yupp this is happening

What happen?

Okay, i shall just post this up since everyone is asking me what has happened to me. Also it’s to clear the air too~

Last week, i met someone from tumblr. We cuddle, did some foreplay and this is what happen -

I was just bj-ing him and he deep throat me.
Second time, he deep throat me again. He push it down but it was too much for me. I backed out a bit, he still continue pushing it down.
* p/s : I’m totally okay to deep throat but there’s a limited to it.

I just stop bj-ing and told him “I’m done”. I just started tearing up and cried…

While i was crying, he was just lying down there and was still fapping on and off behind me. He did ask me why am i crying but i was just so speechless on how insensitive this guy was.
Like i got no words or can’t even reply him at all. (Yes, i did end up replying him and ya just bits and pieces)

After that, he still can ask me - can we just continue and finish this?

My mind just goes wtf, and just replied him - didn’t i say I’m done already?

I just changed, went wash up my face and leave.
( he was also giving me attitude to me, like urgh )

I’m not going to say who is it, just don’t want any drama. I have also block him off here alr…

So yupp, this is what happen. You guys may think its maybe nothing but ya, i’m still quite hurt on how this guy is a big ass jerk and just care for his d.

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25 Lams with ALL OF THE FEELS!!!

So remember how I said I’d write angst before going to bed? Well, YUPP. THIS HAPPENED. Thank you for this gift of an angst prompt!!! I hope you all enjoy ;) (Want me to write you a lil fic, too? Choose a prompt from the old list or new one and just let me know which list you used!)

“My nightmares are usually about losing you.”

Alexander was tossing in his sleep again. It always started out as just a twitch or a tremor, but quickly worked its way up to an arm flailing or a leg kicking, before escalating to him clawing at the air, jumbled, senseless phrases pouring from his lips.

Laurens used to wake up only when Alexander had reached the final and worst stage of his nightmares, but now he woke up at the first twitch of his boyfriend’s body. After over a year of sharing a bed in the apartment they’d started renting during their sophomore year of college, he was attuned to Alexander.

That night, Laurens had been stirred from his sleep by Alex’s foot lightly kicking his own and a tiny gasp escaping from his mouth. He gently shook his boyfriend’s shoulder, but Alex didn’t stir. Sometimes it took a moment.

Laurens watched his boyfriend’s face. Initially peaceful, his face began to twitch and scrunch up, as if he smelled something repugnant. After a moment it returned to a neutral expression, before quickly transforming into one of terror, Alex reaching his arms out as if he were trying to grab at something.

“No, no!” he cried.

“Alex, baby,” Laurens tried again, shaking his boyfriend’s shoulder with more force this time. Alexander still didn’t wake up.

Just when Laurens was beginning to feel frantic, Alex’s features calmed again. Laurens breathed a sigh of relief, thinking maybe the storm had passed. He settled down next to Alex again, looping an arm around his boyfriend’s torso.

That’s when Alexander screamed.

Laurens bolted up and watched as Alex screamed and twitched, his legs moving as if he were trying to run. It was clear the storm had not passed–– they’d simply been in its eye.

Laurens couldn’t afford to care about being gentle anymore. Alex’s mind wasn’t being gentle to him. He had to wake him up.

“Alexander!” Laurens shouted, straddling his boyfriend and shaking him hard by both shoulders. “Baby, please wake up!”

Alex began to whimper, then his eyes fluttered open. He sleepily took in Laurens for a moment, before his eyes widened, tears filling them.

“Baby,” Laurens said, moving off of his boyfriend, slowly helping him sit up. “It was just a dream. You’re safe, shhh.” He pulled him onto his lap, letting Alex hide his face in his shoulder as he sobbed.

Laurens rubbed small circles onto Alexander’s back, trying to ignore the bullet-esque pain each of his boyfriend’s sobs shot through him.

“My nightmares,” Alex finally said, his breathing erratic. “They’re usually about losing you.” He took in a shaky breath. “I always lose you,” he whispered.

“Baby, no, no,” Laurens said, rocking his boyfriend back and forth. “I’m not going anywhere, I promise.”

Alex’s breathing was evening out, but his grip on Laurens’ t-shirt was still deathly tight, his face still buried in his boyfriend’s shoulder and loose brown curls of hair.

“Let’s start calming you down, okay?”

Alex only whimpered in response.

Laurens gently lowered his boyfriend until he was lying on his back again, wide-eyed, staring up at Laurens, his lip trembling. Laurens reached down and gently cupped his face.

“Okay,” Laurens said softly. “Let’s start with your hands.” Laurens took both of Alexander’s hands, which were clenched into fists, and unfurled them in order to release the tension. “And now we’ll take some nice slow, deep breaths,” he instructed the smaller boy.

Laurens counted and Alex breathed, Laurens’ hand on his boyfriend’s chest so he could feel how quickly his heart was hammering. It took a few minutes, but soon his heartbeat had returned to a more normal rate.

Laurens wiggled back down next to Alexander. He opened his arms to the boy, who wordlessly moved into them. He stroked his dark curls of hair.

“I’ll stay awake, you fall asleep,” Laurens said. He felt Alex nod ever so slightly. It took about twenty minutes before Alexander fell asleep, but Laurens stayed up for forty, wanting to do his best to insure that Alex didn’t fall back into another nightmare right away.

When Laurens finally let himself drift off, he was holding Alexander in his dream, a warm, bright light surrounding them, and he knew he would always do his best to keep him safe from harm.

Sherlock likes to dance. 

Happy Sherlock Day?

I’m sorry the art is a little rubbish guys, I’m too emotionally distraught to colour and draw properly. the sign of three really destroyed me. 

Hi tag:)

There’s so much going on in this tag and I’m confused so have a picture of my face and my dog:)

Also, I know it looks like I’m choking her or something but I promise I’m not an animal abuser she just never sits still and this was the only way to get a picture of her >.>“


Sam wilkinson imagine

Sam Wilkinson imagine

*imagine you had sprained your leg*
You’d sprained your leg really badly and had been put on bed rest. Your family all had work so your boyfriends sam was coming over to take care of you and help you out. You’d set up camp downstairs and was waiting for Sam. The doorbell rang and you yelled for your mum to get the door as you couldnt.

You heard your mum and sam talking in the hallway, it was getting louder and louder. You loved that Sam and your mum got on so well even if it really annoyed you sometimes.

Your mum-“Sam thank you so much sweetie i gotta go.”

Sam-“Your welcome.” He said as your mum walked out the door.

Sam-“Hey babe.”


Sam-“I brought supplies.”

Y/N-“What supplies?” You asked confused.

Sam-“These supplies.” He said pulling out your favourite foods, movies.

Y/N-“omg sammie your the best.”

Sam-“What can i say?” He said jokingly.

Y/N-“Oh shutup.” You said hitting him in the arm.

Sam-“Chill babe and you’ll love soo much when i show you what else i bought?” He said pulling out a starbucks cup from the bag.

Y/N-” sam have i ever told you how much i love you.” You said kissing his cheek.

Sam-“Awhh i feel so loved.” He said winking.


You’d spent the whole day chilling with Sam. You and sam had ate and drank tripple your body weight. You were cuddled up to sam, feeling comfortable when….

Sam-“Marissa!!! I really need to pee. Ive been holding it in waiting for this movie to end. My bladder will explode please move.”

Y/N-“You have the mental age of a 5 year old.” You said laughing at your boyfriend.”

Sam-“Whatever im your 5 year old.”

Y/N-“No. just. no. That’d mean id be dating a 5 year old and id be a pedophile.”

Sam-“Thats not important i just neeed to pee.” He exclaimed.

Y/N-“Okay, okay, im moving.” You moved over to the other side of the sofa.

Sam-“Fuck yes!!! Now i can empty my bladder.”

Y/N-“I didnt want to know that.”

Sam-“Oh well a new fact about me.” He then speed walked out the room to the nearest bathroom, in the process he knocked the the remote off the table. You sighed. Your leg was feeling better so you got up and limped to the remote.

Sam-“Marissa i thought you were on bed rest.”

Y/N-“Yeah the remote fell.”

Sam-“You should have waited i would of got it for you.”

Y/N-“Its cool though im fine.”

Sam-“But still-” just as sam was saying that you lost your balance and fell. It hurt a lot more than usual because of the sprain. Sam was right. “Babe you okay?” He sad

Y/N-“Yeah it just hurts a bit ill be fine, can you help me up.”

Sam-“Sure thing.” He began helping you up, you winced a little.

Y/N-“So are you gonna have your ‘i told you so’ moment now.”

Sam-“Nah ill be nice, but you sure your okay?”

Y/N-“Yupp but it hurts like a bitch.”

Sam-“This is what happens when you dont listen to your boyfriend.”

Y/N-“whatever your an idiot.”

Sam-“But im your idiot.”

Y/N-“yeah, yeah.”

Sam-“Aw thanks for making me feel special babe, i love you too.”

Y/N-“Your welcome babe.” You said winking.


Y/N-“Do you even have to ask?”

Sam-“I take that as a yes.” He said, minutes later he came back with your ice-cream.

Y/N-“Thank you so much. Ic-cream makes everything better.”

Sam-“Anything for my princess.”

Y/N-“I love you.”

Sam-“Love you too.” He said kissing your forehead.