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And then there were two... (Open rp)

This time you get to choose who you rp with))

Whitney walked through the trees, holding the torch at arms length, trying to see through the dark even if she only could see with her left eye. Noises and voices were heard and her head had a sharp throbbing pain but she pressed on, hoping to get some where safe and soon.

Bianca ((the poor mun who was tossed into the game as well)) was busy trying to warm herself up by the fire. She had her compound bow and refused to let it out of her lap for a second. She groaned loudly when she felt her stomach complain, knowing she couldn’t starve out here. “God dammit. Umm… Whitney always has food here.” She mumbled before snagging food out of the ice box.

YOu aint going to like this…Its a large brown spider thats known for being quite aggressive..most spiders will just chill in their webs or whatever and wait for food to come to them…these “hunt” and will approach anything..even humans..but the WORST thing they are known for…the female ones carry their babies on its back..if you see one heavy with babies you cannot try to squash it becasue the second you do.. hundreds of spiders will go everywhere..you have to capture it and let it die naturally. I would know…i tried to kill a mother and it was like a nightmare..hundreds of babies went everywhere i was A WRECK..i was up all hours that night killing/looking for babies

see dat..its not fuzz..


Guess what I figured out how to do!

Resize gifs.

Feel free to use these. (They’re kinda cruddy anyway, so I don’t see why anyone would use them but…)

Also, at this point I would not be offended if you decided to blacklist the tag “kent mansley” or “the iron giant” to avoid all of my yammering about both subjects.

Well that’s all, so carry on you beautiful person, you!

Ja-eet? -So what the heck does “ja-eet?” mean? It means “Did you eat?” People from other states might shorten that to just “Didja eat?” but that’s still not acceptable to a Michigander. Another one, very similar to this is “imunna” which means “I am going to.”

The letter “A” as in “car” is a kind of light ee-yeah sound. If you’re familiar with diacritical marks, it would be kind of like ēă, but much lighter and less noticeable.
Crayons are crēăns (similar sounding to “crans”).
Dad is dēăd (again, only a slight difference from “dad”.)

The long “e” sound, like the “i” in “mirror” is a bit longer and really nasally. Also, we don’t waste our time with the “or” in “mirror”, so it’s just “meer.” Make it really nasally, though.

Cleaning up 64s’ blog!

I have a lot of things on her blog, some spam, some posts that didn’t exactly go anywhere-
So I decided I’m going to clean it out a bit along with her ask box. Make things a bit more professional looking.

So please feel free to send her new asks and again, bare with me while I clean things out a bit. I am a changed person I swear, no spam this time.

half of singing is making weird noises to make your vocal chords get used to a certain technique and the other half is trying to maintain that while adding your own unique spin on the notes 

I have weird thoughts at four in the morning.

So you know how everyone says that legitimate gay relationships between characters don’t exist on Network TV shows, at least not with the main characters…

And of course that’s correct. Our mainstream television can easily back that up.

However, I think we’re forgetting Heroes. You know, that awesome show on NBC featuring people with abilities and whatnot….

And y'all remember Claire right? The indestructible cheerleader? And I know I’m right in assuming that she started off the first three season of the show as a character who was portrayed as “straight”, right?

However, when we get to the fourth season, we see Claire branching out, we see her interact with another girl, and we see her fall for her. We get to see the lead up, the eventual romance, and all the feels in between and NBC did that.

They gave us a gay relationship, with a main character, who was originally portrayed as heterosexual.

I think that’s really cool, and it makes me sad to think that Heroes is the only show that decided to cross that line.