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is it normal to chew on random things when im trying to concentrate? like up until i was 7 i would always chew on straws and stuff but my parents made me stop because they said it would ruin my teeth but im doing it again now but i cant get chewelry and its just ahhhh

Yup, that’s totally normal for ADHDers. I can’t tell you how many pens and pencils I destroyed over the years. BIC ball point pens never survived long and I learned the hard way not to chew on the ink cartridge (ink tastes kind of metallic, I’m just sayin’; it also took me more than once to learn to stop). Also, I have a chipped tooth from chewing on a pen. So yeah.

Way back before chewelry was a thing, we got some surgical tubing from the hospital for one of the kids I was working with, and he chewed that. I also used to have a small piece as a cushion for my clarinet thumb rest, so it’s something you can probably obtain safely and easily.

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My pointless thoughts on the recent TBBT spoilers. 

K so Penny didn’t mention Leonard in her “perfect day” scenario and was actually called out on it…by Sheldon. If I even try to write about how much Lenny annoys me I’ll give myself an ulcer. There is just so much wrong in their relationship, it baffles me to know that people think they’re cute and perfectly healthy. But that’s besides the point. 

And then Penny wonders why Amy wasn’t in his scenario—LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I guess it’s more justifiable for Sheldon to be that forgetful or whatever, but if you love someone, shouldn’t they at least be alive in your “perfect day” scenario? 

“Now Penny wishes she had the ability to make all that easier for him. She sips her wine and muses that she feels a wave of affection for him.”

God, and then Leonard and Amy’s insecurities concerning Sheldon and Penny rearing their ugly heads once again. Like okay. Yup. That’s totally normal and healthy. 

The bit that killed me the most, though, was the death bed question. I mean, from what I’ve read, it doesn’t seem like Sheldon answers her original question which was basically like “if you were on your death bed and could tell someone something you’ve always wanted to, who/what would it be?” I find this especially interesting because it’s almost as if she’s wondering if they really could fall in love/if he ever had romantic feelings for her. Honestly, why else would she ask a question like that in that moment? 

Even though he doesn’t answer her, his response is still one of my favorite Shenny scenes. That’s the most open Sheldon has ever been and, shocker, Penny has something to do with it. You know, I wouldn't care if my BF was friends with an attractive woman, but if he and that attractive woman were sharing super intimate secrets that even I didn’t know about, I’d be super jealous…so…

Also, this is just my being super-super crazy, but I think it’s kinda weird how Sheldon is so quick to mention how Penny’s not in love with him after the four minutes of staring at each other. Like instead of saying “yup, I’m not in love with you, thank god” he’s more relieved that she’s not. 

But that’s none of my business.