yuppadeedooper replied to your post2 (almost 3) AM loneliness

I’m so touched to have inspired your writing on some level. It means more than you know. This is beautiful work.

i’m glad you’re happy about it; i was afraid you may think i was stealing a concept or something. and thank you so much; i seem to think and write better late at night/early in the morning. your words inspire me quite a bit though; all of your work is beautiful. continue to write. i don’t know what i’d do without it.

I always think to myself that I wish I had a constant in my life; something steadfast. This morning I watched my best friend since the age of ten graduate college amidst white folding chairs and a canopy of oak trees and I realized that she’s been it all along. Congratulations, Jess; these past twelve years are just the beginning.