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  • [hair]: length, colour, texture, whether it grows quickly or slowly, how manageable it is, whether it requires lots of styling, do they leave stray hairs everywhere, is it present on their face, is it present on the rest of their body, etc.
  • [eyes]: not just the colour, but the shape, the length of their eyelashes, whether they're alert or usually half-closed, large or small, sunken into the face, ringed by bags, etc.
  • [mouth]: are their lips always drawn thin or are they plump and kissable, what's their "default expression"/resting face, do they have all their own teeth, do they use their teeth to smile, etc.
  • [face]: what is the shape of their face, do they have pronounced cheekbones or a strong jaw, what's the size and shape of their nose, what's the size and shape of their ears, do they stick out, are they pointed, etc.
  • [skin]: obviously colour, but also if they're inclined to run hot or cold, do they have any blemishes or unusual markings, are they inclined to blush, are they freckled, do they tan, what does their skin feel like, etc.
  • [build]: are they skinny and petite or do they resemble a body builder, are they tall or short or average height, are they lean and wiry, are they overweight, are all of their features proportionate, etc.
  • [chest]: (potentially nsfw) what size are their breasts if they have them, nipple colour and shape and size, do they have visible muscle definition/abs, etc.
  • [groin]: (potentially nsfw) any information pertaining to genitals - length, girth, shape, colour, "unusual features", also includes the rear and its general appearance, etc.
  • [hands]: are they large or small, do they have pianist's fingers or short stubby ones, do they tend to get sweaty or are they always dry, is the skin rough or delicate, are the nails painted or chewed or sharp, etc.
  • [legs]: are they solidly built, short and stubby, or long and graceful, do they have knobbly knees or rounded knees, what's their gait, etc.
  • [feet]: do they have a habit of going up on their tiptoes, what's their usualy stance, do they tend to shift their weight to a preferred side, etc.
  • [other]: any other obscure feature or tiny detail that the asker is interested in, could include fantastical elements such as a tail, wings, horns, must be stated by asker, etc.

Here’s my Hero Academia sona, Noname.

His quirk is shifting through the normal and the mirror dimension. He uses it to sorta-teleport from one point to another. When he does, everyone forgets about his existence. When he comes back, people are not sure who he is… him included.

His suit has a microphone for him to record stuff he wants to hear when he reappears (his name, what he has to do, etc).

Has a little “Hello my name is” tag, to help people.

Mother’s Day

Summary: Bucky’s daughter enlists his help to create the best Mother’s Day present ever.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, OFC Becca Barnes, reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 1127


Bucky could feel someone staring at him as he slept. He slowly opened his eyes to find his daughter kneeling at the side of the bed. He groaned and looked at the clock.

“It’s only 6am,” Bucky mumbled sleepily. “Go back to bed.”

“Daddy, I have a mission!” Becca whispered urgently.

“A mission?” Bucky asked, sleep still taking over his senses.

Becca nodded her head vigorously. “It’s for Mommy’s Day! Can you help me?”

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Partners in Crime and Rhyme FANDUB
(Sportacus & Robbie Duet)
Partners in Crime and Rhyme FANDUB

Yup, I finally made it! This is a cover inspired by this post <——-

It took me sooooooo long but well, I think it ended up pretty good ^^ So yeah, please consider that I’m an spanish girl and the voices or pronunciation could differ compared to the originals.

I took a jazz version of “Why Don’t You Do Right” by Mark Maxwell for the instrumental part, and then edited the audio a bit to make it more dynamic. It was such a challenge getting the right melody for the voices (at first I was just singing the original song, without changes XD) but after a lot of tries I finally came up with a good melody for Sportacus and Robbie ^^

Here are the Lyrics and modifications I made of the original post by aleinnilatibae :

S: What’s wrong, Robbie?

R: You know, I was just wondering… do you LIKE me?

S: Yes! Of course I do! And… what about you?

R: I… guess!

[beat of silence]

R: Well, I would like to ask you something…

R, singing:  

You know that we’ve been rivals for…going on a while

and despite how much I FOUGHT it, I’ll admit you make me….smile (:^}D)

Now here is what I ask of you, and please, here take your time–

Will you be my partner in crime?

S, speaking, affronted: In CRIME???

R, speaking: It’s just an expression, Sportafloosh, no need to freak out.

S, speaking: I see… then let me say something too…

S, singing:

Well Robbie, I’m an honest elf and I’m the hero too (oh yeah…)

But here is what I’m certain of–I want to be with you (really?)

And every time I hear you sing the sound is so diviiine *master of disguise motif*

So will you be my partner in rhyme?

R: Rhyme?

S: Yes, this means we sing together now!

R: Oh, okay…

S: Are you ready? In 3, 2, 1… and…

S & R:

We can siiiing in perfect key, we can daaaance in harmony

S: We can twirl, we can flip! (No no no, I’m not doing THAT)

S: With you I’ll never miss a note!

R: With you I’ll never miss a stEP *Robbie misses a step, but Sport catches him, turns the misstep into a dip* S: Careful!

S: If you could say (if I could say?)  that opposites attract  (yeah I’d say so)

I want you here (with you?) with me! To always watch my back!

Together we-(in harmony!) until the end of time…

R, speaking: I guess I don’t HAVE to kick you out of town, after all….

S, singing: Yes, I’ll be your partner in crime!

R: And I’ll be your partner in rhyme!


i’ve seen quite a few artists headcanon sans with all sorts of unique looking chompers, so i thought it would be fun to compile a few personal favourites, along with some of my own, into this weird af gif. 

It was a good excuse to practice drawing decent teeth, and for anyone who’s curious, there are 13 sets in total. which is easily way molar than i thought i’d ever draw haha…that was bad, i’m sorry.

there’s some extra stuff under the cut, such as names of the artists i referenced, detailed closeups, etc.

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Good Customer Experience

At Petco today, this kid and her dad were buying some fish for their new aquarium like some platys and guppies, I think and I asked them if it was their first tank and her dad was like, “Yup, I made her write a report about her fish tank and do all the research, so she knew what she was doing because I don’t want to do it all myself”

Also today, this lady was looking at the smaller aquarium kits like 1.5 gallons and whatnot and I asked her if she needed any help because she was like frowning and looked confused and she was like, “Why do they make them so small?” And I was like, “I dunno.” And she ended up getting a 5 gallon tank for her betta. She kept bringing decorations over to the fish to ask him if he liked them and it was funny as hell.

opallight  asked:

Sheith+socks (please!)

yup, i made socks angsty. enjoy. 


After Shiro disappears, there’s a stretch of time in which his absence feels more theoretical than definite. Keith isn’t sure if it’s denial, or just that he had already begun to grow accustomed to the emptiness in the shack in the wake of Shiro’s departure for Kerberos. The permanence of his absence takes a while to feel real.

But even as the weeks and months tick by, even as the lines between gone on a mission and gone forever began to blur, it never truly becomes something that Keith is ready to accept.

He has dreams sometimes where Shiro is standing far out on the horizon - his image distorted by waves and waves of desert heat - and calls out for Keith. He tells Keith to be ready, to be waiting, that he’ll be home some day. Dreams are hardly better than mirages, and Keith knows that, but the thought alone is comforting enough.

He keeps Shiro’s things as they always were. Vests and shirts and pants all hung up neatly in the closet, the same as they were the day Shiro left with the promise that he’d be back before Keith knew it. He keeps his boots on the floor in the closet, socks individually folded across the laces, ready and waiting for feet - size 13 - to come home and slip them on again.

It takes months before he gives in and takes them all out to wash. Months of gathering dust and regrets before Keith finally admits to himself that the last vestiges of Shiro’s scents are all but gone from these garments. He washes them with precise mixtures, anything at all to try to mimic the man that used to live here by his side. And when he hangs them back up, he does so with care, attentive to their creases and folds and angles. He sets those boots back down and drapes those socks across their laces once again with the hope that perhaps tomorrow, they’ll get worn again.

But they don’t.

There’s a mirage in the desert - a figure that calls to him from out in the distance and tells him it isn’t over, that he isn’t gone yet.

Keith just doesn’t know how much longer he can believe the lie.  

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