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Kudos to Steph for this wonderful piece of art of my mc for my newest obsession @stephschoices. I love this and the arcana so much that I think I could cry unicorn tears.

Name: Sabine Vanderbilt

Favorite food:  creamy shrimp crostini

Favorite drink: jasmine tea

Favorite flower:  amaryllis

OTP prompt #39

Person B is the FBI agent in Person A’s laptop, but as they monitor A’s activities they slowly start to feel incredibly uneasy. It’s only after A starts talking to the camera that B discovers that their worries were right - A has known that B was watching them all along.

Fluff bonus: A and B become weird supportive internet friends.

Scary bonus: It turns out A has been investigating B specifically all along as well. Freaky surveillance mind games ensue.

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Hey! I don’t really read the manga but I think I want to start even though I’ve already been spoiled for a lot lol but quick question, why did Kaneki cry when he was making love to touka? Was he too overwhelmed with his love for her? That’s what I think honestly but I was just making sure lol thanks!

Yup! To sum things up for you a little:

it was also a kind of parallel to the first time Haise sees Touka. Kaneki had lost his memories and after seeing her again for the first time after some years and tried her coffee, he cries. He doesn’t know why he’s crying, but it was that part inside of him who knew who she really was, and that she was alive and safe. In ch125 (sex chapter) happens the same, i believe he cried due to all that accumulation of emotions he’s been repressing for so long. His love for her, and the lack of affection throughout his life. It’s a very important scene for him since throughout the manga the fact that he wants love is something that is emphasized constantly, and Touka loved him for a long time, and they were having sex — an act of love. He was overwhelmed by so many emotions and couldn’t help but burst into tears. That chapter is way more than just a sex scene, there are so many symbolisms and parallels hidden in there, it’s very very beautiful and meaningful 🙏


Hello my lovelies! While I finally battle through my disaster of a room and work out how to go about the next chapter of my fanfic, I thought I’d do another random head cannon post (months after the last one…)

So let’s get started!

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-The Riveras SLOWLY allow music back into their lives. It starts with Miguel being able to sing to Mama Coco, as it clearly helps with her memory and her whole emotional being. As I said before I am convinced if the events in the movie had not happened, or had Miguel not had thought to sing to Mama Coco she would not have lasted much longer. By the end of the movie it’s clear she’s slipping further and further away. Obviously you can’t stop the inevitable, but things like music, and just being loved can make a big difference and the family sees that. Throughout the year music slowly starts to creep in. Family members (even Abuelita) will find themselves humming while they work. The children are allowed to take music classes at school. When the children (Miguel, Abel and Rosa) express desires to learn an instrument they’re allowed to. Then it turns into playing music softly while they work. By the next Dia de Muertos music is a cherished part of their lives once more.

-Miguel may love music… but that doesn’t mean he knows about the mechanics of music. When he looks at real music for the first time he says what I said when I had got the music for Mendholson Elijah;

“What the actual fuck?! How am I supposed to do this?”

-Miguel then proceeds to immediately get in trouble for swearing.

-Miguel isn’t necessarily the type of swear (I mean he’s 12 in the movie) but sometimes it just comes out without thinking.

-Miguel also has to really work at learning the technical part off music.He has talent and an aptitude for sure, but he has to work very hard at it. Honestly he considers it a miracle he was able to write “Proud Corazón”

-Miguel soaks up every type of music he can and I mean EVERYTHING. He’ll listen to any kind of music-from the various kinds of music native to Mexico, to pop, to emo, to country, to rap and hip hop and musicals. He will give anything a chance. He just loves it all and wants to learn all he can.

-Obviously I think Miguel would go into music as an adult, I also think there could be another path for him-history. Why history? Well at it’s core what is history? It’s telling the stories of the past and keeping the memory of what happened and those who lived long ago alive. After his time in the Land of the Dead I can see Miguel being almost obsessive about keeping the memories of those who have passed alive. He also just finds the subject interesting. It’s his favorite besides music.

-As it turns out Miguel is not that only Rivera with an interest in history. There’s Victoria (no shocker there), but the other person who had a interest in the subject was Imelda. Yup. I can see Imelda being type of person to be fascinated by history and other cultures and soaks up everything she can. Where as Tia Rosita, Hector and to some extent Victoria prefer reading novels you’ll find Imelda reading a big history book-most likely about European history. She’s fascinated by Russian and German history because it’s so different from Mexican history.

-In fact I have this idea that if she living in our time she would be a history teacher. I’m itching to write a fan fic about that but that’ll have to wait.

-Why do I think this? Compared to Hector-who is very creative and artistic- I think is Imelda is far more intellectual. I mean she learned how to make shoes, created and ran her own business. That says a lot about how her brain works. I could easily see her relaxing with a big history book and just enjoying learning.

-Both Hector and Imelda are what we would call today total nerds-just in their own special and unique ways.

-People always underestimate Tia Rosita because she is so bubbly and nice-and that is a big mistake. She showed she is a complete bad ass while fighting off Ernesto’s guards. She is far smarter than anyone gives her credit for. She is the only member of the family before the younger generation (Miguel and his cousins) who can speak a second language-English. She’s very interested in languages but never got the chance to learn anything other than English.

-Though Victoria tries to hide it with all her might she has a soft spot for those sill romantic novels her Tia likes to read. She always tries to read them in secret but of course she got caught and is now thoroughly embarrassed by the habit. Though… not embarrassed enough to stop reading them.

-Julio is a fantastic dancer. He could have been a professional if he wanted to-but of course a happy life with Coco was far better than any career as a dancer.

-Julio and Coco dance a lot in the afterlife. It’s always a very simple slow dance due to their age, but they try their best to make up for lost time. a

-Victoria wasn’t Coco’s first pregnancy. She got pregnant very early on in their marriage (like honeymoon baby type of early), but unfortunately, she had miscarriage in the early weeks of the pregnancy. It’s something either of them can’t really talk about, even if the afterlife.

-Though Hector adores his daughter and Coco is thrilled to have her Papa back, once the excitement calms down after their initial reunion (like a day or two after she comes) things get a little… awkward. Hector hasn’t seen her since she was toddler who still needed help to dress herself. Of course he knew she would grow up and grow old but… it’s a different thing to be faced with the reality of it. Hector kind of tip toes around her, trying to give himself a chance to see what she’s like as an adult. Coco doesn’t entirely understand and it a little confused. This continues for a about a week or two until Coco taps him on the shoulder one day and says;

“Let’s talk Papa.”

-They sit and talk, getting to know each other not as adults and forming an adult father and daughter relationship. It involves a lot of well meaning teasing, laughing and being able to talk about pretty much anything.

the signs as edgy bullshit people spout when they want to look like Good Homestuck Fans
  • Aries: aradia isn't boring, she's really Whacky and Silly and has a Great Sense of Humor because she played with a hat that one time
  • Taurus: tavros!! is not!!! shy!!! he's ~super sassy~ and frankly kind of an asshole. yeah an asshole is definitely what tavros is. yup
  • Gemini: [N/A because sollux's presence in the fandom outside of erisol, arasol and solfef is virtually nonexistent. something about him not liking bees probably.]
  • Cancer: karkat isnT SHOUTY ALL THE TIME OK he's super nice to People He Cares For [out-of-context screencaps of him being civil to kanaya or eridan][screencap of him telling aradia he liked her better when she was alive]
  • Leo: nepeta isn't weak. she can kill u with her BARE HANDS. she is STRONG. she is UNASSAILABLE. there is literally no chance that a teenage girl would EVER shed tears over being rejected by a boy she cared for are you forgetting shes super STRONG and have i mentioned how STRONG she is yet or
  • Virgo: kanaya isn't a Boring Classy Lesbian. what is she exactly? who knows. like three people in the fandom have taken the pains to actually analyze her character ever
  • Libra: terezi doesn't just lick things all the time!!1! she's actually very manipulative and has great depth of character. she has Depression and Anxiety and was abused by gamzee pre-retcon, which is pretty common knowledge by now but i still think earns me brownie points here for some reason
  • Scorpio: you know she's more than just bluster and abusive actions right? she's so Unhappy and had a really Rough Childhood what with having to kill all those people to feed her shit lusus. really i think people only hate her because she's a girl. ask her h8rs if they hate gamzee just as much to get a good idea of how misogynistic they are
  • Sagittarius: equius ISN'T CREEPY. he made robot parts for people he wasn't friends with and doesn't let his racism get in the way of being polite, just as i don't let common sense get in the way of shipping canon equara
  • Capricorn: gamzee's not just Dangerous and Unpredictable, he's really goofy and sweet? sopor gamzee aka the one on literal mood altering drugs is the True Gamzee. but don't get me wrong he's IRREDEEMABLE TRASH and i fully support him being locked in the fridge after the retcon without any attempt at explanation or assistance
  • Aquarius: eridan wasn't desperate! or lonely! or sad! or any of the reasons people in the fandom relate to his behavior! because i am incapable of simultaneously defending a character AND acknowledging their neuroses. i'm actually really progressive you know. i still manage to find him abusive btw
  • Pisces: despite literally no one ever implying that feferi was useless, i feel compelled to remind you every few hours that she was, in fact, not useless. she's a very complex and kind-hearted character who has never been ableist in any shape or form. if u disagree then ur compelled to hate everyone who's ever been written to say the r slur and also ur a huge misogynist who ships erisol probably [pauses to reblog some erifef art]
How birds act around Bleach characters

As requested by anon. :)

We’ve already imagined how cats and dogs act around Bleach characters. But what about birds? If a bunch of birds invaded the Bleach universe, how would they act around various characters?

1. Rudbornn: Is very popular with birds

They like to nest on him.


2. Yamamoto: Is very popular with birds

They like to nest in his beard.

Yamamoto: My beard is…chirping?

Yamamoto: …

Yamamoto: How long have I been asleep?

3. Renji: Gets pooped on whenever he leaves the house

The birds just always seem to find him.

Renji: Man, good thing I was wearing sunglasses when I looked up!

4. Yoruichi: Scatters the terrified birds before her

Even when she’s in human form, the birds take flight at the sight of her.

Yoruichi: Birds always recognize a cat, I guess!

5. Grimmjow: Finds himself followed around by like five fat ducklings

They seem to have imprinted on him.

Grimmjow: Oh come on! You run from a house cat but not a freakin’ panther??


6. Ikkaku: Gets into a fight with a swan

The swan started it.

Yumichika: Ikkaku, you look terrible.

Yumichika: Did the swan win?

Ikkaku: Hey, I’m still alive. That means I’m the lucky one.

Yumichika: And the swan?

Ikkaku: ….alive and not injured. 

Ikkaku: Swans are fucking crazy.

7. Bazz-B: Gets into a fight with a rooster

It is unclear who started it.

Renji: What, was he copying your hair?


8. Yumichika: Is pretty sure the birds are following him

Every time he turns around, there’s a bird nearby. Watching him.

Yumichika: They may be angry about the feathers.

Ikkaku: Do birds work that way?

9. Yachiru: Keeps catching birds

Nobody is quite sure how.

Kenpachi: Huh? Is that a bird in your hands?

Yachiru: Yup! Bids are super easy to catch!

10. Chad: Is covered in birds

Like a dozen of them. Sitting on his head and shoulders.

Chad: They recognize me as their protector. 

Chad: It’s basically the best day ever.

11. Ukitake: Throws out birdseed

He likes to watch the flocks of happy birds gather in his yard.

Ukitake: And the one fat squirrel.

Ukitake: Mean little bastard.

12. Kira: Is deeply annoyed by the loud birds outside his window

It seems to be their favorite place to gather and sing.

Kira: What is it with birds wanting to shout at me?

13. Rose: Tries to join the birds while wearing his mask

Unfortunately, they are not fooled.

Rose: …maybe I shouldn’t have brought my guitar.

14. Orihime: Immediately makes bird friends

They follow her chirping and land in her hands.

Riruka: Ew. You’re like a real life Disney princess.

Orihime: Thanks!

15. Hichigo: Is quickly proclaimed the bird king

It’s his warble that does it.


Hichigo: I’M NOT A BIRD


Fandom: Sherlock
Character: Jim Moriarty
Prompt: ‘"If my parents knew what I was doing, they’d kill me.”’

Kicking the door in, you surveyed the inside and smirked when you spotted the two guards standing either side of the jewels you were here for. 

You always enjoyed picking them off.

Behind you, you felt Jim’s hand on your shoulder and a voice in your ear, “Remember what we’re here for, so be quick.”

Grinning, you strode over to the guards, who were reaching cautiously for hand guns now, and landed the first- the burlier of the two- with a mean right hook that ended him on the floor with a bloody nose and swelling eye. 

Taking one look at the blood splatters on my cheek and wild eyes, the second guard gulped and his eyes flickered to the door. But you were quicker and managed to cut him off before he could get anywhere near, kicking him sharply in the back of his knee and hearing a satisfying crunch as he fell to the ground groaning and crying out.

“Naw,” you snickered, wetting your lips with a flash of tongue as you watched the man writhe on the ground. Jim was working his little toy to cut into the glass of the Crown Jewels and you snook a peek over your shoulder to spare a glance at him. 

“Y/N,” he sing-songed without even looking at you, “Keeping him alive is just cruel. Kill him now and don’t drag it out. We haven’t time. The CCTV’s on, isn’t it?”

“Yup,” you confirmed with a nod, turning back to the man on the floor. “You know, if my parents knew what I was doing, they’d kill me.” You smirked. “My curfew was half an hour ago. Whoops.”

And with that, you brought down the metal heel of your shoe on his temple, driving it deep and offering a small snicker when you affirmed the man was in fact dead.


Part One

‘You’re his what?’ Jackson asked, breaking the long silence that had taken over the loft.

‘His A.G.A, I thought we already went over this.’ (Y/N) said.

‘Yeah we heard that, but what does that mean?’ Lydia asked.

‘It means heaven assigned me to guard Stiles and I’m an angel. Man, I forgot humans were slow evolvers, but it did take forever for your monkey ancestors to adapt too so whatever.’ the angel shrugged.

‘Guard me from what? I mean what is it that you do?’ Stiles asked.

‘OK  guess I have to explain everything. Stiles I’m your Guardian Angel, I’ve been watching you since the day you were born, keeping you from serious danger. You see me now because I am letting you because you’re in one of the rare times where you actually are in life or death danger.’ (Y/N) said.

‘Danger? What danger?’ Scott asked.

‘I can’t tell you teen wolf, against policies and yadda yadda, basically there is nothing any of you dogs can do to help. That’s why I’m here.’

‘You say you were assigned, there are more of you?’ Erica asked.

‘Of course twice as many as you humans. Our numbers must stay large to keep the universe running smoothly, well smooth is a bad term since there are bumps and bruises here and there, but you get it.’ (Y/N) answered.

‘Are there more A.G.A’s?’ this time it was Allison who asked.

‘Yup, everybody has one, even you guys.’

‘Well mine did a shitty job.’ Isaac scoffed darkly.

(Y/N) stood up and walked slowly toward the tall wolf until she was right in front of him.

‘Tell me, are you alive and well?’ she asked while looking directly into Issac’s eyes.

‘Well I’m claustrophobic and haunted by nightmares of being beaten and locked in a freezer.’ Issac backfired.

‘Did you survive?’


‘Did. You. Survive?’ (Y/N) repeated.

‘…Yes.’ Isaac admitted.

‘Then your guard did their job, and don’t you ever insult my brothers and sisters again with your ignorance. We get our charge and we do our job, we guard them, if we fail, we die. We are guards not nannies or babysitters, no one can protect you from life.’ (Y/N) sneered before turning and standing beside Stiles.

For a minute the loft was silent once more, no one knowing what to say next. Isaac was clearly ashamed and the others were still analyzing what all the angel had said.

‘What about bad people, do they get a guard?’ Boyd asked.

‘No one is born evil, despite what so many believe, if a guard sees their charge is the danger than they can be relieved of the duty and reassigned.’

Stiles sat quietly as the pack did what it pretty much always did, single him out. Even when there was a frickin’ angel here just for him the pack still made him feel left out, and it made it feel like he was drifting into nothingness.

I can hear your thoughts Stiles, they do not have my attention, just you. Out of courtesy I’m even talking to them. We will talk more at home.

Stiles looked to (Y/N) who looked completely involved in answering questions everyone was asking her. If she could hear his thoughts and clearly he could hear hers maybe this could be how they talked. Werewolves have a lot of senses but they can’t read thoughts.

You are smarter than they give you credit for, give it a go, think to me.

Stiles quickly stifled his nervousness before the wolves heard his heart rate increase.

Am I doing this right?

You did awesome.

Why are you here, you can tell me now without the others hearing. Stiles thought.

I’m here because I know what you do when you’re alone, and I know you would sooner die than ask someone to help you. 

Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood episodes in a nutshell (spoilers)

Noctis: I almost died from a lady snek. Can’t remember if I killed it yet.

Prompto: I lost weight for the prince.

Gladiolus: I beat up the prince that one time and he paid me back by saving my sister. So I guess we’re best friends now.

Noctis: I had awesome dessert that one time and I don’t remember what it was.
Ignis: Let me figure out what it was by sheer trial and error without doing any proper research.
Noctis: ok

Noctis: *spits out water* Yup, we killed it.
Prompto: And we are all safe and alive-
Noctis: DAAAAAAD!!

Operation Mongoose (The finale)

Here we go my last recap for this season …. Please no crying we all knew that this day would come.
Now let’s start shall we…

Operation Mongoose is a go.

The finale finally gave us the answer to why on earth someone in their right mind would let Isaac become the author. It looks like our dear friend was a TV seller back in the days, working for a boss that didn’t appreciate his work and mocked his dream to become a writer.

Well the joke is on him when Isaac received a letter from Star Publishing and that’s where he meets the apprentice. Since the last author died (Yes this only proves that Walt was the previous author and you can’t convince me otherwise.) a spot opened up all Isaac needs to do is choose the write pen….and dear lord it is a miracle he does…..Isaac is destined to become the new author and a whole new world opens up for him….literally …..if only the apprentice knew what he got himself into.

Once Upon A Time with a Twist
The heroes are working hard on finding a way to stop Isaac and Rumple when August walks in with the news that he knows who the apprentice is but here is the thing he is still in the hat. They call the fairy squad to release the poor man from his prison.

Now all they need is the page of the door and the key to lock the author away where he belongs.

Unfortunately ….the author can writer faster than everyone seems to think. Before writing the final page Rumple needs to know why Isaac is helping him.
Well that answer is quiet easy they are alike, both struggled mightily for their happy ending and it is about time they win.
With that said the author writes Rumple his last wish to let Baelfire remember him as a hero.

The pen hits the paper and all stories are turned upside down.

A new hero
It seems that not everyone is influenced by the new story. Since Henry isn’t from a magical world he is the only who can save his family and the rest of Storybrook.
After a short trip to a local diner (looks like David’s driving lessons really did pay off….sort of) He sees a familiar name on an apparently bestselling book. Isaac wrote the story Heroes and Villains and become what he always wanted to be …. a writer.

Well actually to be fair he wrote his own fanfiction based on Disney…the man is one of us.

Henry confronts Isaac and discovers that the only to save everyone is to get his ass into the book. Since Isaac isn’t really into Henry’s plan he decided to knock him out and leave him behind as Ogre food. But not before he tells Henry that after the bells toll everything will remain as it is …nothing can be changed.

And this is our first meeting with knight Rumple using his light magic to save Henry. It makes sense that he would write himself as a hero but I am positive that his nickname ogre slayer has a deep connection with Belle since in the first story she called upon him to save her kingdom from the Ogre war in exchange for herself.

Henry to the rescue
Being freed from the Ogres Henry resumes his mission and finds Bandit Regina. He tries to convince her that he is her son and that they are all trapped in a book. Now let’s face it if someone would tell that to you you would probably back away slowly…..
He tries to tell Regina that she has to find Robin, that he is her true love but instead she simply laughs away the idea and burns the book. (of course you can see her eyes that somehow she is hoping that he is telling the truth and that there is a better life out there for her)

Isaac isn’t having any luck
After trying to find Henry so he can kill him part 2, Isaac is captured by a group of evil dwarves and being taking to Evil Snow…. and can I just say that I loved the sass of Snow, she was simple amazing as the Evil queen. You could see that Ginny was loving this and I loved Ginny acting the part.

Before it was off with his head…Isaac convinced Snow to keep him alive by telling her about her true love James and that he knows a way to kill both Regina and Henry so she could get her revenge on what Regina did to her.

Oh yeah did I mention that Charming looks hella fine as a evil heartless (literally) person with eyeliner. Yup he looks fine indeed. In case you are wondering Snow just keeps his heart and body around because he is the spitting image of James (you know twins and all)

Now not wasting any more time Snow finds Regina and is ready to kill her and everyone that follows her when Robin swoops in and saves the day. Now two things haven’t change. One: Regina still has a hard time to say thank you for saving her and Two: she still feels that there is something more about him, perhaps a second chance.

Unfortunately her newfound hope is crushed when Robin that he is about to marry to none other than Zelena….that’s right Zelena once again got the happy ending that Regina deserves.
Not wanting to show her disappointment Regina wishes hem all the luck and leaves the tavern only to run into Henry. Upon hearing what happened Henry quickly figures out that the story ends with the wedding of Robin and Zelena.  He only needs Regina to stop the wedding and confess her love but she isn’t having any of it so he tries another approach telling her about the saviour.

Regina informs him that there once was a woman who called herself the saviour but she has been locked away by Snow.

So another mission occurs ……

Save the saviour
To bring this mission to a good end Henry needs the help of a certain pirate to get him to the bottomless sea.  Now here is the catch Hook isn’t really a pirate nor is he really fearless…he is a deck boy who rather wants to stay far far faaaaar away from danger. But Henry has no time to lose so he knocks the real captain out (Blackbeard) and convinces Hook to come with him. And even though this hook might not know it Henry gave him a wonderful comment when ask where he learnt to sail by saying that he had a great teacher…..you.

Once they arrive and pass the guard Henry makes his way to Emma who is trapped in the tower. She still remember who he is and a beautiful moment occurs between the two of them when she is almost crying. She knew that Henry would find her, she knew that he would never give up. Emma also reveals that she probably still has her memory as a punishment since she isn’t able to do anything. But hey now that Henry is here….she can save everyone, together.

While escaping the tower she bumps into Hook, and I can tell you there chemistry was very much intact. Even though he didn’t know her you could see that he was intrigued by her and that she was making him blush. And by the way she was smiling and fluttering her eyelashes at him you could tell that she was very happy to see him. This proves again that no matter what happens to them somehow they still have that strong connection they ties them together.

And Hook seems to feel that their probably was something going on between them in their previous lives. During their really hot sword training session he even asks her about it and reveals that he was jealous of the other him (no matter where he is or who he is that man is always jealous of his past selves….it’s kinda cute.)

The session is interrupted by Snow and Charming who came to kill Henry. Emma tries to stop them by using an approach they really need to know will never work. Emma give up they aren’t going to magically accept that you are their daughter as far as they are concerned you are a mad woman and the mother of that meddling kid.

Ready to kill Henry, Hook steps in and uses the tricks that Emma taught him to fight Charming. Eyeliner against eyeliner.
And see even if he doesn’t know her, Hook is still willing to die for her so that he can protect her and the person she loves the most Henry. That’s what I call dedication.

It seems that Charming isn’t really for the romantic stuff as she brutally kills Hook. Not cool Charming not cool at all.

And while he is dying he never looks away from Emma as if he wants to memorize her beauty before he closes his eyes forever. And you can see that at that moment a piece of Emma died with him, you can see the her heart breaking when she sees the man she loves laying on the ground without a beating heart and you can see that she is more determined than ever to finish this once and for all.

Before the last page turns.

Meanwhile the author informs Rumple that he is about to lose his happy ending with Belle and with their newborn. Of course Rumple doesn’t know what he is talking about but you can see that he is worried and that he is afraid that Isaac might be telling the truth.
He talks to Belle about his struggles but he doesn’t reveal to her that the author told him to kill Regina in order get what he wants. Belle tells him that he is a hero and that he will always make the right decision. (cue in chipped cup)

At almost the same time, Emma tries to convince Regina to stop the wedding. She tells her that she just watched the man she loves die and that he will never know that she loves him because she was to scared….Yup that’s it I am done….The feels have officially killed me.

She doesn’t want Regina to make the same mistake and she will do everything to help her get her happy ending.

Convinced by Emma’s words Regina goes with them to the church where they are greeted by Rumple. Apparently he made the decision to be selfish and kill Regina to get his happy ending. While Rumple fights against Emma, Regina rushes to church where she is watching the wedding. Robin sees her and that’s when I thought he would do something Ross like and call out Regina’s name instead of Zelena’s. There are some lingering looks but before Regina can say something , she sees that Rumple is about to kill Henry……a decision has to be made…..

And she chooses to save Henry’s life  instead of her happy ending. Even when she can’t remember it, she still finds Henry more important than anything else…..The love for her son was greater than the love for any other man. She sacrificed her life for Henry.

When the newlywed couple emerges from the church Robin rushes to Regina. Zelena turns green with jealousy when she has to share her day with someone else and runs away. Robin doesn’t even notice, his eyes never leaves Regina’s as he refuses to let her die alone.

And just when the bells toll and all hope is lost a true Harry Potter moment occurs as the quill chooses his new owner….Henry is the new author and he is able to right all the wrongs. With the blood of Regina as the ink he changes everything back to normal.

Once Upon A Time

The first thing Emma does is rush of to the loft to find that Hook is still alive. She surprises him with a attack hug bed making them stumble onto the bed.  (YES! Finally some bed action!) The giggles and smiles says it all as Hook once again remind her that he is a savoir. And can we all appreciate the moment that Hook finally finds himself worthy to be called a hero….it took him almost two seasons but he is finally in a good place knowing that he did everything he could to be a good man. He made it!

And Emma still can’t tell him that she loves him even though she was trying to the words to him. Something was still stopping and yes you could see Hook smile fading for a bit but deep down he knows that she loves him….he really does know.

The author named Henry
The apprentice and Henry have a little talk about the responsibilities and power that comes with the quill. And you notice that Henry is struggling with the fact that he can’t bring his father back from her the death since he was killed in the real world. I can’t image how hard it must be for a kid to hear those kind of words, hearing that there is no hope to see his father again.

A second Harry Potter moment occurs when Henry eventually break the quill saying that no one should have the power to change, write and influence the stories of others. Proving himself to be a true author and the hero of the day.

Dark Swan
And while everyone has their happy ending….they forget one thing: Rumple. 

The man’s heart is still dying when Belle rushes in to make sure that he can’t hurt anyone else again. Rumple tells her about their happy ending and Belle is clearly trying her best not to break down because that was all she wanted a story with him to tell their children but she wasn’t enough

Rumple finally admits that he couldn’t believe that she could love someone like him and that’s why he couldn’t let go of his power. He proves that he is a real and good man in this world by letting Belle go. *now bring out the tissues my fellow Rumbelle fans * Belle admit that she doesn’t love will and she refuses to leave his side….she will be there until the end.

Now to be honest Belle did leave Rumple’s side once to warn everyone about the danger that is lurking behind the corner (in Gold’s shop to be precisely)
The apprentice pulls the darkness away from Rumple to save his life and we can see that the name Rumplestilskin is vanishing from the dagger…..revealing that Rumple is no longer the dark one and has no more magic.
After a failed attempt to get rid of the darkness, the apprentice speaks his final words on his deathbed. The darkness can only be contained if it can be channelled into a human who will be controlled by the dagger. He informs Emma and Hook that the only way to defeat the darkness is by finding the sorcerer…..Merlin.

Camelot road trip!

The darkness is still looming in town and is about to suck away the light from Regina when Emma steps in.  She is willing to sacrifice herself for the happy ending of others.

Emma turns to her parents to make them promise her that they will find away to pull the darkness of her just like they did last time but this time as heroes.

Of course her plan is welcomed with open arms and Hook rushes to her side trying to stop her. Now remember what Hook told her last season? That he will win her heart not because of some trickery but because she wants him to? Well he did it…..she finally says those precious three words to him.

She loves him.

He is being loved, someone things he is worthy enough and that’s why my heart is breaking because once again he has to see how  the woman he loves, the woman who loves him back is being taking away from him.

After pushing Hook away for his protection Emma holds up the dagger and let the darkness consume. I want to point out that another prediction came out in this scene. Back in season 2 Emma told Hook that she would keep her eyes on him, she would not let him out of her sight and once again she kept he promise. Her eyes never left his as the darkness consumed her. This time she was doing everything she could to memorize the image of the man she loves, the man who was strong enough to break down her walls, the man she considers her true love.

And with that she is gone.

The only thing left was the dagger with her on name on it

Dark swan.

Something New

Pairing: Phan, AmazingPhil/Danisnotonfire
Rating: K+
Warnings: None

Summary: In which Phil rubs himself against a tree, Dan screams a lot and they end up with a magical fairy lovechild on their doorstep. Typical tuesday.

I blame llster entirely for this

Yes, llster made a comic based on this absolutely dumb AU thing, it’s adorable as fuck and you should see it go here and give it love

Yes, I made Dil a magical fairy child and yes I basically forced said fairy child on Dan and Phil, beFORE they start their relationship

Yes, Dan is almost naked for the entirety of this fic

Pre-OTP lovechild weirdness oh yeah

Now here take my poor attempt at humor

A03 Link

Or read here!

Something New

A Phan fanfiction

It was about 12am when Phil had woken up.

This wasn’t…that unusual; he’d had nightmares before and woken up-screaming in some cases-and of course there were those nights where he needed to use the bathroom pretty badly and even more frequently, a case of the good ol’ midnight munchies.

Today…or tonight-wasn’t it tomorrow already?-though, he didn’t have the slightest clue as to what woke him up. 

Until he heard the doorbell buzz that is.

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anonymous asked:

Any advice on how to put things into perspective when you are too stressed to function? My graduate thesis is crap; I feel like a worthless idiot and a failure. I know it's not the end of the world, but I can't seem to push myself out of this negative cycle of thinking and actually be productive. It's like I'm sinking my own ship.

Well, first of all, keep in mind that your graduate thesis won’t matter once you’re done with it and out into the world. And if it sucks, so what? It’s not a reflection of your self-worth or who you are as a person. It’s just a thesis. I did a metric shit ton of stuff in college, and no one gave a single fuck about it once I left college. And by the way, I have made many, MANY things that completely sucked shit - things that I put literally YEARS into making - to only have them fall short of what I wanted them to be. Guess what? I’m still alive. Did it suck to have that happen? Yup. Does it still make me upset when I think about it? I’d like the answer to be no, but it’s yes. So that’s that. All you can do is your best. If you’ve done your best, then accept that for what it is and get on with things.

When I’m feeling overwhelmed and fucking shitty and unproductive, often times what gets me out of that graveyard spiral is a couple small wins under my belt. You need some wins, dude! Make a list of things you have to do, and make sure you put a couple things on there that you can accomplish in an hour or a couple hours. The best way to stop feeling unproductive is to actually start being productive - so game the system a little bit and get a few small things done that you can feel good about and build on. If you’re trying to chip away at your thesis, set small goals for yourself and then when you hit that goal DON’T DO ANYTHING MORE THAN THAT FOR THE DAY. For instance, set a word count of say, 1000 words a day. Now, you have to make yourself sit at a fucking table and write until you hit that number - but THEN, when you HIT that number, make yourself STOP. Get up and do something else. You’ve hit your goal for the day! You’re done! Gold star. Double recess. Hit the showers.

If your whole attitude is just “FUCK FUCK FUCK MY THESIS ISN’T DONE SHIT SHIT SHIT” all the fucking time, you’ll never get anything done and you’ll always feel shitty about what you do get done. Set small goals, do them, then reward yourself for doing them. What you’re doing is setting up some good mental habits for yourself and positive reinforcement, which is what it sounds like you need. And BT to the W, if you find yourself not accomplishing those little goals you’re setting, then they’re too big. Break em down a little bit more. You just need some wins under that belt. 

Being creative isn’t a switch. You have to be in the right mental state, and it can be tricky getting there. Respect that about yourself and your creativity, and don’t get frustrated if you can’t go from 0 to 100 all the time. No one can.