up with. And I told him, this is the 3rd time you "came up" with this, and you got excited every time.
  • mr-entj: Hey.
  • mr-entj: Hey.
  • mr-entj: Leave us alone.
  • mr-entj: I've told the same fantastic joke 5 times.
  • mr-entj: It's still fantastic the 5th time.
  • mr-entj: It will be fantastic the 6th time.
  • mr-entj: And the 7th.
  • mr-entj: And the 8th.
  • INTP: HAHAHAHA Good for you!

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I'm definitely think Archie really likes Veronica, but the way he's reacting to Bughead this episode wasn't just him 'wanting to be that' for Ronnie. I don't think he has ill intentions, but this, including the whole think with Fred, will surely cause a rift between archieronnie. & there's a lot of ways the writers can use this to develop Barchie next season + with how ambiguous things are left with Bughead, I think this could lead to some serious development in the Jughead/Veronica friendship.

Yupppp. The whole “wanting to be that (soulmate)” stuff Archie spewed was a load of crap (whether conscious or not). The show is definitely going to explore Barchie in some degree at least for season 2. I’ve always pretty much believed they would, and the season finale set the stage and got the wheels turning for that to eventually happen

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Okey let me get this straight: so when Sana called Yousef he was LITERALLY already there??? Or were they somewhere else entirely? Also, love yousef's face when elias says he got rejected, he's like "no wtf r u talking about *in denial*"



Namjoon refusing to wear a jacket outside, claiming that it isn’t that cold and that it’ll ruin his outfit. You try to persuade him by sliding his sleeves through his arms. As you’re adjusting the collar, you step forward, right in the crook of his neck and kiss him there and whisper why it’s important for him to wear a jacket. He’s all flustered and blushing, but finally agrees.

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What do you think of; Bethany Young = Cece Drake Cece could have been just using "Charles" story to cover for him. Everyone is all "Bethany can't be Spencer's twin coz she's blonde" but what if cece is bethany? Ezra is Charles & if there is a 'twincer' she's on the A team, hence why the airport scene was so awkward?

Yupppp I’ve theorized about this before.

CeCe’s whole storyline makes ZERO sense to me.