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so uh

I think he needs someone who is self-assured and knows herself, so that he can kind of become that same person and know himself.”

This is what LM said about Lance and his potential love interest. He needs someone who knows themselves bc it’s clear to us Lance still doesn’t know his own self as evidenced here

now. here’s something interesting. Who, out of all the other paladins, had an arc/moment of them knowing themselves and who they were?

yup. you guessed it. this guy below. 

I’m just saying. If the shoe fits…

fucking Shiro and the possibility of canon Kuro

Okay listen up fellow Vld fans. I’ve been hearing the rumour pass around a bit about shiro not being shiro per say, that maybe this guy that came back is a clone and not out lovely black paladin and let me just say, yup this guys a freaky deaky fake.

(well said Coran, well said)

Proof you say? Well exhibit a) his fucking Jesus hair.

Okay like really he was only missing for a month MAXIMUM (probably less but I chose to round up) no way is it humanly possible for his hair to grow that fast.

Exhibit b) that second shiro we saw (that look like he just saw his grandmas naked behind) 

Was this some weird fever dream from our Jesus shiro? I think not.

Think back to season one when shiro had trouble with some of his memories being missing? Because of that we already know that the Galra have the capabilities possible to manipulate memories, why can’t they take them from one and put them in a new being (aka Jesus shiro) (that’s what I’ve elected to call him from now on) also that shiro lying there on the table looked (same hair) exactly like our real shiro

Exhibit c) his weird ass headache 

Like this is an offhandedly comment that he says multiple times throughout his time there, why does he have a headache? Well if I had memories implanted in my brain I’d have a big fucking headache as well thank you very much.

Exhibit d) the black lion won’t let him pilot

We all know how much time and focus was given in season two on black and shiro bonding, they were frikin bros before the final battle, so why wouldn’t black let him pilot unless something was amiss? 

Exhibit e) he was being a lil bitch (just a tad) to Keith,

The shiro we know wouldn’t be like that to Keith, the real shiro would have been supportive of him and guided him through his hard times, this shiro was just being a passive aggressive donkey.

Now because this is only technically half of the season we don’t get to see a lot of this particular senecio but I think that shiro is slowly going to undermine Keith’s attempt at leadership throughout the rest of it, because the team, as well as Keith, trust his judgment he may be able to a) play off of Keith’s reluctance to lead, and b) use that reluctance to lead the team astray.

Exhibit f) (this is a bit weaker but still) okay so shiro gets back to the ship looking all Jesus like, then he gets a hair cut, (lemme just say it’s fucking ugly sorry boo but like what the fuck is with that weird ass lil curl thing and just, ugh I can’t even)

(like the fuck mate? why? did u use firkin safety scissors to chop your hair?)

anyways he gets a change in costume, yay, except what happened to his other clothes? Why isn’t he wearing them? Like I get changing your outfit, everyone does that but why now, why chose this exact time to change your look, drastically too. And the thing is, it all looks like shiro but just kinda wrong, ya know? Like something’s just not quite right about his look. 

(This is so long, oops, kudos to you if ur still reading this)

To sum up this hellishly long post: this shiro isn’t our shiro, he’s some clone or something made by the galra (remember that line saying phase one or something of project kuron (I think) was completed, ya that) that’s been implanted with the real shiros memories who is still in the captivity of the galra. That guy with our paladin is evil and mostly likely will try to tear apart the team from the inside out, sorry Keith but that ain’t your friend.

(look he’s already doing it): 


bossy tm 

tl;dr shiros not shiro, don’t trust that ugly hair, 

(come yell at me about the new season, i have like ten ganglion more theories if ya wanna see them, also like ten thousand predictions/ hopes for the next half of the season, drop me a message or an ask whenever, ill be happy to talk!) 

(now ima go die for a bit because WHOLY SHIT THAT SEASON GUYS WTF) 

I can only get one wallet at a time because *someone* is making me return them, and I still don’t get why we’re not just making this guy dead.

Parker, “Leverage,” S02 E13

Yeah, well, that’s why you’re on wallet detail.